This is something that has been on my mind for some time.

Many scholars and non-spiritual thinkers hold that the intelligent non-humans and creatures from the folk-tales, legends, and myths of our world are nothing more than fantasies concocted by the imaginative minds of primitive men, or are some sort of Freudian expression of mankind's own inner conflicts and impulses.

However, if one reads them in a truly detached and unclouded manner, it is clear that many of the ancient accounts took the existence of these beings completely seriously, and regarded them as just as "real" as anything else in their world. This view can be found even in relatively recent accounts, such as Evans-Wentz's The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries and Robert Kirk's Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies.

Reading these accounts, although superficial details vary, one is struck by the remarkable consistency of certain elements, from the Celtic sidh to the American Indian (Lakota) Can-Otipi, as well as the Japanese Yōkai.

My father told me that his own grandmother, who hailed from the west of Ireland, used to put a dish of milk out for the fairies to drink every night before she retired to bed.

Several years ago, I myself spent some time abroad in some remote areas of Northern Europe and was surprised to meet several educated persons of high integrity (including one university professor), who believed in the absolute reality of these beings.

We also have interesting accounts like the medieval travels of Sir John Mandeville, who reported seeing many unusual creatures on his journey, such as the giant, serpentine "cocodrills" (crocodiles) and the incredible "gerfaunts": "That is a beast, pomely or spotted, that is but a little more high than is a steed, but he hath the neck a twenty cubits long; and his croup and his tail is as of an hart; and he may look over a great high house..." (giraffes). At the time his writings were dismissed as sheer fantasy, but we now know that many of the things he described were real. (Other things he described, such as an isle with "beast-headed men", have yet to be found.)

It makes one wonder: How many of the things dismissed today as sheer fantasy, will one day, or even soon, turn out to be true?

It is also worth noting that sometimes the archaeological evidence actually catches up with the legend, as happened in the particular case of the Indonesian "little people," Ebu Gogo or Homo Floresiensis.

The question that has been on my mind is...where are these beings presently? We seem to hear less about them nowadays, as compared to the accounts of old. Is it because belief in them has faded, and thus there are far fewer individuals who are vibrational matches to meeting or seeing them? Or have these beings actually fled this world, to another plane or dimension?

One channeled source, I forget which--I believe either Bashar or the 9D Pleadians--mentioned that dragons once existed on earth in physical reality, but that they have now moved on to the 5th dimension.

Others, like William Walker Atkinson, have explained the situation thus:

So far as place, or space, is concerned these entities or being dwell upon the earth, just as do the human beings. They vibrate differently from us, that is all. They are also usually of but a microscopic size, and would be invisible to the human eye even if they vibrated on the same plane as do we. The astral vision not only senses their vibrations, under certain conditions, but also, under certain other conditions, it magnifies their forms into perceptible size. Some of these astral entities are known as Nature Spirits, and inhabit streams, rocks, mountains, forests, etc. Their occasional appearance to persons of psychic temperament, or in whom a degree of astral vision has been awakened, has given rise to the numerous tales and legends in the folk-lore of all nations regarding a strange order of beings, to which various names have been given, as for instance: fairies, pixies, elves, brownies, peris, djinns, trolls, satyrs, fauns, kobolds, imps, goblins, little folk, tiny people, etc., etc., and similar names found in the mythologies and legends of all people. The old occultists called the earth entities of this class by the name of "gnomes;" the air entities as "sylphs;" the water beings as "undines;" and the fire, or ether, beings as "salamanders." This class of astral entities, as a rule, avoid the presence of man, and fly from places in which he dwells - for instance they avoid large cities as men avoid a cemetery. They prefer the solitudes of nature, and resent the onward march of men which drives them further and further into new regions. They do not object to the physical presence of man, so much as they do his mental vibrations which are plainly felt by them, and which are very distasteful to them. A certain class of them are what may be called "good fellows," and these, once in a while, seem to find pleasure in helping and aiding human beings to whom they have formed an attachment. Many such cases are related in the folk lore of the older countries, but modern life has driven these friendly helpers from the scene, in most places.

Quoted from The Astral World, by Swami Panchadasi

So what you all think? Answers, suggestions, speculation?


alt text

Above: Fresco recovered from Pompei, depicting a centaur as a wedding guest.

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@lozenge123 Good question. I have always been interested in mythological creatures since I was a young lad. I believe as the next 10 to 20 years unfold we will all better understand our true earth history and will even possibly have some one on one encounters with these things we have labeled myths and legends. It's all about a simple change of perspective.

(15 Oct '13, 15:39) Cory

People believed in mythical creatures,..they also believed a lightning was miracle, and that the Earth was flat...eventually all beliefs will fall apart, like they always's only matter of time.

(16 Oct '13, 03:21) CalonLan

lozenge/ calnonlan, since we see what we are capable of seeing, it may be within our purview to know archetypes and more fully understand life

(16 Oct '13, 06:06) fred

@Cory - Thanks, and agreed. It seems as though nowadays there is a headline almost every week about the discovery of some new evidence proving the existence of something previously thought to be legendary or mythological. The adage that "if it can't be proven or explained to me then it doesn't exist" appears increasingly foolish. Like you, I too look forward with excitement to what the coming decades will reveal.

(16 Oct '13, 13:19) lozenge123

i am not familiar with mystical creatures but there are masters who say that Jesus, or any other people who have left this physical world are still accessible in the astral world. and for enlightened people like st. francis jesus even came in person... its more like having the spiritual mastery then you can meet their physical self too.. through spiritual 3rd eye meditations etc you can develop that skill too

(17 Oct '13, 20:47) abrahamloa
(18 Oct '13, 04:22) ursixx

@abrahamloa - Thanks for the comments...may I ask for more info about the 3rd eye meditation that you mention?

(22 Oct '13, 13:32) lozenge123

@ursixx - Thanks so much for the link...fascinating...just goes to prove that this stuff is going on around us all the time!

(22 Oct '13, 13:33) lozenge123

@ursixx - Came across this recently and thought it was pertinent to the link you my early days I didn't give too much thought to the existence of the "Sasquatch", but the witness in this video seems very credible:

(24 Jan '14, 00:04) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Speaking of Bigfoot, from Bashar's perspective, we all may be a lot closer to what we perceive as "mythological creatures" than we think.

(24 Jan '14, 01:28) Cory
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This is an excellent question @lozenge & I like it a lot. You provided some really great & informative links. Thank you.

Where have all the legendary and mythological creatures/beings gone, or are they still with us?

I think they are still out there & with us. I think the reason there are fewer & fewer sightings is partly due to evolution ~ civilization ~ fast paced lifestyles ~ relying on technology, media, vehicles & all the concrete & asphalt everywhere.

There is Wisdom in the Woods & it Longs to Be Remembered

Many people in today's society are "nature challenged." We aren't attuned or connected to nature like our ancestors were. We've moved so far from nature, our primal instincts (survival) & senses have dulled. We don't need to rely on innate instincts like our ancestors did or as animals still do. We no longer look to nature to predict changes in seasons or to the sky to tell us what time of day it is. Somatic senses, tactile senses are no longer as sensitive. Our instincts aren't as sharp. We rely on technology now.

Can you see electricity? Radio Waves? The Internet? Micro - waves? X-Rays? Sonar?

Frequency is defined as the number of vibrations per second. We live in a world made up of vibrations. Simply put, the reason many of us are unable to "see" is because we are just not "tuned" to the right frequencies.

In physics, a wave is a disturbance or oscillation (vibration) that travels through space and matter, accompanied by a transfer of energy.

One way to change our frequencies & enable us to see these mythical magical creatures is to commune with nature again ...

alt text

... and to realize we/everything is connected.

alt text

.... and never forget, you Have to Believe in Magic & mythical creatures if you really want to *"see" or 'find' them.

alt text



It is said that 8Hz (7.8 is the fundamental "beat" of the planet. The heartbeat of the Earth is better known as Schumann resonance. Our world is a constant hum of vibrations & vibrations play a role in our state of consciousness. Perhaps listening to these vibrations will affect your consciousness in a way which will allow you to tune into the frequencies needed to connect with the spiritual realm.

"Schumann Resonance 7.83hz Isochronic Tones, With Underwater Sounds and Whales"

link text

or "Schumann's Resonance Binaural Beats Session ~ Pure"

link text

or "528 Hz - Earth/Body Natural Frequency!" (Everything is Vibration)"

link text


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love all this @ele yes the magic of nature is just as alive and kicking today as it ever has been ...

(24 Jan '14, 10:06) jaz
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Here in Pennsylvania there are legends of the Thunder Birds. These were huge birds that make Turkey buzzards look small!

My dad tells a story to this day of camping with his friends. They looked in the sky and saw way way up high a bird fly in front of the moon. They said it was huge! Bigger than any birds they ever saw, he believed it was a thunder bird.

I don't know, they were kids, maybe it was or maybe it was an owl. I wasn't there to tell.

According to this report at least for the Thunder Birds... It says they are still being sighted.


answered 16 Oct '13, 16:23

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Wade Casaldi

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The closest I've seen above here is a Great Blue Huron. I've never seen one before and one day there it was. It was bigger than any bird I've seen around here. It thought it looked like some prehistoric bird. I saw it walking and

(17 Oct '13, 22:01) Wade Casaldi

That should say and flying.

(17 Oct '13, 23:23) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Very interesting - I looked at part of this when you posted it yesterday .. Thank you.

(18 Oct '13, 04:04) ele

@ele- Thanks for the response, and info! Great stuff.

(22 Oct '13, 15:42) lozenge123

@lozenge123 You're Welcome. I didn't see this till now. Glad you bumped it - I fixed my links ...

(24 Jan '14, 02:11) ele

@ Wade Casaldi: I've seen the Great Blue Huron, too. Only my experience was with a huge body of water. LOL! Sorry, friend. I could not resist responding to your typo :o)

(20 Mar '14, 11:21) TGunn
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Who says they have gone anywhere.Just saw this and felt I should share it. I like to believe it...Love and Light...


answered 22 Oct '13, 14:24

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I don't know if this is a hoax or not but if this is real then I am amazed! The world still has many unexplored places and new animals never seen before keep being discovered. If this could be proven real it changes everything.

(22 Oct '13, 16:48) Wade Casaldi

I believe they are just through the Veil,look at the two Oar fish that washed ashore in California in the last two weeks.I believe We will all be witnessing many miracles or phenomenon in the not too distant future.Hell, I believe in fairies and elves too.

(22 Oct '13, 19:58) Roy

As far as elementals go, they are always round us. In regards to 'mythological creatures' they were/are a product of genetic engineering. Many of the ancient 'mythological creatures' in our rather dodgy 'history' were products of Atlantian genetic engineering. Such genetic engineering has always existed. Most recently Montauk and Dolce, amongst many others. Homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens have also been genetically engineered/upgraded. I often wonder if there is left in this universal construct, a pure strain of any genetic. And yet there are at least two: the Ancient Reptilians and the Lyraens (aka The Elohim).


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@ Wade Casaldi: Thank you for the link, brother. Having joined IQ only two months ago, I am discovering that most of my interests lie in non-recent IQ posts.

(20 Mar '14, 11:11) TGunn

@TGunn After reviewing all the previous answers to this question, i was prepared to express my understanding on the subject. After reading yours, however, I thought my answer would be redundant. I sometimes think we may have been classmates in some alternate reality :). Anyway, good answer! Makes me wonder if the film editors in this reality are cutting and splicing genes in another.

(15 Nov '14, 17:32) i4cim2b
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