I was chatting with a nurse here in the hospital, and he related two Out-of-Body experiences that he had in his life. It was such a cool conversation! He said that God is experiencing everything through us, and all those who have passed on before us are helping us now...

I had many OBE's when I was small- I used to leave my body, and fly around, looking at things! It was wonderful!

Have you had an OBE? What did you learn?

Blessings, Jaianniah

asked 17 Jan '10, 13:12

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Unrelated to your question Jai,I trust everything went well with your op. Sounds like you manifested the perfect nurse for yourself. Love and Light

(17 Jan '10, 13:27) Roy

I sure did! Thanks! Love, Jai

(17 Jan '10, 16:05) Jaianniah

Glad your operation went well and you had the nurse you needed. Do you not have out of body experiences now and did it help you in your life? Answer only if you want to and feel like it Jaianniah.

(18 Jan '10, 03:19) flowingwater
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I learned a very important lesson from OBE's.....that I am not my body, that I don't even need my body in order to exist and think, and that someday when I leave my body for good it won't be the end of my existence.


answered 20 Jan '10, 14:48

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LeeAnn 1

What did you learn from your OBE? I would be interested to hear what you have learned from your OBE!

What do you need to do to experience an OBE, and what are the benefits of an out of body experience? I would like to hear more about the process of experiencing an OBE, how it is done, and what to expect? I will be looking forwards to be reading your answer.


answered 20 Jan '10, 07:00

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Inactive User ♦♦

Beautiful answer LeeAnn :)

I also believe the same as what LeeAnn just quoted. I am not a believer in God ( i do not judge or laugh at anyone who does) each belief is entitled to its own believers. OBE i think i had one as a teenager, i didnt see any tunnel of light i didnt see angels, What i FELT (not saw) was a peacefull tranquility. A place of love and understanding, a void where we can float wherever we want and be calm and serene.


answered 01 Dec '10, 15:42

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shane 3

I have experienced these. Same story here would scare the living $hit out of me and my parents. Every now and then i still have them, one thing i have noticed its usually starts out with a feeling of warmth, a column of light followed with a star-burst and a isometric view point of someplace i dont recall ever visiting before.


answered 15 Dec '11, 09:03

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The Industrialphreak

It makes us realize that there is much more to this world than we could ever dream ...

it's an unlimited universe :)


answered 19 Dec '11, 18:17

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blubird two

of course it is.

(21 Dec '11, 01:29) white tiger

As a contrasting opinion to "White Tiger":

I too agree that the body is a temple of God, but that doesn't mean that you should ever voluntarily allow it to decay. You should treat it like you do your home, taking care of it to the best of your ability. Jesus taught us to respect our temple, as it is a gift from God himself. I don't think allowing your temple to become rusty or corroded is a very good way to thank Him.

There will always be times where our temple will be destroyed by outside forces, but we must still maintain it until that time comes. And when it does, we will be relocated to a new temple, and God will provide us with a starting point that reflects the amount of effort and dedication we put into our last temple.

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answered 20 Dec '11, 08:43

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edited 20 Dec '11, 08:51

well gio i never said that you should voluntarily allow it to decay. i said that it will eventually root and decay. has for when the temple is destroy i will go back to the light in the absolute truth.

(21 Dec '11, 01:27) white tiger

well you learn that the body is like a vehicule or like said in the bible house temple church. that part is needed in the physical world and will root and decay eventually. the mind is the link to this side and the other side on this side you are aware or conscient only at arond 5% to 10%.on the other side you have up to 100% but even at 100% compare to god the source or anny name you want to call him you are still like a baby or a small child. has for god the source or anny other name you can give him. you will learn from him the absolute truth from the alpha to the omega and when you start to learn that you will fall on your face. experience and enjoy.


answered 19 Dec '11, 18:58

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white tiger

edited 19 Dec '11, 19:04

Just a point to clarify, white tiger. My new name is not an insult to you, it's actually a gesture more-so of respect than anything else. There is a longer explanation you can find in my "about me" of my profile.

(20 Dec '11, 08:48) Snow

no problem gio. i do not see it has insult. but do you know why i have pick that name for here? has for a contrast or reflection you might get a sun burn. smile. ask wade about mirroir.

(21 Dec '11, 01:19) white tiger
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