I have a desire and i know i am attached to it. I know this beacuse at certain times i can honestly feel that either outcome (i.e. desired outcome or not) would be fine and i would be ok; but, at other times I fear my deisre not manifesting and how difficult my life would be without this desire!!! can this fear be treated as limiting belief?

Any pointers on how to deal with this situation would be very healpful. also, could the enlightened beings here help me understand what might be going on - why can i be ok with either outcome at one moment and so fearful or negative outcome at some other point!!!

Thank you all

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Barry Allen ♦♦

At the times when you are feeling the fear of not getting it, just think about something else instead.

If you feel you need to do some vibrational work to mold this desire into place, only do that work when you are feeling good within yourself so as not to reactivate this "fear" that sometimes comes up.

If you want to actually treat the underlying "fear" of it not manifesting then, certainly, apply a belief-uncovering method to it (like the probing questions in Manifesting Experiment 4) and clean it up.

Unlike working on the subject of your manifestation, you don't need to be in a good-feeling place to clear up the underlying fear because you need to have it activated (at least slightly) to shift it into a better-feeling place and clear it for good.

why can i be ok with either outcome at one moment and so fearful or negative outcome at some other point!!!

Because sometimes the fear "program" has been triggered into running and you feel the pain of it and, at other times, it isn't running and your natural optimistic Self shines through again.

I think most people, when starting out, have an underlying fear that all this manifesting stuff might be made up and they are wasting their time...like perhaps Mr Stingray is hoaxing everyone :) ...or even that they themselves might be the single exception in the entire Universe that prevents it working for them :)

You would be amazed at how many times I have heard that over the years (including from myself at the start)...people who believe they are the single exception :)

And, in fact, when you think about it, that's actually quite an arrogant attitude to hold because it implies out of the entire Universe (gazillions of galaxies containing gazillions of stars and probably gazillions of planets with gazillions of life-forms), they are the only exception :) ...Nah, I don't think so :)

Personally, I think these are all natural reactions that fade over time because these manifesting ideas are often so opposed to what is generally accepted about the way physical reality works. That's why it can be helpful to start small with manifesting: If we want to manifest things faster should we start small to build up confidence?

As you start to see "easy" stuff flow into your life, you start to develop a knowing that the "difficult" stuff will flow in a similar fashion and you start to relax more and let everything unfold in its own time...and it definitely will :)


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Hmmmm.... I still wonder if I'll get a bill in the mail from The Stingray Metaphysical Counselling and Manifestation Billing Center.... KIDDING I'm just kidding!!! You won't get a bill! Stingray is simply a Class A-1-A philanthropist, although he will tell you this is just his hobby. :P

(10 Jul '12, 12:35) Grace

Thank you so mcuh Mr. Stingray, makes a lot of sense. how do i sitch to thinking something else. Also, i was looking into FasterEFT on youtube and I wanted to have a bit clarification on same from you and i made a comment at - (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/9746/has-anyone-tried-faster-eft). could you kindly have alook and advise. Thanks :)

(10 Jul '12, 14:14) dreamersmiles

Thank you Stingray, learning new things all the time:)

(10 Jul '12, 15:35) Satori

@Grace - You're okay for now. I'm a bit behind with the invoicing :) @Satori - You're welcome, as always. @dreamersmiles - I think @Nikulas has given you some great ideas in his answer for switching your thinking. I'll answer your other query under the other question

(11 Jul '12, 05:14) Stingray

Lovw this answer - exactly what I needed. Thank you @Stingray.

(02 Jun '15, 14:53) spacemetalfantasy
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Hello @dreamersmiles,

I've been under the same situation and I found a way to release a lot of limiting beliefs about it. The attachment to the outcomes of our desires are the key to discover those definitions or beliefs that are holding us back. I don't know if you are familiar with Bashar and his information; I used his techniques to deal with core beliefs and I was able to manage this situation. You can find in his website the seminars about Changing Core Beliefs and Transforming Core Beliefs. He deeply explains how we hold unto definitions of how things should be or not, and how to change this, I highly recommend it.

For example, imagining that if your desire doesn't manifest your life would be horrible could be based on the definition that you can actually experience bad situations, that your reality can allow disappointment, and that in reality you are not owning your power because you are doubting that your desires can be manifested.

Bashar also talks about how our desires are the symbol that the physical mind uses to show the higher mind the preferred reality. It is representative of the state of being that you prefer. It's better to think of this state of being rather than the actual thing so that we allow the Universe to deliver the biggest and greatest possible thing that mirrors that state of being. When you hesitate about something being manifested or not you are not trusting 100% in a definition that says "it can happen" .

I participated in a Bashar conference last month and I personally asked the same question regarding attachment and his answer was along these lines: "What is the sky for the physical mind is only the floor to the higher mind. Once you realize that the higher mind is capable of giving you the exact thing you want or something even better you find yourself in a place of non resistant expectation, because you know that the Universe can deliver that exact thing or something that will bring you more joy and happiness. If that is true, why would you be insisting on a particular outcome? Don't you just Trust in the universe?" xD. He made this point so clear for me that I addressed those feelings and beliefs and now I find that I still have my desire in place but I am enjoying the unfolding and I'm not depending on my desire coming true in order for me to have a joyful experience. This appears on a June seminar called "No Comparison" in case you want to look it up.

I hope this helps.


answered 10 Jul '12, 12:39

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@Kriegerd, thanks for the insightful answer, i would definately try to look into Bashar, i have read a lot about him on this site, i guess about time i explore his teachings. :)

(10 Jul '12, 14:13) dreamersmiles

@kriegerd-I like this,so if you are less specific about the "how" you allow the universe more ways to deliver what you want? :)

(10 Jul '12, 15:44) Satori

You are welcome @dreamersmiles, Bashar is simply great, the transcripts from his site are really good (http://www.bashar.org/aboutmonologues.html) and also the introduction. There's also a lot of info on youTube and obviously you can order a lot of products from the site.

@Satori: Definitely! Not only you open up more channels for yourself to receive what you want, but also you allow the Universe to improve on your desire. It's like going to a hardware store and not knowing anything about tools

(10 Jul '12, 16:18) Kriegerd

So you get to the store and ask for a specific tool (your desire) but you also tell the clerk (the universe) what you want to achieve (state of being). The clerk being an expert and based on what you want to do might offer you a better tool for the job. If you had been attached to the specific tool you might be missing out on something better.

(10 Jul '12, 16:21) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd-Thanks,so your basically dropping all expectations  down to just " expecting something, somehow,sometime" This makes sense as sometimes our expectations= limiting beliefs. Plus your not attached because your not looking for it to come in a certain time or way.This might be where I've being going wrong sometimes, being to specific for my own belief system, Thank you for pointing out something I have overlooked. Kreigerd :)

(10 Jul '12, 16:58) Satori

You are welcome @Satori, glad to be of help. What you CAN expect is that whatever is coming your way is going to be representative of the state of being you are projecting. Use the specifics of your desire to be a symbol to that state of being, that way you are extracting the essence of the desire and that's what you'll get no matter what form it takes. You can take several processes from Abraham, just asking yourself why do you want X or how would you feel when you have it. You could ask..

(10 Jul '12, 17:45) Kriegerd

yourself, what do the "future" you believes/knows/expects regarding the situation of your desire, how does that future you behaves? Notice the separation between that answer and what you currently know/believe/expect. Once you have that you can use any clearing method to let go of your current state and start ingraining the state of that future self (acting as if). This is Bashar talking about that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0atOJsrA6jM

(10 Jul '12, 17:52) Kriegerd

Thank you Kriegerd ,I have been stuck with an oscillating(comes and goes) doubt, so after reading your answer I looked up Bashar and found this link which was also very informative


Hope it helps others, Love and Light SL :-)

(10 Jul '12, 22:26) Starlight

@Kriegerd-Thanks for that and the link,very interesting exchange.This is something I never do, act as if.At the moment I do practise a lot of QE which fills me with a sense of Well-Being.But I suppose it is more general and non-focused way of feeling:)

(11 Jul '12, 05:55) Satori

@Kriegerd, thanks so much for the link. I just knew as soon as I saw it - this is what I am here for this morning, what I need today. Funny how you just know sometimes (?). It was, and I'm headed in a great direction for the day. Thanks again! :) And thanks for the blissful picture below!

(11 Jul '12, 12:15) Grace

@Satori. QE is great! I just started reading the new book from Frank Kinslow. I think that achieving that sense of well being is crucial, just like Abraham says, going so general that it starts to be general positive, etc. I started following Bashar exercises on Changing Core Beliefs just a while ago, I already wrote my "new story" and I'm in the process of identifying the beliefs of that new story, clearing old ones and ingraining the new ones. I read this on facebook the other day..

(11 Jul '12, 12:16) Kriegerd

I think it illustrates what knowing/faith and acting as if really is: "Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of the prayer all the people gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella". Cheers!!

(11 Jul '12, 12:18) Kriegerd

You're more than welcome @Grace! :-D. Happy to be of help. Thank you for the link @Starlight, it's going to come in handy.

(11 Jul '12, 12:20) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd-That quote is excellent, thanks.Is that the book Eufeeling? I just read that book,it's great.I like the sections on QE Awareness and QE intentions.Ive been practising QE awareness for about 3 months now.I find if I do an extended QE session first thing in the morning I can easily find Eufeeling in a minute or so throughout the day.How are you getting on with QE Kreigerd? :)

(11 Jul '12, 12:32) Satori

@Satori. Yes the Eufeeling book. I got the book yesterday. It's great to hear about your progress!. I have to say that I'm still trying to get a handle on it, I'm trying to apply an exercise from the QE forum of doing QE throughout the day. Every half an hour or every hour I do a small session. That way it becomes a normal state of being. It still is something a bit intangible for me, I understand it logically but I guess I'm having problems defining it via experience.

(11 Jul '12, 14:55) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd-Yes I agree,it can be tough to get a handle on it. Eufeeling is not a fixed feeling, it can be very fleeting some days, barely noticeable and other times very blissful and powerful.So sometimes I think I'm not doing it right. What I do now is just do a few minutes throughout the day and take what I get basically.I think this approach is better as the more I try to chase that Eufeeling the harder it is to find:)

(11 Jul '12, 15:10) Satori

@kriegerd-I have picked up valuable meditation tips thanks to this online course 


which have improved my QE sessions:)

(11 Jul '12, 15:20) Satori

@Satori. Yes! My wife showed me that video sometime before it was posted here. It's great. I'm applying it to together with QE. I was I think overloaded with stuff (meditation, techniques, etc) a couple of months ago. And I basically trying to be the same as you, taking what I get, and just letting things flow more without me controlling them. I have been sensing progress, although it can be really subtle at times. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

(11 Jul '12, 15:35) Kriegerd

@Satori, I was just reading the comments on the other post. I didn't know you had actually signed up for the course. I had only seen the video and I'm also reading this: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Transform-Stress-in-30-Days-with-One-Moment-Meditation/3 . It's a series of articles written by Martin Boronson. Are you still doing the course? How is it going?

(11 Jul '12, 15:40) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd-you sound like myself, trying everything.lol.It's going well thanks.Im into the the 3rd week, It's a year long course.You get access to an online forum and sent 1 lesson per week in PDF and  Mp3 format varying in length 5 to 15 minutes. He only recommends at least one session per day.I think    This is so people will stick to it, but I do a lot more than that.It seems to create a groove for your mind to slip into.I find myself already slipping into a fairly deep meditative state which

(11 Jul '12, 16:08) Satori

@Kriegerd...surprised me.When the time is up you finish wanting more lol....which is a good thing as it leaves you eager for the next session. I think the main idea is that it gets you to focus on the here and now in that minute and then eventually you carry on into the next minute and so forth.

(11 Jul '12, 16:11) Satori

@Kriegerd-I'm doing what's called the 'basic minute' now for 10 weeks, then the "portable minute".You take an average breath count of your minute over several sessions.Then you can do away with the timer;) After that you slowly reduce the breath count one by one over a period of time eventually down to a "one breath cycle"= one moment meditation:)

(11 Jul '12, 16:12) Satori

Kriegerd, thank you so much for the link of Basha video. I loved it, Bashar is so funny and i like his accent. this is the first time i watched his video and i am hooked! And i thought i could only get addicted to Abraham,guess what the list grows. thank you so much!!!

(14 Jul '12, 04:23) dreamersmiles
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Holding on to it is the result of a limiting belief. A belief that you can't or don't deserve or aren't good enough, etc...

Things, experiences we want are like tv stations. They are always there, we just have to tune in to the right frequency to receive it. There are many manifestations/tv stations out there at the same time, right now. We don't watch our tv station by holding the thought all the time, we watch it when we tune the tv to that frequency. The TV has dials or buttons and remotes with buttons to push to tune the tv to the right station. When we tune in to that station, all the shows on that station are available to us, except in a linear fashion, one at a time as presented by the station manager. When change our frequency, vibration, mood, etc... we change the reality that we have access to. All of our manifestations that are in that frequency are available to us when we match that frequency.

If we want happy experiences and manifestations, then we need to tune in to the happy frequency/station. You don't wait to get happy until you get what you want, you get what you want when you get happy. By focussing on what you don't have, you tune in to that frequency of not having that thing. So you decide what feeling you want, then tune in to it, then have access to all the manifestations and experiences that are in that frequency. Just be happy Now.

The dial I have found to adjust my frequency, is a technique I call Two Hands Touching. I like to combine it with affirmations. You can also use it with visualization, or whatever. Just make sure you switch from one to the other. Do THT then visualize then do THT.


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Fairy Princess

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Thanks, Fairy Princess. great analogy. am working on fine tuning my reciever and am just starting out but am optimistic of results of this fine tuning. :)

(10 Jul '12, 14:14) dreamersmiles

Nice analogy FP:)

(10 Jul '12, 15:39) Satori

Thanks FP , you just helped me tune in to my "Happy Station " :-)

(10 Jul '12, 20:24) Starlight

Glad it helped.

(10 Jul '12, 22:51) Fairy Princess
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Can't agree more with Stingray.

How bout some baby steps?

Ever heard that saying, "if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? I recommend you apply this to your thinking.

"If you cannot think of something nice, don't think of anything at all."

Living consciously in the present moment is one such little trick that would give the same result as "not thinking at all." Or, if the opportunity arises, take a 15 minute caffeine power nap. Or, focus upon something neutral and even un-related, like hugging a lion.

alt text

I'm not sure what you're attempting to manifest, but every time you begin getting distressed or doubting it coming, just switch the thinking and imagine hugging this lion. Sooner or later, if you'd apply this, within 2-3 days you'd be in a high probability of seeing vibrational matches.

If that's too hard, forget about manifesting this thing completely. Get some hobbies, fill your time, and get happy. Trust me it's even more simple than that, manifesting things is the exact same thing as enjoying the flowers.


answered 11 Jul '12, 01:39

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Wow, thank you so much Nikulas. right now i am going OMG. this picture and the lion have filled me with so much love and giddyness, i can not explain through words. I have actually hugged lion cubs and held them and also witnessed birthing of them. this answer of yours brought back those memories, dont even know how i could forget them untill now, thank you so much!!! much appreciated.

(11 Jul '12, 02:05) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles- You're absolutely welcome, I'm greatful to have been of help :)

(11 Jul '12, 02:28) Nikulas

@Nikulas-I like this, thank you:)

(11 Jul '12, 05:59) Satori

Thank you for that answer @Nikulas, love the saying "If you cannot think of something nice, don't think of anything at all.". And the switch technique, great!!. I wanted to contribute a great lion pic I saw posted on the QE Forum: http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj25/DetailFreak/EufeelingLion.jpg

(11 Jul '12, 11:30) Kriegerd

@Nikulas, that is amazing that you came up with exactly what @dreamersmiles could relate to. No way to have known it would, just tuned in. People here find this stuff old news, I know, but I'm still just in awe every time I see it happen. :)

(11 Jul '12, 12:18) Grace
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If you are just starting out with practicing deliberate creation, there may be some layers of limiting beliefs to uncover and change, even after a desire is launched you will have to get up to speed with it [become a vibrational match to it] by doing some alignment [vibration] work. Whether it's limiting beliefs or attachment to an outcome it's all resistance at the end of the day, so the ultimate goal would be to clean up all the resistance around whatever things or subjects you want to ''allow'' into your physical reality. Whatever resistance clearing techniques or methods you use will depend on what resonates with you the most, as well as what works best for you, there is ''no one way'' to clear resistance, you get to decide what's most effective to you. Most of us [myself included some years ago] starting out with the law of attraction, will go for our desires right out of the gate and this is not such a bad thing, the reason for this is that we'll discover and begin to uncover our limiting beliefs, so we can begin molding more positive beliefs [and positive momentum] around what we want so we can match up with it, one problem that can arise however, is we'll often reach for something ''big'' that we're nowhere NEAR a vibrational match to, hence, all the techniques and [end to a means] methods we'll use tirelessly to line up with what we want. If you are really committed and remain persistent with releasing your resistance through any technique or method that resonates with you the most [whatever it may be] this is what you will have to look forward to, after some time as you've dissolved a lot of resistance and continue to do so, you will no longer need techniques or methods to help you align, you'll be coming more from a place of ''allowing'' because at this level you're completely detaching from the outcome, what's more your desire really won't matter that much to you anymore, of course paradoxically you're aligned to your desire but you could care less about HOW and WHEN it manifests, you're in this for the journey and the sheer joy of it all. I think most of us eventually reach this level of letting go and allowing with reality creation, and at the beginning the methods and techniques DO help [they helped me] but we seem to move past them, to another level, and naturally I might add, we just learn after some time to let go and allow, and during this level, our desires and intentions will sometimes change and we'll re-focus. I'm rambling! To answer the question, whether it's attachment to outcomes or limiting beliefs it's all still resistance so yes, you can and will clear them eventually as long as you stay the course and never give up.


answered 02 Jun '15, 17:45

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