Who are here have been gifted by. "power of seeing angels? can u pls tell me, I am surrounded and guided by which angels?

i am very curious to know about my guardian angels, who are with me all the time. i would love to know about them.

some of us here have been gifted by this gift of even seeing distant angels. i would be really greatful to you , to let me know about the beautiful angels that are surrounding me. there are many here on this lovely site who can see the auras n angels. could u pls...help me know my angels.

waiting for ur lovelyyy answers,..

love,light n blessings..ur wayyy..

supergirl.. :)))

asked 06 Mar '13, 23:38

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Barry Allen ♦♦

If there ever were angels, they must be narcissist, sadistic b*tches to keep me still alive.

(07 Mar '13, 02:16) CalonLan

@ calonLan- lolzz...

(07 Mar '13, 05:09) supergirl
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We all see angels all the time it's just that most people have not yet learned how to recognize them ... feel and understand this song


and you will see them :)


answered 07 Mar '13, 03:26

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ru bis

@ru bis- thank u fr the answer..

(07 Mar '13, 05:10) supergirl
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