I know it starts with us and what we do to help others and better ourselves and to get closer to God.

But is there a way to spread a little more happiness and love all over the world so people will want to help one another and love one another and feel good about themselves?

Maybe what I am saying is can we raise the earth's vibrational frequency so that maybe the humans will feel happier and if they are happier maybe they want do harm against one another, people will love one another, people will be full of food, in better health, and they will feel loved. There are so many people who hurt people financially, emotionally, and people in all walk of life hurt people. We must learn how to send forth a higher spiritual vibration to lift people up all over the world.

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i meditate on 3 things: 1) peace - unity in diversity, 2) progress - enlightenmenment, empowerment and emancipation and 3) prosperity - appreciation of nature's bounty

(06 Mar '13, 05:58) don

Well, be my guest. I'll sit and wait for that happiness to come.

(06 Mar '13, 09:03) CalonLan
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By raising your own vibrational frequency. When you do this, you influence others around you to raise their own vibrational frequencies.

Like a ripple in a pond, this influence extends outward, and it's a more significant influence than you might think; it can positively affect hundreds of people around you.

If enough people did this (a small, but significant percentage of the population), it would transform society.


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Great Answer! Ripple in a pond analogy is excellent.

(12 Feb '10, 07:34) The Traveller

Abraham say that one person connected purely to their source energy has the same power of influence and creation as millions who are not

(13 Feb '10, 23:18) Stingray

act locally think globally.


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This is not quite an answer, but these people are doing great work at Raising The Vibrational Frequency all over the world. Well worth a Look. http://davidlynchfoundation.org

Love and Light


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I have created for the Post of Maghreb 3 stamps witch are going to be launched. They are subliminal ones for : the Hapiness, the health and the wealth. I hope that the maroccan people would send wealth, receive wealth, send health, receive health, wish the hapiness to others... and collect those positive seeds. You can have a look of my "Positive Subliminal Pictures" on my web site: www.artabus.com/morinbernard


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Le Bémo

I saw your work and I like it very much.

(14 Feb '10, 21:46) Roy
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