There are so many cultures that speak of dragons in their myths and legends - if so many different countries speak of them then how come scientists haven't dug up any of their remains? perhaps the 'dinosaur' bones are actually dragon remains? What about the minotaurs and centaurs? Is there some truth hidden in our myths and legends?

asked 06 Feb '10, 18:22

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I believe dragons do exist, just like I believe that aliens exist. They are just existing in other parallel universes, and therefore, we are not able to see them.

They most probably are still in existence. However, the fact that we haven't found a way to transition to these parallel universes means that we are not able to see them. However, the concept comes from people who have actually made the transition to these parallel universes, and have actually seen them.


answered 07 Feb '10, 11:12

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Pink Diamond

I believe dragons existed and actually think that their remains are being confused with 'dinosaur' remains. I read that there are many new fossils being discovered in China and this is one of the main countries with stories about dragons. Anyway, I accept Rani's explanation about dragons existing in other parallel universes...

(09 Feb '10, 16:51) truthseekr

I think that these cratures were real in the sense that something like that was in exhistance and through communication...word of mouth this all became distorted. After all people had a lot of simplistic fears and beliefs at this time. Are there any real writen stories of dragon slayers. ANd if there were wouldn't their heads be mounted on some castle wall as a trophy and sign of masculinity.


answered 06 Feb '10, 19:19

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J hansen

they possbily could have been, their is no proof for sure but their definantly is a possiblity 4 their existence. what i do know for a fact is that dragons are mentioned in the bible. the hebrew word "tanniyn" when translated into english does mean dragons. now you have to remmebr people back then of course wouldnt have referred to them as dinoasaurs becuase dinosaurs is a new age scientifical term, so of course it wouldnt apply back then. instead people of those days would have just used the term "dragons" or as we know them today as "dinosaurs". but when it comes to the mythical fire breathing dragons that can fly etc. truly i have no idea but their existence is definantly a possibilty.



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Consider running a spell checker on this post.

(07 Feb '10, 07:19) Vesuvius

Yes, I believe that the dragons were real. I use to watch Zena on TV a few years ago and I thought it was just a fun fiction type of show to watch. Zena was about a warrior woman kind of like those Amazon Women who were warrior women and would cut their breast off so the Bow would rest better for her to aim better with the arrow. They were magnificent warriors. Well, Zena was a great Amazon type of warrior that had a type of boomerang shocker and she know pulse points when she touch you on your body. She would stop you in your tracks or paralyze you. She also was very strong almost like in the mythology she was almost like a 1/2 god but she wasn't just really strong. Well she ran upon the creature called a hine and it could take human form and heal you but it looked half human and half deer and she couldn't stand for a human to touch her and I thought that was all fiction until I ran across that in my bible and I said wait a minute a hine is not real but here it is in this bible.

Same thing with a Unicorn I thought there weren't real as well but they are in the bible as well. So, there are a lot of things that are real that we don't know about or choose not to believe that they exist. Most of us don't believe in things unless they see it or experience it for them selves.

I don't know anything different but I do believe they have been here once upon a time. Now whether they were like the dragons in mythology I don't know. They come be like someone says no powers just a animal or a fire breathing dragon I don't know but anything is possible maybe not believable but possiable.


answered 07 Feb '10, 09:48

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