I put the two questions together because I think they are related.

The pain of others is supposed to be of great concern to those who call themselves Christian....Yet, suffering is one of the greatest ills of our planet. Why?

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It's the dam reptilians, oops...sorry it's the devil, or maybe it's the illuminati, no? maybe the mind parasites?

OK what if all is allowed in creation? The good & the bad. Then all the children in the playground are given free will & told "go nuts", oh but don't forget there is action & consequence or cause & effect. Or is it called Karma?

Hey, maybe there is a dimensional shift approaching & all past karmic actions have to be purged or brought to the surface. Maybe this is why all the evil is bubbling forth in the consciousness of mankind looking for any volunteer to manifest this potential evil.

Ok... I really don't know the answer to that. It could be any one of those suggestions.

It is said, however, that when we change what is within our consciousness the reality outside begins to reflect that change like a physical real time living mirror.

Now wouldn't it be great to discover if this is really true by changing what we give attention to every day,
No...every hour,
No...every minute,
No…every second,
O.k. got it.....every thought.

Added later...(just in case) Please forgive me if your question is in reference to the recent events in Haiti or similar. My answer is not intended to make light of what is happening in the world. It is to bring attention to the idea that once you work on the cause & effect of the nature of attention or ,dare I say, obsession within your own consciousness, it becomes easier to handle the terrible events going on in the world.

You don't lose your empathy or become cold. In fact you become more sensitive. But you also begin to observe your own consciousness being dragged into a state of helplessness over events you have no control over. I found that the more I work on my inner self the easier it is to handle difficult & horrible events that I can't influence.


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Adam and Eve sinned when they disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. And God said to Eve that she will bring forth child birth in pain, and that Adam will have to labor and sweat for food. It is because of the sins of our first parents Adam, and Eve that we have to go through pain, and suffering. But, God did send his son Jesus Christ to save us from sin, and hell, and to heal the sick, and feed the hungry.

God will send his son Jesus Christ again, to take us to a better place “Heaven” where there is no pain, or suffering. The scriptures were written, and the scripture will be fulfilled. So, continue to pray to God for healing, and pray also for others that needs healing, and God will heal you indeed, as you believe.

Yes, many people are in pain, and are hurting, and do not know what to do. So, they sometimes try to hurt others, because they are hurting. The Bible teaches: to love your neighbor, as thy self. So, when we are in pain, and are hurting, we need to reach out to God to ask him to help others first that are in pain, even before asking for our healing.

We have to learn to love our self, and learn how to come against the enemy in Jesus name. It is not God wish that we suffer, and be in pain, and that is why he heals us from our pain, when we are ready to release the pain from our body, and to receive his healing grace. We must praise him, and thank him for healing us.

Ideally, we cannot blame anyone for our misfortune in life, especially, since we are supposed to create our own life story. So, perhaps we need to step back, and look at our life, and perhaps choose a different path to live our life. Perhaps, we are the ones at fault, for what is happening in our life. If this is what we choose for our self in our life, then we need to reassess it to make changes.

We came, and meet this world just as it is, and we will go and leave this world just as it is. It is nobody's Fault. If you are in doubt, take your concerns to God in prayer, and he will answer your prayers! “God loves you, peace, harmony, and goodwill to all.”


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As mentioned above. God granted us free will. And along with free will comes the results of our actions, our intentions, our collective conscious energy.

Even so, it is often a matter of perspective. We often consider hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes as negative events. But without them, the planet would be cold and dead.

Sometimes our pain is the result of our priorities. When we are overly concerned with our image, many situations can result in the experience of pain. Pain can also be an indicator that we need to make some changes in our lives.

Some of the more painful situations in my life have allowed me to realize and/or experience my strength, courage, and integrity. There is no virtue in being honest when you have nothing to lose.

My own pain has made me a more compassionate, less judgmental, caring person. So all in all, pain is an intimate and beneficial part of life.

One can not experience deep passion and joy if one is not also willing to experience their pain.

Pain is just a frequency of energy moving through us. Our emotions are not part of who we are, just part of our experience and an impetus for our evolution. When we experience and heed their wisdom, they are like a breeze passing through. Trying to control or avoid our emotions is what binds them to us.

It is suffering that is unnecessary. It is suffering that is a choice. And it is suffering that wounds us.


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God doesn't allow pain. We humans create pain. Others give it to us through the exercise of their free will (hurt us physically or emotionally), we hurt ourselves through our own actions or thoughts, or we are hurt through environmental causes, that can again can be traced to the free will of others often times. And perhaps many chose a path of pain or suffering even before coming into this incarnation, in order to maturate or balance out their soul's experiences. Some knowingly choose to live in a tidal zone, or volcano zone. God or Source loved us enough to make us free, and with that can sometimes mean pain of our own human causing.

The second question only each person would be able to answer personally. I would imagine a person's reasons for indifference would be personal and different with each.


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God allows it because we are all given free will on this journey. Sometimes the choices we make, either consciously or unconsciously cause pain either for ourselves or others. However when we become aware of this we then realize that it is our choice to what extent we suffer. Sometimes pain is part of the human experience, either through our own choice or someone else's, however suffering is always an option. We are much more beneficial to others who are in pain when we choose to empathize and take some helpful action if possible, as opposed to becoming caught up in the suffering and unable to help.


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God gives us humans free will to choose to do this or that. Make this decision whether we think about what we are doing or not it is all our choice and it is left up to us to choose who to serve as a God or not.

I think some people don't know how to love they are cold heart with No remorse for the hurt and pain they cause people the reason they do the things they do that is harmful and causes a lot of pain to others. Also that they have become disconnect from God in some way or some how.

The love of God teaches us to love him and one another. To treat others like we like to be treated. In other words treat others with respect, kindness, caring and understanding. I think as a spirituial being living in a human body we sometimes make choices a lot without thinking about what will our actions cause to happen in a reaction on down the road to others, ourselves, and the environment. I think our free will needs to keep companions taging along like our hearts and minds to think things out and care about our selves, people, and of course God and as for me Jesus Christ the son of God who died on the cross to save us from all of our sins.

Now when Adam and Eve eaten of that fruit off of the tree of knowledge that caused the begining of our problems. Besides the sin that was brought into the world now from the tree of knowledge came both knowledge of good and evil. Now evil is brought into the world.

So, now mankind has the knowledge and ability to do good or evil to himself or others including now in our free will of choice.

God allows mankind to make its own decisions in life but will help us when we ask for help. Loving God and Jesus is all by faith to believe in as God we cannot see who loves us and has all power.

We as humans put up shields to keep from getting hurt by others emotionally. It is the individual choice sometimes added by demons or other entities whom does not mean us any good. There are other entities that enter humans and cause them to hurt other people their are drugs both legal and illigal that causes people not to be in full control of their minds and do terriable things to people.

God is an Jealous God he said so and sometimes he can pull back from you and allow other things your enemies who do not care about you to try and destroy you both physically and spiritually. God said in the bible what is the use to gain the whole world and lose your soul in the process.

We must focus our minds and hearts on God and Jesus so that he can fill us up with his love and power of who we are spiriual beings of love because the bible says God is love and he created us in his image. As a loving spiritual being your choices will be to help, love, and care about people.


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