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I ask this question rhetorically...I wanted to say that since my surgery May 23rd 2011 to replace my right knee, I have had almost constant Reiki on my knee. At two weeks post-op, I am climbing stairs, shopping, and generally back to normal!. There is a great difference between this time and when I had my left knee done. I think the difference has to be the Reiki I have received! Have you also observed this? Can you tell of a time when Reiki worked like this for you? Did you know that Reiki could do this? What positive effects have you seen with Reiki?

I cannot discount all the prayers of everyone here and elsewhere. Prayer works dramatically, too.

I should add that I am getting Reiki from a High-Level Master (Wade), and perhaps that makes a difference, too. Or maybe it is just T.L.C.!!!

Blessings, Jai June 7, 2011

asked 08 Jun '11, 01:06

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Yea...I'd say the power of LOVE beats the power of Reiki or any other modality :))

(08 Jun '11, 13:44) Michaela

Ha! Maybe it is BOTH!!! (Super-Reiki!) Love>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Jun '11, 18:32) Jaianniah
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To me Reiki means Divine Lifeforce Energy and this force is always working for me. I appreciate the Reiki lifestye very much. I also participate in a Reiki Share every week and it feels very empowering to me.

Love and Light

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answered 09 Jun '11, 01:36

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i was initiated to reiki in 1998 and have practiced on and off .

mostly i feel much more relaxed , calm and re-energized after after a treatment .

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answered 17 Jul '11, 15:12

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blubird two

Reiki is wonderful! I wish more people would look into it. Just "Google" it and Learn! Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Jul '11, 16:15) Jaianniah

Reiki has transformed my life. I feel so privileged to witness so many powerful healings across the spectrum, from day to day injuries to serious illness, stress and depression, even assisting at the end of life. It can help in so many ways. I use it regularly on myself, my family and my animals and now work with it daily as an energy healer. You can see a few examples (with some photos) where Reiki energy has made a huge difference, but I could cite many, many others:


answered 22 Apr '13, 09:47

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