I do my "best work" on the computer. Is there a reason why I should NOT compose my request on a word document and then save it to a "Special File/Folder" versus put a hard copy in a "special box"?

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Like you, I also do my "best work" on computers. Almost every aspect of my life is dominated by them :)

And, for that reason, I find it is actually more effective to print it out on paper and put it into a physical box because it is something quite different to what I would normally do (even though I compose my requests in Microsoft Word).

You could think of doing this as sending a symbolic indication to a subconscious part of yourself that what you are doing is something out of the ordinary and should therefore be treated in a special way.

Many times, I will even sign the printed-out paper, as though confirming the request is now finally "signed off", to add more of that special feeling to it before putting it in the box.

What makes this process work is the pureness and clarity of thought (concentrated non-resistant focus) involved in writing the request combined with the feeling of release when you let it go so that you don't stand in the way of the manifestation coming.

It's like an archer increasing the tension in the bow by pulling the arrow back, and then cleanly releasing it towards the target.

alt text

Writing the request on a computer works fine for me (and there is nothing wrong with writing it out by hand either) but I find the feeling of release is always much greater when I do it physically using real paper and a real box.


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Thanks Stingray. Let's see I write out the request on paper. Then I go to the computer because of spelling and editing. Most of the formulating and brain work is done on my Mac. I am a sloppy writer. Then I print it out and wait 24hrs to edit more. Then I print and reread. Then is goes into the box (a cash box). A copy is saved to a file folder I usually don't go into on the computer. I love the idea of signing before going into the Box. I always date the request. I am not sure when to look at it again. The result have been wonderful so I don't want to look right now. I feel good about the process I use so my way must be as good as any for me any way.

Blessings B 2 B. I am reminded by you to read the affirmations aloud thanks!


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I forgot, sometimes I do a shorter (wouldn't be nice if) by hand, then it goes into the cash box. I carry some affirmations with me that go to the job. I carry them in my Day Timer.

(19 Nov '10, 01:28) Tom

I just thought of a wonderful idea. For those who are able, why not make a donation to the site or a charity when making the request? If unable the request will bring about the circumstances to make a donation soon. Blessings!

(19 Nov '10, 02:30) Tom

A simple act of kindness would work as well.

(19 Nov '10, 02:32) Tom

Yes, Tom, whatever way works for you is right for you. You can consider the original method to be a set of guidelines rather than "set in stone" rules and if you find that tweaking it in a certain way works well for you, then definitely do that!

(19 Nov '10, 14:11) Stingray

Stingray thanks again. As you know I love the box method and have done very well with it. I do not consider it to be a beginner method. I understand one gets better with practice, so in time I will no doubt look into other methods.

(19 Nov '10, 22:07) Tom

Stingray, what did you think of the idea of making a donation with a new request? Sort of a release and trust, stepping out in faith. I would not want others to feel it was necessary but, what a kick start.

(19 Nov '10, 22:12) Tom

Tom, you can make a donation with each request if you wish. I've never found it necessary since the universe is only responding to your dominant thoughts rather than representations of notes and coins which in turn are only representations of man-made customs of barter and service :) But if making a financial donation helps you better feel more deserving and allowing of your request then there is certainly nothing with it. It's up to you ultimately

(22 Nov '10, 05:13) Stingray
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Welcome to the site!

My instincts tell me that there is something to physically writing it out on a piece of paper and then putting them in a physical box.... that you would not get on the computer.

Another slightly off analogy is they say that affirmations are stronger when sais out loud vs. in the mind.

My best advice would be to do both! Why not use the computer as an archive of the physical thing?


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Look at it this way. Lets say you chose to edit the goal that you have saved in MS-Word on your computer. Can you do that? How quickly and easily can you do that?

Now lets say you want to edit what you have printed on a paper. Can you update this just as easily?

Our minds too are like that. Why do you think we need to write it down. Is it really the paper that manifests our goals? Coz we change our minds so often. So when you put it on a piece of paper and lock it up, you make it permanent (well, sort of).

Makes me wonder, what if I cast my goals in block letters on a slab of stone?


answered 22 Nov '10, 01:53

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