Some feel it by plugging themselves into a movie, tv, magazine, novel............I feel it by fantasizing of make-believe places and people. I know this doesn't serve me well, yet it is a source of great relaxation. Does it mean the mind need time out from the here and now, all the focus and concentration? Or is it simply an indication of an undisciplined mind?

Thank you, namaste

asked 19 Nov '10, 18:16

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daniele, I get good insight from you and enjoy your posts. So yes it does serve you well :)

All work and no play...well you know how the rest of that goes. I say enjoy every moment of your mind no matter what it is doing.

Much love



answered 19 Nov '10, 18:32

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jim 10

Thank you Michael :)

(20 Nov '10, 11:22) daniele

Note anything that is done in excessive to the body will harm, and slow down the function of the body, including the mind. It is unhealthy to overwhelm the use of the mind, because it will not function properly, and orderly, and may cause confusion.

Every part of our body including the mind needs six to eight hours of rest per day to function properly!


answered 20 Nov '10, 07:32

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Didn't know that! thought the mind's work was continuous, like our heartbeats......

(20 Nov '10, 11:24) daniele

It is not a case that the mind is indisciplined, it is more a case that we experience resistance (negative emotions) in our daily lives.

This resistance is not existent in the non-physical conciousness we come from because this is how our true nature is designed to be.

So, we need those regular moments of 'relaxation' to reconnect to the non-physical because in those moments of relaxation, we do not experience resistance. It sort of recharges our batteries.

The main way we reconnect to the non-physical is through sleeping but all the other relaxation methods serve the same purpose.

I think that if we tried to enjoy all things in our daily lives more and treated them more like having fun instead of chores, we would not need as much 'relaxation'.


answered 20 Nov '10, 08:37

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Pink Diamond

Great way to look at it, put this way it does make sense! Thank you Rani!

(20 Nov '10, 11:28) daniele

Whatever helps you to relax and feel good does serve you well.

As children we naturally use our imagination to create our own little worlds. I always loved getting lost in a good book. As we get older we're then told to stop daydreaming and eventually give up that wonderful game of make believe and our dreams take a backseat to physical reality. I think therein lies a lot of our problems. We begin to think it is wrong to use our imagination and as a result we often bury or suppress our own source of creative inspiration and then spend our time feeling out of sync with who we really are.

If you still have access to this part of your being daniele, I say use it and don't ever feel that it doesn't serve you well. Like Michael, I think you offer great insight through your posts and you come through as a very well balanced, loving individual.

I think like everything else the mind needs balance - time to be, time to do and time to play.


answered 20 Nov '10, 14:21

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Bless your heart Michaela! Thank you, and will make sure to keep that in 'mind' :) namaste

(20 Nov '10, 15:42) daniele

I take naps, some people call them power naps. I wonder why,hehe?


answered 20 Nov '10, 19:21

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Oh, I love power naps! I feel so refreshed afterwards

(20 Nov '10, 20:48) daniele
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