I have been studying New Thought literature for years, and there is a practical question that I have never been able to resolve. Perhaps some of you out there have some thoughts or suggestions.

Some authors tell you that after you make a request, you should forget it completely. Others, like Napoleon Hill and Charles Haanel, say that you must "do" something afterwards...that you cannot just sit back and let things happen, but that you must make an effort in order for the Universe to assist you.

The "forgetting" approach, although counter-intuitive, seems to have some truth to it, as the major breakthroughs or twists of good fortune that I have had in my life, always seem to have come when I least expected it. Other times, I have put monumental effort into things over a long period of time which never bore fruit.

I have seen that others on this site have recommended the "forgetting" approach, such as in the thread on the Magic Box experiment.

So my question is, does one follow one of these approaches absolutely, or is there a balance to be struck?

Let me use an example (not actually my own, but similar to some of the things I would like to manifest). Let's say my desire is to produce a play I have written--to get it produced on Broadway, or another popular venue of that stature, and with a sizable budget. After making the request to the Universe, should I send my script out to agents and producers? Should I make an active effort to raise money for the play, and get it seen by important people? Or should I put the script away and forget about the whole business completely, while the Universe does its work?

One of the conundrums seems to be that if one pursues the "making an effort" approach, it will be very difficult to forget the goal or thing you want to manifest, if you are consistently making an effort to get that very thing. I also understand that there is a difference between "inspired action"...and "needily striving for something"...but even with "inspired action," it is virtually impossible to keep the goal out of mind. What are your thoughts?

Many thanks for considering this question, and best wishes to all.

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Thanks, Satori. I had already read that thread and it was most helpful.

If I use that link to answer my question about "doing" or "not doing," the answer it seems to suggest is complete "not doing." (Please tell me if I am wrong). Since the object/desire requested already exists in another vibrational reality, there is no need to do anything more to help achieve it. There is no other course of action but to forget about it, and respond to any opportunity the universe presents you with. Correct?

(10 Jun '12, 13:18) lozenge123

@lozenge123-Yes you could do that if its something small that you can forget about and you feel no negative emotion about Not having it at this moment then Manifesting Exp. 1 is the way to go.:)

(10 Jun '12, 15:54) Satori

@lozenge123-If it's something big that you can't forget about or doesnt feel believable to you about then you need to align your beliefs with your desire.A great way to do this is with Manifesting Exp 2 using a Focus Block


(10 Jun '12, 15:55) Satori
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Considering that there's only the one eternal moment of now, in which all possible and probable realities already exist - you can’t get to where you’re going unless you’re already there in your mind in this now moment. Thus, to change your perspective of physical reality you must first imagine the desired change in your mind. And then you must demonstrate to the Universe by and through your behavior that that is the reality which you now choose to experience.

Taking inspired action is always easy and requires very little, if any, effort. The point of forgetting about what you want is to reduce the amount of resistance from your physical mind in terms of: "I want it, but it's too hard" or "I want it, but it will take too long" etcetera. Once there's no resistance, you'll receive the inspiration (that's always there) from your higher self.

Your higher self knows the fastest way for you to bring yourself into alignment with the blueprint/template reality in which your higher self already exists. Thus, once inspiration is received act upon it to the best of your ability - that's all you have to do :)


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Hey Loz I read your question and the image of bicycle riding came to me. You ever ride a bicycle? Do you think about the balance all the time? The whole manifest stuff is like Eddie said being in the now and enjoying the journey ( getting stuff with out trying) your riding your bike your going some where (the script) you keep your balance with out that much effort (manifesting ) sure there will be bumps and stops (resistance) But you know where you want to go at this moment .. sure things change too (mmm ice cream ) wow the person in line also buying ice cream with you is a producer and he/she is looking for a script......


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@ursixx - Thanks for your response, that is a very helpful analogy.

(11 Jun '12, 22:37) lozenge123

Just roll around in the manifestation request, be sure you have thought it all out. You now totally understand all the facets. Give it to the universe and forget it. The Manifestation Box is great because you can look after a predetermined time. Since it was written you will be able to see if some part of it came to be.

And don't forget sometimes not getting anything is better than what we ask for. You should study the above and decide what's best for you.


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@Tom - Thanks, Tom. Will do!

(10 Jun '12, 13:37) lozenge123
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