I have often wondered if the shifting of our tectonic plates has hidden the remains of some extremely old civilization that once thrived on Earth. Perhaps that is where our old myths like dragons came from, I don't know. What do you think?

Blessings, Jai

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(09 Feb '10, 05:34) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius maybe now I'll get a few more answers too.

(09 Feb '10, 07:35) Wade Casaldi
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It's possible. The Edgar Cayce readings, and other traditions as well, tell of the technologically advanced Atlantis and Lemuria of old. The Hopi believe there have been layers of civilizations over tens of thousands of years. It would be kind of arrogant on our part to assume we are the only civilization that has ever been on Earth. Fun and interesting to think about, isn't it?


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I have seen on television that cities are being found every year under old cities. The holy lands they keep finding tunnels underneath the cities most know nothing about, these are mostly preserved although some have caved in. Then I saw in it was either Greece or Rome that they found old cities under newer cities, digging out these big cities that are like 50 feet down. The same for Egypt under ground they keep finding new places where there was once temples.

Earlyne Channy said she always felt there was a tunnel linking south America to Egypt, she felt this strongly and had always tried exploring the never ending tunnels beneath Egypt to find it, she never did. May she rest in peace my teacher from Astara.


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Wade Casaldi

Wade, I am a fellow Astarian!

(09 Feb '10, 13:48) LeeAnn 1

Wow how about that! Here is something you might like I am an initiate http://mysociety.us/ , I will warn you will get angry and have your beliefs challenged. you may even think they are a bunch of skeptical atheist but if you can stick through it, you will find something beautiful we are all moving toward called ZON it is Jesus vision realized actually.

(10 Feb '10, 05:20) Wade Casaldi
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