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I was operated on Friday, and I remember feeling very cold while I was I was not knocked out all the way...I have also gotten memories back of previous surgeries. Has anything odd happened during surgery to any of you out there?

Blessings, Jai

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Did you not tell your doctor about your first experience and I am sure you told them about it before you went under again because that would cause you to be a little more nervous than you need to be and instead of having you relax you would be disturb.

If not you need to discuss this with your anesthesiologist and see what they say why you keep having these problems. I would love to here what reason they have come up with.


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For this surgery, I DID tell the anesthesiologist about my prior experiences, and they changed my meds! The only thing I was aware of was how cold I was...The operating room was 50F ....brrrr...and I guess I sensed that. Thanks for your answer, Jai

(17 Jan '10, 13:26) Jaianniah

I hope you told them that afterward too and if you did what did they say? They also needs to note that on your record as well. You may have the gift of always being away even when you are out, or you may be so afraid that you may keep your mind working at heighten senses. But first see what the doctors say about this time of feeling the cold because you are suppose to be completely out and not feeling anything not at all.

(18 Jan '10, 01:20) flowingwater

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. :P

Occasionally people are not fully knocked out from general anesthesia. (I'm guessing you had a general anesthetic since you mentioned that) It all depends on the person, anesthetic used etc.

The cold feeling is a fairly common symptom. The body temperature rhythm is sometimes reset during anesthesia and lowered. Similar to how when you go to bed and it's quite warm, but you could wake up with the same temperature around you - yet feel much colder. Along with that...operating rooms aren't normally nice and toasty either. :P

As to the memories, that could be simple mental associations going off.

Don't think I ever experienced anything unusual under anesthesia. I've only been under it once, years ago and don't remember it. Apparently, I went from a sweet, placid kid to a rampaging, angry, shouting and hateful one when I woke up for a while. With many tears to my mother and concern from family. :P


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Yesterday I had dental surgery under general anesthesia. I was not completely out. I felt pain and I could hear everything the surgeon and his assistants were talking about. Remember my general dentist coming in and discussing my case. I was so afraid because I was under enough so I couldn't let them know I wasn't completly out. Scary.


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Welcome, Kelly! Yes, that would be scary! Be sure that you always tell surgeons about this experience...You were not knocked out properly. In the future, your docs will need to know about this experience... Thanks for answering! Please stick around IQ and join us.

(23 Apr '11, 03:10) Jaianniah

Feb 9th, 2013. Los Angeles

Two days ago I woke up a 4:00am with an episode of atrial fibrillation (rapid irregular heartbeat). I knew the drill here, since this had happened to me 6-8 times over the past 5 or so years. I called 9-1-1 and got an ambulance ride to the Emergency Room. After about five hours the ER staff realized that medication was not going to be successful in converting the chaotic heart rhythm to a normal one, so my cardiologist decided to that by way of a cardioversion; i.e. "hit me with the low-voltage paddles". In the movies you see an extreme version of this happen and the patient on the gurney jerks violently upwards in reaction to the shock. Often, multiple shocks are required. I had had this done once before and I had been completely knocked out and I remembered nothing. It was no big deal and I felt totally fine when I woke up.

But this time they decided not to completely sedate me. So as they introduced the joy juice into the intravenous line I became gradually aware that I was getting more and more stoned. I decide to keep up a spoken commentary as things proceeded. I figured it couldn't possibly HURT, since my level of articulation and pronunciation would be a pretty accurate guide of how deep into the anesthesia I was. I remember hearing my pronunciation get somewhat messy. Shortly thereafter I could hear the staff talking during the procedure, but although I heard their words fairly clearly, I could not make any sense of them -- and I told them that. I could understand my OWN words as I spoke them but no one else's.

I remember saying, "I'm feeling really stoned now. I must say, it's not altogether an unpleasant experience." Shortly thereafter I asked, "have you shocked me yet?" "Oh yes, three times. It's all over", the cardiologist said. After what seemed like 10 minutes, I slowly returned to the normal world. And what was REALLY nice about getting back to the real world again was that my heart was beating normally and I was relaxed and comfortable.

Three days prior to that, I was completely sedated twice on the same day for different cardiac procedures within about five hours. After the last one I remember feeling like I'd been hit by Toyota subcompact and it took about thirty hours to feel 100% again.**


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I just got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago, and was put under general anesthesia. Although I did not wake up during surgery, I did have quite a strange experience while trying to wake up afterwards. My dentist could not give me much help during my "episode", except cover me in 3 blankets, as I was very cold and shaking intensely, since there was no scientific explanation to it he claimed. They also brought my dad back in the recovery room to see if I would be more comfortable waking up to a familiar face, but that also did nothing. My heart rate was fast and they had me breathing through a paper bag and occasionally I could respond by squeezing someone's hand, but I would not talk to anyone. I only remember little flashback bits and pieces, as I was not completely conscious, but what I do remember was only from about the last 20 minutes of my episode. It lasted for about an hour. There was no explanation for it because sometimes when a patient goes into surgery with anxiety, they have a similar reaction waking up, but it never lasts more than several minutes. Also I have never had issues with my blood sugar so that was not the cause. Yesterday, my dad broght up the idea of his conclusion, that maybe I was visited subconsciously by someone. They think that someone was my best friend who had passed just over a couple months ago. This could explain why it had seemed like I just did not want to wake up from the anesthesia. I wouldn't keep my eyes open very long when told to, and I was screaming and crying and not answering questions, though I feel like I probably would have been able to. If anyone has any explanation for this I would greatly appreciate it. It was a scary experience.


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**i was in hospital and when i was under i didnt feel a thing it was completely normal for me!! lets just say im a normal person :P xxxx


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Lauren louise thomas

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