Is Kundalini dangerous?


dormant energy: vital energy that Hindus believe lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is called into action, e.g. through yoga, to be used in seeking enlightenment

[Late 19th century. < Sanskrit kundalinī , literally "snake"; because likened to a coiled snake]

I read that it help you to be more enlighten but it must be done right and if not you can round up with an lot of pain and maybe mental problems, seriously. That you really need an master to walk you through it. I was reading about this one guy who did not follow through and continue on through his while it was going on and he was in an lot of pain and very scared and said don't do it unless you have an master to guide you.

Also I want to know why is it call the snake I know they said it is energy coiled up like an snake an when released through all of your charkas. It seemed to change you on the inside physically in some way.

What are the consequences you need to be aware of if you decide to be more enlighten through this method?

Just what information do you know of on this Kundalini. Do any of you know of someone who may have tried it; was it safe doing by yourself on an spiritual, mental, and physical point?

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Thanks for best answer. :-)

(23 Nov '09, 10:26) Wade Casaldi

It should never be forced to raise, it reminds me of the Ark of the covenant, the priest had to be absolutely ready to enter the chamber or he could be burnt up by it. Along comes a guy and says that's B/S I'm going in there and talking with God myself! Poof he gets burned up, his energy level was way way way below the level of the Ark. Like a resistor in a radio that can only let so much electricity pass it (his body) works if over loaded as it is suppose to and cuts down on the power, but if WAY overloaded it will burn up.

We have at our core a divine spark the center of our existence this is like a tinny sun or maybe better white hole. Infinitely hot pure source God this is power at the extreme but as well consciousness at the extreme as I said it is where God is the holy of holy. From here the energy and conscious is stepped down bit by bit until arriving at our bodies and consciousness level we are at. Now we have a safety switch sort of it is our Kundalini energy that rest most of the time but can awaken naturally as our devotional seeking God daily can bring this about. Another thing is I am seeing indigo and crystal children that have much Kundalini awakening and it is staying instead of falling like most experience. These children are passing us old generation indigos off, they are more awake and aware than ever before. I believe we are seeing stages falling in place and humanity uplifted for the return of Christ.

Lets go back to the forcing now, you can't kick in the door of God and expect to find love peace and enlightenment, FORCE it self is not love peace and enlightening. It is like being given a drink of water or having someone yank back your head and pour a glass of water down your throat. One way is refreshing, nice and feels good and brings good health, the other way is scary, feels bad and chokes you and possibly kills you! Both are the same the only difference in application one was offered natural the other was forced on you. This is the same with Kundalini naturally it is a beautiful, heavenly, peaceful, and enlightening connection, forcefully would bring just the opposite experience.

When I learned the micro-cosmic orbit technique my Reiki teacher was very adamant about this, she said use this technique but never force the kundalini if you reach blocks that is what you need to work on. She said that the mental hospitals have many that had premature kundalini raises, they were not ready. The closest thing I can think of is if you plug in a very old radio you hear maybe 4 or 5 channels simultaneously all talking or music or combination sports news and music all together. If you are not ready for what you experience it can be scary or even mentally damaging, schizophrenia even. You awaken to the world most do not see that is all around us seeing things and hearing things most do not because your frequency has changed to fit more this level. So it is kind of like saying what does this dimension hold sort of Alice In Wonderland but in this wonderland you realize it is all around you so there is no turning back. Wow I just thought of the movie The Matrix kind of the same but the world they wake up to is worse than ours and with kundalini it is not worse it is bliss.

There is an area in the brain similar to the two angels that sat on top the Ark, and when activated do communicate back and forth in a bridge of light. I am not going into that because that is high level stuff from my mystery schools not something to be put out for everyone. It is sufficient to say it is our contact point.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for your detail explaning of it. It was what I wanted to know. It should not be forced at all. I like the detailed explaining of your answer I appreciate Wade Casaldi. I guess it is like in the old testement when this prophet an a young man were being hunted down by the King to kill them and the young boy or young man was so scared and the prophet said Lord fixed it so he can see what I see. imediuately the young boy/man spiritual eyes open up so that his physical eyes could see and there were thousands of angels on chariots with swords really to fight for them.

(23 Nov '09, 08:10) flowingwater

Exactly and think if it was forced and he saw all these angels with swords, not knowing the reason, "ahhhh are they after me what is this!!" LSD does the same thing it can open people up to what they are not ready for yet, that is why there are burn outs wondering around really between worlds actually. Not a good place to live neither hear nor there someplace between in what they hear and see.

(23 Nov '09, 10:25) Wade Casaldi

opps can't edit comments here not hear lol

(23 Nov '09, 11:02) Wade Casaldi

I remember in the begining that it would help you and you would learn and see more. But I just thought they were hallucinating seeing things that were not really there. I thought it altered your sense of reality your perception of reality. I just know their are strike force teams on the side of good and on the side of evil and us humans or in the middle most of the time not realizing what is going on and most don't really want to know for than the fear of the known instead of the unknown would over take them. You can know too much but within God's protection everything will be all right.

(23 Nov '09, 20:56) flowingwater

When made an comment I started it with I remember I was talking about LSD back in the begining when they said it would open up your mind and you would learn things and know things than they just faded to saying it is hallucinating and seeing thing. They also found it you didn't have to take any more and you would still be hallucinating at any given time even 6 months on down the road. So, that is what it done it forced open the Kundalini and it inable you to see things that we normal humans don't see other beings and entities and maybe realities or dimentions. That is something to ponder.

(24 Nov '09, 02:35) flowingwater

Sorry Wade I'm curious who were the two angels

(25 Nov '09, 02:39) Roy

Oh the two on top of the Ark made of gold with the wings pointing toward each other. The Ark of the covenant.

(25 Nov '09, 05:48) Wade Casaldi
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Activating Kundalini without proper guidance is very dangerous and fatal in consequences. If you want to do it, don't. There's a site about Kundalini in my laungage, and people claiming they've activated this power have experienced horror. Kundalini Yoga is only to be practiced with a Yogic Master. Nonetheless, first step would be Hatha Yoga to purify your spiritual "veins" to make the Kundalini ascension safe. And don't think that you won't find a master - if you'll be ready, one will appear.

If you are interested in Hatha Yoga, I can provide a relevant link. Some may think it is some kind of gymnastics, but that's due to westernization of this branch of Yoga.


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I am thankful for your answer. I thought it was very dangerous.I am just wondering what is it that you are waking up that lay dominant within your own human body when it is activated. Do you have more information of what it is? I am not going to try use it not even the basic Hatha Yoga but i would like to read about what it is saying how to purify the spiritual veins.

(23 Nov '09, 06:17) flowingwater

It is some kind of energy - it is not a snake (that's just a metaphor) - that stimulates chakras when going through them. If you are interested Yoga says more about this. As well as for theory, and actual practice of Yoga, I recommend you these articles:

They are valuable because they are precise, almost like a scientific explaination; and based on the author's experiences.

(23 Nov '09, 16:38) Asklepios

Well,I appreciate your honest and helpful answer Asklepios thank you for your answer, your comments, and links. Have an nice day Asklepios.

(24 Nov '09, 02:41) flowingwater
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kundalini is a shakti -raw power ,everyone can not handle it once activated-if activated! One needs a teacher for guidence and activation as i is dorment lying at root chakra in everyone and has powers sidhhis within it. The seekers are many in east and west but due to lack of proper guidence they fail and at times end up having dangerous experiences which is also true !


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swami avadhootananda

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Thank you for your answer swami avadhootananda. Do you have more information on this swami avadhootananda? What kind of raw power is that and may I ask where does this raw power comes from? Only answer if you want to answer these questions I have asked.

(18 Jan '10, 04:42) flowingwater

Full disclosure: I have never actually achieved Kundalini, so I am in no way an expert.

I think Kundalini can be dangerous if you achieve it in an uncontrolled way, without balance. I agree with the point of view that, if it is not done right, it can cause you a lot of pain and problems.

If it is done right, I think it is possible to achieve healing of the body with it. And yes, given the risks, I think that it is probably better to work with a master.

Michael Hutchison's story has some relevance here. Michael Hutchison is the author of Megabrain, a book that describes mind machines and his experience with them. I believe that Michael Hutchison probably healed himself by achieving Kundalini, but he was only able to do it after he had lost all of his possessions in a fire and became hospitalized for a long period of time, having nearly died twice in accidents. And he accomplished his spiritual breakthrough without the benefit of any of the mind machines that he wrote about.

His story is here:


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By all accounts that I have read Kundalini is very dangerous when aroused artificially... drugs, inappropriate yoga exercies (including Hatha says one source who did attain Cosmic Consciousness), breathing exercises etc etc.

Kundalini is referred to as the sleeping serpent and is said to 'reside' in the sacrum (!) area, a triangular (!) area at the base of the spinal column (elsewhere I have suggested that this is the physical "Tree of Life") which is composed of 33 (!) bones.

I do no purposeful exercises, physical or mental, to raise this energy. I awoke one night from a deep sleep after feeling what felt like a red hot poker touching the base of my spine.. it was over in an instant but I felt like I had jumped about a foot in the air when it happened. It frightened the living daylights out of me ... and if that is what it takes to reach enlightenment then I am happy to stay unenlightened. Having said that, I am sure when I am ready it will eventually rise of its own sweet accord with no harmful physical affects. Being rather partial to a bubbly or three I am pretty confident that I might have to wait for another lifetime for this to happen. I'm lily livered lol


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks for your answer do you remember what you had been doing before to possiably have had something to do with the hot poker on you. Having a little bubbly I don't think will effect you retaining enlightment. But you are right it will come to you maybe in this life time lol.

(11 Feb '10, 07:22) flowingwater

I had not been doing anything, not even meditating. I do not meditate as a matter of course, too busy and tired after all the working and caring duties most days. I do chat to 'God' as a matter of course, invisible friend sort of thing. "Oops sorry about that!" lol - "What do you reckon?" - "Why?" .. the usual thing.

(11 Feb '10, 22:51) Inactive User ♦♦
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