The following question was asked on the main thread of the manifestation experiment. However, it was never posted as a seperate question and therefore never answered. I think this question will be of value to people trying this experiment out.

This manifestation experiment is about writing a request about the thing you want and then putting it in a box and forgetting about it. A lot of other Law of Attraction methods suggest actually focusing on the things you want to manifest and getting into the feeling of already having it in order to manifest it.

The two approches are quite the opposite of each other. Do both approaches work as well as each other? How and Why?

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Pink Diamond

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I am sorry it is still not too clear for me :p I have been reading "The Secret" before (and through it) I came across The Master Key System, and now I am here. The Secret says that you have to have repetitive thoughts about what you want and fancy yourself with the thing in your hands (so to speak), in order to get it. It teaches you also how to get money by thinking constantly that money is on your way or fancying that you are counting it. But Manifesting Experiment-1 here says "don't ask money" "drop your wish in the box and forget about it, or you'll be constantly bothering the 'person' that you handle your wish to, so delaying the manifesting process" It sound as opposite things to me, and I'd appreciate more clarification on that. What must I do then? Another thing: Where 'Affirmations' fit in in this process?? Thank you! BJ09

(07 May '10, 13:52) BridgetJones09

You should ask this as a new question otherwise most people won't see it

(07 May '10, 17:12) John Sheridan ♦

Thank you John, I will :)

(07 May '10, 20:23) BridgetJones09
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On the surface, it does look like a paradox - one approach says think about what you want and the other says don't.

But all becomes clear if you understand that most people operate from a flawed premise about reality creation.

That flawed premise is that you are creating your manifestation when you are consciously thinking about it. This is incorrect - you are only coming into alignment with it. The creation of what you want happened in the moment that you decided you wanted it.

I have explained this in more detail here though if anything is not clear, please ask.

The surprising answer as to which method is more effective is that generally not thinking about what you want is more effective than thinking about it.

This is because most people, when they think about what they want, keep noticing it isn't there yet which just re-creates again and again the reality of it not being there yet.

Hope this is clear.


answered 05 Feb '10, 15:44

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Thanks for the answer Stingray.

(05 Feb '10, 16:21) Pink Diamond

For me, since I have been doing this for years and not really knowing that I was actually creating things with thoughts, is funny now looking back. I normally start out writing goals. When I write goals, I really think about what I want to attain. I get really excited about acheiving these particular goals of mine whether my 40lb weight loss of my 24 in IMAC that I wanted, my new car everything. It all started with goals that I was excited about, wrote them down in my journal and forgot about it. Meaning, I didn't concentrate on them too hard. Before I knew it, opportunities presented themselves, and I took advantage because, I already knew what I wanted. When look back into my jounal, months and sometimes a year later, I found that, I got everything I wanted the year before. I can admit that somethings I have not received is because I more than likely was obsessed with the outcome. LOL, imagine that.


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Reading this question and the answers made me realize what I have been doing. I make new Moon wishes every month and put them aside in a special place under a Pyramid in my room. Whenever I look back at some of them, I see that many of these have occurred.


answered 10 Mar '10, 00:30

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Ra Maiolino

?????? new Moon wish ???????? under a Pyramid in your room ???????

(10 Mar '10, 04:36) The Traveller

Seems like as long as you dont worry about the outcome of desire manifested, then it is ok to think about it in a positive expective way. Just like reafirming that it is on its way. That is way it is good to note down the messages we get from the universe that confirm that our wish is on its way. Now if you think about it in a negative way, then of course it seems like it wont help at all. So I would say that as long as you have a good positive vibe for your wish, then it is perfectly ok to think about it, as much as you want. I am in the process of doing this myself, and feel great about it, and I am surely expecting to get what I want. It is so nice to not worry about stuff and kinda just hand it over the universe. What a simple way! Just be happy and expect the best, and keep doing that till all your experiences reflect good, happy, abundant results. I am learnign a lot here, thank you all for sharing this. G


answered 04 Mar '12, 11:56

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Both work. Funny though most of my manifestations happened when I finally forgot about them. But both work.


answered 20 Oct '11, 15:39

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