Consider: if so, how can we enlighten our spiritual understanding?

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Spiritual ignorance is an illusion... how can we be ignorant of something that we Are? It is merely another ploy of the ego in it's endeavour to maintain control.

And the quickest way to realize spiritual understanding is to look at everything and everyone through the eyes of love :)


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Indeed, it is important to look at everything through the eyes of Love! Thank you.

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You're welcome Vee :)

(21 May '11, 00:23) Michaela


Some people think they know things about God, and some people can even mouth prayers and Scriptures as well as the Pharisees, but know nothing, absolutely nothing about God. This is so sad.

Some people measure their spiritual progress by some strange measures- their good fortune, their happiness, even their points on Inward Quest, maybe- but know not God.

Knowing God makes you humble, for you see how large is God and how small you are. yet, their humble souls are huge, and glow with the white-purple-gold light of Truth and Goodness.

Some people know that they know not God, and seek, seek, seek, and we see their essences grow right before our eyes. I have watched as souls such as Juniper come to us on Inward Quest, and they blossom and share and enrich. They seek, and knock, and the door is opened to them.

Others just punch away in the darkness, floundering around, unable to let go of Earthly things and receive the Holy Spirit (or the Vortex, or Whatever-You-Believe). It is a terrible thing to observe.

Wade lost a former member of his family, and is so sad, yet he does not whine. He turned to his Bible for answers, and prayed to understand her murder. (Please send prayers out for Lily C.....)

What makes a soul grow? For some, it has to be pain. I was one such. For others, it is an unquenchable thirst that grows from birth. For yet still others, the Light comes to them in a flash of blinding force. It is different for all.

Knowing God is, I think, wired into our DNA- perhaps we are born to seek a Power Greater than Ourselves.

But in the end, poor souls like Lily never seem to find any God except the false god that lives in a pill bottle or a flask of liquor.

As I said in my earlier post, prayer is everything in the Mind of God. It is what makes the Universe go 'round. If you do not pray, and listen, you will never know God.

Our mission here is to introduce the Spiritual Universe to All.

Yes, Virginia, there is a God, and He lives in Us.

Blessings Out into the Web, Jaianniah


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You have made some very interesting points, and it is very important that we continue to prayer for everyone in the world! Thank you.

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yes there is ignorance! and you see it every where on the earth! war disease hunger people full of ego doing stupid things and judging other! we have the choice and what do we do with it! why do we accept that with out saying anny thing? because this world is full of ignorant that can get dangerous! people fear and are ignorant! eventually people will wake up one day and start making change! in 1000 year from now people will look back at history and say those people where ignorant! they did not change things for the good of every one! but where only thinking about them self and how much money and material things they could have!wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. well one day people will stop being ignorant! when death comes do you think the amount of money or power you have will change anny things?


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white tiger

Very inspiring, and I can relate to what you have said, thank you!

(20 May '11, 05:07) Inactive User ♦♦

lack of spiritual knowledge does exist,
it does not seem to be part of todays lime light,
rather an after thought when death is feared.
by cutting the roots to selfishness and entitlements the spiritual bud begins blooming


answered 17 May '11, 11:27

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Yes, you are correct it is not a part of today’s lime light, thank you!

(20 May '11, 05:09) Inactive User ♦♦

vee, out of curiosity, what % is it of public opinion for a thought or concept to be considered 'in' with public opinion.

(22 May '11, 22:45) fred
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