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By experience I would tell you a real experience : It is possible to achieve it naturally , I am talking more specifically about dimension's traveling / out of body experiences / geometric shapes / similar number (11:11) , you name it ! Please contact me - it happened to me - let's chat , I don't even know what else to write here - But I happened to me - this website asks for more than bla bla characters - so I will write what should be very simple. During an afternoon- on October 2012, in NYC... No drugs. No meditation. No occultism It was terrible - I was so scared! By the way I found this website 3 years later (now) So I am bringing up a question - but what are the answers ? Do we need them? I don't think I came up here to ask anything - Honestly I gave up trying to solve it.. I did accept it. And my life came back to normal (yes!) I've seen 15 doctors. I was very skeptical. One told me : pineal gland ! Wow . No more doctors, no questions . Do you know about it ? I barely know anything - but I won't forget it . It was something out of this planet - be healthy folks! Love!

asked 23 Sep '15, 02:14

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yes @azougue, beyond words just accept, ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

(23 Sep '15, 02:28) jaz

Have you ever experienced it?

(23 Sep '15, 05:07) azougue

when you talk about merkabah experience what are you talking about? is it inside or outside? do you see that light as someone else to talk to? or did they become one? did you went above? why those question simply because depending on someone experience it can vary from people to people. some can see their own inner light and see it as someone else spirit,angel, god etc.. and it is normal to see it that way at first. since both are not one yet the division is not solve and -

(23 Sep '15, 09:21) white tiger

their is a lot of inner work to do. until both become one. and this require meditation of over 40 days. and if you ask how can this be? I say to you: The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

(23 Sep '15, 09:25) white tiger

@whitetiger I woke up seeing neon lights everywhere-it wasn't very clear at first but got brighter and the symbols were interlacing forming something at the time I called "pyramids, circles and more pyramids",at 4pm I was SURE the planet was ending-I went to have a walk,it was sunny and raining-everyone else seemed so hypnotized-I came back home and a light extremely bright was blinding me,the geometrical shapes were blinking in different colors-bright neon

(23 Sep '15, 09:50) azougue

It happened exhaustively SO many times on the same day - like the time is similar - like duality - I didn't want to open my eyes or see anything nor hear anything - I just wanted to be back without information - feels good to share it here - how could it happen out of the blue? If you don't mind me asking - why would you be interested in having this type of experience ?

(23 Sep '15, 09:54) azougue

I remember every single detail of that day . Every!

(23 Sep '15, 10:00) azougue

Hi azougue,if you are fb,my full name is Roy Louisseize...message me.would love to and light...

(23 Sep '15, 16:22) Roy

@azougue what did the geometrical shape told you? what did that bright light teach you? what did those pyramid and circle teach you? and what did you ask about? but since you say you wanted to have no information. I would say you are not thirsty. if I would say to you that this bright light that you see as something out of your self is you but you are in division with your self and those geometrical shape are a way to communicate to your self between the water and the light. until both become-

(26 Sep '15, 12:53) white tiger

one. the fact that you woke up and have this experience I would say that your spirit was trying to communicate with you in your dream when you woke up. you should ask your self what question did I have the night before when I went to sleep. or the day before I went to sleep. the fact that you are amaze afraid thinking it is the end of the world. but seek no information can tell you a lot about your self.

(26 Sep '15, 12:57) white tiger

@whitetiger I got many answers , I became those lights, the shapes were before the travel..., I also got cured - my physical body had an allergy very strong and it healed totally. I didn't want hear anything but it was impossible not to-I've surrender myself and eventually went to another planet (more than 50 times up) many people will be left behind and nobody knows what's going on. I was in heaven with Jesus. I don't understand he said I was his mother another life -can't comprehend but

(26 Sep '15, 16:11) azougue

We need to realize how this planet is mean... I feel sad about it - but how can I ho on telling everyone?

By the way - few days before o had a dream about a mirror and looked for it everywhere and found inside my walled with an engraved bible passage "Mt. 16,2" - the time travel , the geometrical, everything I understood - but this medal sewed into the linen of the walled is beyond - who / why ?

(26 Sep '15, 16:18) azougue

@azougue before telling anything to any one. first go meditate for 40 days + then you will know the water the mirror and the light. when your puzzle will be complete you will have a proper image. to speak to one of the earth about stuff from other planet just confuse them more. they are enough in division by their own doing with out bringing in more division. let them be the light that they can be, experience and enjoy.

(27 Sep '15, 14:34) white tiger

next week will be 3 years since it happened - I meditate since I'm 10 years old and have this habit until now. Did I mention the mirror on my dream? Not sure what you mean by "water", is it a metaphor ? And I've never mention it to anyone - it's so profound that I can't have words to explain - funny you somehow knows exactly what I am talking about .

(27 Sep '15, 19:48) azougue

@whitetiger I think I had asked you before but how and why do you know so much about it ? What's your personal story ?

(27 Sep '15, 19:50) azougue

@azougue when you meditate over 40 days and the water and the spirit (light) become one with out fear you can go above with a pure heart you shall see God. and if it is your choice you can come back below to this world for a little while. will you ask like nicodemus how can this be? Do I need to tell you that the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit?

(30 Sep '15, 13:18) white tiger

@whitetiger yes it already happened and I am well aware of that. Why do you say "little while?" I've chosen to be back .

(30 Sep '15, 13:46) azougue
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