I have spent quite a number of my time on Psitek reading the materials, and I also completed a hardcopy of Think&Grow Rich and a few chapters of Master Key System. I also have come across quite a number of good self development books like ask&it is given, and all these books have different processes which they ask you to apply.

The thing here is, I usually have no problems getting started. I wrote down my definite major purpose in life, and read it twice daily together with the self-confidence formula for at least 2-3weeks, but somehow after 2-3 weeks, the interest and passion dies off and I just find it very difficult to continue doing it.

The same goes for the Master key system, I completed 3-4weeks of chapters, going through the exercises, but when it came to the 5th,6th,7th week, I somehow lost the drive to continue. And I would just chuck them one side, and after a while, I forget about them.

This has already been my 2nd attempt at starting the master key system all over again, and also think & grow rich, so somehow I really wish to address this problem of mine. I do not know whether it is due to lack of self discipline, belief, fear or anything else, therefore I would like to seek a solution from all of you out there whom might have experienced these kind of problems before.

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(21 Jan '10, 10:25) Stingray

well, but stingray, I have no problems with starting to do it, i.e. taking the first step. what I have problems with is maintaining the interest for it, as most of the activities are something which you have to do everyday.

(21 Jan '10, 16:46) kakaboo

Whether you think you've started and then stopped, or whether you think you are having trouble with the first step is really all about your definition of "step size", isn't it? :)

(22 Jan '10, 06:51) Stingray
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It seems like we are constantly beginning anew however we are more like building a tower brick by brick, even if we leave the project a number of years, when we come back we start where we left off in our progress. In other words past progress is not washed away like we never made any progress it is there still, dormant though it may be.

Everything has cycles this is explained in The Secret Doctrine of The Rosicrucians, we have these up cycles where we are really going to change things, and these down cycles where we just don't care. The thing is to get through those down cycles, these are mapped out in Bio-Rhythms, I think we all can get into this same thing. I have many really good books that I never did get around to reading. Comfort is the path of least resistance, as a result we even try to make our spiritual journeys effortless, why read a spiritual book I'll watch the video! Why watch the video I'll listen to the cd while I am doing other things. Why listen to the cd I can get dream programing I'll listen to that while sleeping, opps forgot to listen to my dream program I'll try to remember tonight.

Do you see what I mean we want results without effort? Ohhhhhhh It would be so nice if I could just lay in bed and have people bring me money on a silver platter for no reason.

But now here is the thing if you keep a goal in mind, you now have a carrot on a string to lead you onwards, this was how the donkey pulled the cart the driver had a pole that had a carrot on a string the donkey would walk trying to get that carrot. So what is your carrot? What is it that excites you enough to make all effort seem like steps to your goal? A mountain climber does not see the mountain, he sees the top and says I am going to get there no matter what it takes! But if he starts looking at the mountain and seeing this is hard and thinking about how hard this is and there is more to come! Do you think he would be more inclined to give up?


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Wade Casaldi

That is a really lovely and inspiring answer Wade Casaldi, thank you very much:)

(21 Jan '10, 12:28) DivineHammer

Although I didn't ask this question, your answer was just what I needed to hear today! Thanks!

(21 Jan '10, 16:32) LeeAnn 1

well, maybe, I just don't have a clear enough direction of what I want enough in life? I have been quite an easily contented person since young(probably due to my environment). I came across a question my friend asked me to think about; "what would i do if i only had 6 months left to live?" I tried to think hard for a few minutes, but I couldn't really pen anything I really wanted deep down in my heart. maybe this is one of the reason I tend to give up so easily..not really knowing what I want in life

(21 Jan '10, 16:50) kakaboo

You're very welcomed all of you, and everyone that gets any benefit from this, I enjoy being a help. Wade :-)

(21 Jan '10, 22:19) Wade Casaldi

That 6 months question is good, all I could think of is what would make the burden less off those left behind. Bills left to pay etc...

(21 Jan '10, 22:22) Wade Casaldi

well maybe for you you have already achieved what you wanted to do in life..:)

(22 Jan '10, 05:02) kakaboo

I think most of us can spend life wondering what we want to do, As a teen in school I was asked what I wanted to do or be when I got older. I responded I'll know when I get there, here I am 43 and still can't answer that question.

(22 Jan '10, 07:12) Wade Casaldi
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I wanted to learn typing & I started with great enthusiasm many years ago. I gave up. Not once, not twice, but 34times. How do I know this? I maintained a diary of my typing attempts because I really wanted that skill. The 35th attempt I learned all the keys except the number keys (top row). This is where I am at today. I still want to learn to touch type all the keys, but just didn't get started on the 36th attempt.

There was a village in Africa where the villagers had a great success rate with the rain dance. Every time they danced it rained. So a foreign visitor went to check out the secret to this magical rain dance. It turned out that the village members take turns to keep the rain dance going as long as it takes until the rains come.

A group of travellers on a small aircraft landed due to an emergency in a desert region (I believe in South America, but I'm not sure). Unable to fix the problem the group decided to walk out of the desert because they had only enough water for a few days of survival. They eventually walked out towards civilization where it was discovered that they had walked almost 400km. During an interview, When the group was asked “How did you walk 400km?" the leader in the group replied "We didn't walk 400km, we walked one kilometre 400 times"

So you fail only at the tasks you give up & never attempt again.


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The Traveller

Your user profile says that you are 20 years old. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life when I was 20 years old either. In some ways I am still searching.

As Wade points out, you need a carrot. What is your carrot? Do you have a particular talent for something? (everyone does). Most people are happiest when they are pursuing their talents.

Richard Bach once said:

In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime.

It's OK to spend some time finding your path. If you don't know how to do that, consider the following philosophy (also from richard Bach):

Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright. Automatically, as we shine who we are, asking ourselves every minute is this what I really want to do, doing it only when we answer yes, automatically that turns away those who have nothing to learn from who we are and attracts those who do, and from whom we have to learn, as well.

This doesn't mean being petulant and not eating your vegetables because you don't like them; it means taking inspired action in the direction of your desires.


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but I dont know how to go about doing it? haha

(22 Jan '10, 04:57) kakaboo

See my edit....

(22 Jan '10, 10:17) Vesuvius
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