I've never had recurring dreams; instead, I would always have different dreams about the same place(s). I used to always dream about this one place, and it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful! I would always awaken from the dream in a good mood. It was somewhere in a city, and there was a huge canal, with both sides sloping at roughly 45-degree angles into the water, and the was a concrete bridge, and both sides were lined with street lamps. It was always nighttime there. The first time I dreamt of the place, I think I was about 4, though I can't be sure; the most recent time I visited the place was before I started 9th grade (2006 or 2007).

I also remember dreaming of riding my bike to a little seaside town on a hill with a souvenir shop and a quiet road heading off to the horizon (It was about noon). And another time, I dreamt of a strip mall by a freeway on-ramp at the edge of a city [It was either dawn or dusk] (I've wondered if it's at the edge of the city with the canal).

Any idea what these places are? Why I've kept dreaming of them? Any and all ideas welcome.

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I think I know what you mean. I asked a similar question "Can you map your dreamworld?"

I gave a couple of examples of places I visit, too, though I have a lot of them.

I'd think you would keep dreaming of some place that you find fantastic and makes you feel good because it is comforting, like a personal heaven or space for you to go when you sleep.

Maybe this place exists somewhere and is real. I'm still trying to figure out if this is true or not! :)


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My mom has suggested that maybe some of these places are places I lived in a previous life, which could certainly explain why I find them so comforting and familiar. It would blow my mind if I ever found that canal in real life!

(06 Nov '12, 07:53) ExistentiaLux

you are probably just passing by. sometime i dream of road also. i travel the road look around look at:enviromment field,mountain,beach, sign post number,bus stop, house what are the other street that connect to that road what highway etc. then sometime afterward i do it from above it gives a high view and another perspective of the place.as for recurring dream i have add a fee,it is nice because you can see stuff that you missed the first time around and can also change the dream or take different choice and action in the dream, and often you can access part of the dream that you did not know where there. example: who would have know that after climbing a rope full of eyes that went to the sky that some cat would be on that cloud and that there is a door to a garden.


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white tiger

Wow, @white tiger, that is quite a dream!

(06 Nov '12, 15:55) Bedazzled

well @Bedazzled actually i have just told 2 small part of 2 dreams. if you say wow to only 2 small part of dream. you would say wow alot more if you would dream like me sometime and dream6 dream per night.

(06 Nov '12, 16:32) white tiger

Haha, @white tiger! You have a very active dream life. I used to, also, but really not so much anymore. I was always trying to analyze mine. They intrigued me to no end!

(06 Nov '12, 16:37) Bedazzled

well some of those place might exist but it is not near where i live,example in one dream there was a highway panel sign with the number 129,it was like a small montain road that was going a little bit to the left and right. like in the mountain with very fee street and house over there there was also a lake near by. but it is fun to visit. in other dream i have seen road sign:a-55 ,155, 133. well i analyse mine also,but i find it more easy doing it in the dream it self when it is about symbol.

(06 Nov '12, 17:01) white tiger
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Well, I have had the opposite situation------recurring dreams of places that were not good! I would always be in a city, and I would be walking and walking, and the next thing I knew I would be in a bad neighborhood, and I would be surrounded on all sides by this bad neighborhood-----no way out but to walk out of it, which was already scary enough, but then by that time, I didn't even know which direction to take. Was I getting deeper into it, or making my way out? This, of course caused me untold anxiety, and now, as I look back on it, it was obviously symbolizing something that was going on in my life, some scary situation I had unwittingly gotten myself into and didn't know how to get out of.
I think for me the place was symbolizing my life situation, and it was really about that, not the actual place. It sounds like yours is much more about the place itself, although it could also symbolize a state of mind, albeit a very good state of mind!


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