If we do reincarnate, why wouldn't Jesus? I know this is practically sacrilegious, but why not think so? Perhaps He is waiting to reincarnate? Could that be the Second coming?

Blessings, Jai

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jesus has been reincarnated just as every soul has been reincarnated. When the body dies it becomes a carcass. The spirit or life force leaves the body and merges with the great spirit. The soul cleanses with goodness (god) and enters a new body when one becomes available. Like souls attract like souls. So family members are likely to be born again into family again. All beings have soul. So think again before you chain up your dog or put a bird in a cage or whip your horse. It may be the same soul as your grandmother. Jesus has lived many lives over the past 2000 years. He has been animals of all types. He has been female and male. Jesus is here. Quietly watching whats going on. Be ready for a shock!


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To Concerned Citizen:

You are typical of hardcore evangelicals, who can't see past the end of their noses. The quotes you refer to are from other books in the bible who do not carry HIS words, but rather the words of his followers, who were still trying to come to grips with what they had witnessed and/or believed in.

The Master tells you directly that reincarnation is a fact in the third book of john:

Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night and said, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him."

In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again."

"How can a man be born when he is old?" Nicodemus asked. "Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!"

Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.' The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

The only difference between Christ and us is that he CHOOSES to incarnate among us in order to advance our moral development, whereas we HAVE to reincarnate on earth and other worlds until we have perfected ourselves morally and intelectually to the point where we are pure spirits like him, and become exempt from the cycle, like he is. We would then be true sons and daughters of God, like he is.

If you want to know more about the true explanation of reality, read the Spirits Book by Allan Kardec, and anything by Francisco Candido Xavier. Then you will begin your true education.


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You should have posted a comment to Concerned Citizen, not an answer to this question, since you are not addressing the person who asked the question.

(21 Jul '10, 21:31) Vesuvius

I think many spiritual leaders have already come and gone that could have been recognized as a Jesus but they were not recognized.

Jesus did not write the bible and when he was here he was recognized as a great teacher and a man to most that had just 'heard' of him.

With far more people on the earth now the chance of such great leaders had to be increased but also a greater chance of going unnoticed..

I do not believe that the Bible is an actual historical account. But one of our greatest teachers recorded none the less.

Much love



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jim 10

Excellent question.

Maybe Revelations 3:12 gives us a possible answer..

Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

Go no more out... what intriguing words. It is my personal belief that Jesus was no different to us in the beginning, surely we are all sons and daughters of God. I believe all glory and honour and praise are due to Jesus because He was the very first One who overcame all possible earthly trials, hence the title, Lord of All.

Jesus showed us the way to overcoming all obstacles and actively encouraged us to follow in His footsteps. That challenge for us is so much greater if we acknowledge he was no more powerful that us at the very beginning of his succession of incarnations, we can no longer use the excuse 'well He was God, of course He could do things we can't' - that excuse dissolves completely.

One of my favourite people is/was Edgar Cayce (died 1945). Here is a link to what his source said were the incarnations of Jesus.

Didn't Jesus ask his apostles "Who do they say that I am?"

Having overcome all it seems He may have earned to right to 'go out no more' - but I am betting He does - out of Love for His fellow man.


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Inactive User ♦♦

I can't see the link you are referring to, Lorraine

(10 Feb '10, 07:32) Stingray

To be honest GOD is the highest spiritually, and Jesus is 1 of his chosen sons. There has been many 2 sacrifice life it's life. There Is only 1 GOD 1 JESUS 1 LUCIFER 1 HITLER 1 YOU 1 ME. One day the world will be peaceful good and evil will be equal. GOD is the creator, JESUS is the savior, an LUCIFER was the sinner. The choice is yours GODS will never closes he will continue to create. The man who follows LUCIFER'S ways is thee devil which means DEADEVIL. JESUS will continue to heal my brothers and sisters. GOD will continue to bless and discipline. HE is our father and thee earth is our Mother she feeds us, clean us, gives us oxygen an also discipline. Thanks mom life is amazing..... Just have faith in yourself and Trust in GOD.


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If the question refers to the Biblical Jesus Christ, you can rest assured that He is NOT "reincarnated". The word "reincarnation" and all its forms NEVER appear in the Bible.

Let us observe some Biblical FACTS:

(1) Jesus Christ was a JEW.

(2) Jesus Christ was/is the JEWISH MESSIAH.

(3) Jesus Christ FIRST came for the lost house of ISRAEL.

(4) Jesus Christ came to fulfill JEWISH Old Testament prophecy.

(5) Jesus Christ came to fulfill the JEWISH Law for righteousness.

(6) Jesus Christ died, was buried, and RESURRECTED (not reincarnated!)

The resurrection of Jesus Christ gave Him a GLORIFIED body which is immortal and incorruptible. This is the same glorified body which is promised to all BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS at the time of their resurrection [I Thessalonians 4:13-18][I Corinthians 15:50-58][Romans 6:5]. The giving of this glorified body is a one-time action by GOD. GOD gives all BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS a glorified body because they chose to have their SINS washed away by the perfect blood-sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Today, Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of GOD [Ephesians 1:20][Hebrews 1:3][I Peter 3:22][Romans 8:34]. In the near future, at the end of the "Seven Year Tribulation", Jesus Christ returns for the kingdom of heaven in His GLORIFIED body accompanied by His saints [Revelation 19:11-21]. Jesus Christ ushers in the Millenial Reign and Satan is bound for the duration. At the end, Satan is released for a little season and mounts one final military attempt to usurp control. But, he is cast into the Lake of Fire with the Beast (Anti-Christ) and False Prophet [Revelation 20:1-10]. Next, Jesus Christ descends on the Great White Throne, and the heaven and earth that we know are consumed. The Great White Throne Judgment is carried out, and it ends with Death and Hell being cast into the Lake of Fire [Revelation 20:11-15]. After the Great White Throne Judgment, a new heaven, a new earth, and New Jerusalem are established for Eternity [Revelation Chapters 21,22].

As we can see, throughout GOD's prophetic time-line, there is never any mention of Jesus Christ being "reincarnated". The only "body" which is mentioned in relation to Jesus Christ is a GLORIFIED body obtained through a one-time RESURRECTION which He still possesses today as He sits on the right hand of GOD as The Mediator [I Timothy 2:5].

Asklepios is correct in his description of the "karma and samsara". These are two key religious concepts at the foundation of the HINDU belief system. Now, I humbly ask you: Was Jesus Christ a Hindu? Why would the JEWISH MESSIAH, who came for the lost house of ISRAEL and associated Himself with the fulfillment of JEWISH Old Testament prophesies and future New Testament prophesies, desire to be "reincarnated"? The Hindu belief system has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. You can verify this for yourself by reviewing the Hindu scriptures: the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita.

Please note that my comments are not a personal attack on Hinduism. If you are a Hindu, that is your personal choice for which only you are responsible. I am simply demonstrating the fact that different "sacred writings" contain different "spiritual declarations". Therefore, all belief systems are DISTINCT because they stem from different foundations. Thus, associating Jesus Christ with the concept of "reincarnation" would be doctrinally incorrect.

Thanks for reading.

Concerned Citizen


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Concerned Citizen

With this answer, I found Christianity again the most narrow-minded religion on earth.

(30 Mar '13, 10:39) Romel

Concerned Citizien,

The difference between Hindu scriptures and Jesus' words is the fact that Christ was teaching in figures of speech. He says that himself in the Gospel of John. And yet his followers interpreted many of his words directly which lead to misunderstandings, the main example being the adoration of his blood and flesh, which was originally a metaphor of spiritual life.

Secondly, I do not speak on behalf of any religon. I speak on the behalf of truth as most objective as I can. From your words it seems that every religion has its own different worlds with different laws, for example if you are Christian you will go to heaven, if you are Hindu you will reincarnate. If two religions are contradicting each other, then it is reasonable to think that one of them is wrong. Or to look deeper and realize that both opponential beliefs are actually true. Heaven is another metaphor not to be be understood directly. Every religion expresses the same laws.

You base on the interpretation of Bible and the tradition of Christianity which was not created by Jesus himself but by many imperfect people over years. There is an indulgence and then it is decided that there won't. But what would Jesus say if you told him about indulgence? Talking about Jesus with the Church and tradition over your head pushes the truth far, far away.

The fact is that I was angry writing this post, and so were you writing an answer to my previous reply. We are defending our own points of view we believe to be true. But truth is not subjective and none of us can really grab a hold of it. I hate referring to my authority book because I know I might sound very subjective. Even if I believe and I know I am telling the truth, this is still a subjective truth. That is why I try to prove my believs by reasonably proving they are right (not in a strict radical way, but with the element of faith).

Try it sometimes, answer with what you believe in but make no one notice you were reffering to the Holy Bible.


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I think the reincarnation angle strictly speaking isnt a biblical teaching.It just isnt in the bible blatently enough to be accepted.

However,why would Jesus want to be re incarnated as He has been on this planet since his earthly ministry. He told His deciples He wouldnt leave or forsake them,He told them He was going to the Father,He told them His Fathers kingdom was situated WITHIN them,He told them not to look here ot there for it. He told His disciples that He was going back to the Father.He then prayed that they may be one even as He was one with God.

So going by biblical doctrine,or rather the way i percieve it,where is Jesus?

In us.

So why re incarnate in another physical body when Hes one with God and Gods one with us.

Now i know many branches of religion say that Hes one with only various groups who have done various things to invite Him in /Believe etc.

Ok so even accepting this version ( which personally i dont,but i understand and repect those who do ) He still is inside and part of a good many people already.Maybe even by this rationale millions.

Cant see that assuming another body would make any difference,as He already has access to so many.

But, not being a party to everything Gods doing i cant guarantee this. But im entitled to my two pennoth worth arnt I ? Graham


answered 09 Sep '10, 11:48

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Monty Riviera

other scrolls/writings which spoke about reincarnation were forbidden by Constantine who himself chose which writings were to be included in the bible and which were not. the type of 'reincarnation' of Jesus is of a higher level where it takes place with the same body and not through re-birth. that is only experienced by highly advanced beings whose sole mission is contribution to humanity. Human traits such as ego, selfishness, meanness etc are completely absent from such people.

(22 Mar '20, 18:52) nejl1973

Think about beliefs nowdays, there are things that are just taken for granted and accepted. For instance the earth is round. where at one time it was assumed it was flat and conversations would not even consider a round earth. Same with reincarnation. back in the time of Christ, reincarnation was just an assumed concept, therefore to mention it in the bible isn't neccesary. Reincarnation was an assumed belief, not neccesary to mention it, but there are indications in scripture that it was believed.

Christ, being an ascended master, it is not neccesary for him to renicarnate. Just as all of us will eventually ascend.


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emelene wins the prize watching, waiting, learning, reading, remembering, empowering like a thief but easy to be a thief when you are invisible by nature even the clouds cover the earth and come down as mist


answered 28 Nov '10, 14:50

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I think this could be a possibility that it could happen, and may have already happened as I showed the story of Simeon Toku in another post.


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Wade Casaldi

NO, in my opinion for Jesus said he was coming back up in a cloud from the East. spiritual wise I think he has roamed around looking at us humans through the ages wondering are we going to ever get it right after he sacrificed his life for all of us. It was told in Revelation I believe that from the time of 12 to 33 years of age of Jesus if the things that he has done if it was written in books would fill the world up with books now that a lot of doing and a lot of books.

He will be back like that when the trumphets are blown and the angels let loose all of what they have been holding back.

When I find this I will add the verse of the bible so you can look at it later on.

When he came before it was to show us how to have life more abundantly. But this time it will be different it will be to separte the tarf from the wheat. Those that are his flock will go to him and be in the new heaven here on this earth after satan has been chained for a 1000 years.


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This 1000 years is something interesting. In my opinion it implies that everything is cyclical. There will be good times as well as bad times

(09 Feb '10, 19:32) Asklepios

I don't have a full understanding of this 1000 years but when Jesus comes back satan will be chained up and I am understanding Jesus will teach the people how to act or be and than after the 1000 years satan will be let loose for a while. If you want the verse again I will have to find it. There are things that we humans do that is all under our free will of choice but their or certain events that will happen that are not under our control they are set in motion from the begining of time. But what we do is our choice so powerful our free will is. Asklepios

(11 Feb '10, 07:28) flowingwater

We are bound to the "wheel" of Samsara with a "glue" named Karma. When one achieves godliness, he is free from this "glue" and can leave this "wheel". He is beyond the world. He lives in it but is not of it, just like the Lotus flower has its petals over the swamp.

This was some Hindu/Yoga theory in a pill. When one achieves a God-state, he is free from the world and does not have to incarnate, but he can do it to help people with their evolution. However, he does not lose his memories and is always aware how being united with God feels like. He can also leave the body at will when his mission is completed.

And that is what, I believe, makes Jesus and other spiritual masters different from regular humans.


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I don't think that enlightened souls reincarnate since they came from the Source as teachers and they merge back into the Source. However interestingly in Islam there is a belief that Jesus will return to the earth before the Day of Judgement as he never died in the first place, his Spirit was lifted into the Heavens at the cross and since he had come down on earth in a mortal form and all mortals must die he will return and when his mortal form dies that will be one of the heralds of the Day of Judgement.


answered 29 Jun '10, 10:37

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

My point of view is that the religions revealed from God the Almighty to humen beings through His messengers (like: Christianity,Islam and Judaism) dont support this reincatnation belief or theory.These religions simply say that this wolrd has been created by God and we are here to live life according to His Will.we are responsible for our deed .then he will reward us in life hereafter.in the life hereafter where we have to live forever.and no concept of reincarnation has been given to humen beings.

the idea of reincarnation penetrated in christians from Hindu mythology.


answered 14 Jul '10, 04:18

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Not quite Gnostics that were the first Christians before the Catholics took it over did believe in reincarnation.

(14 Jul '10, 04:58) Wade Casaldi

WADE CASALDI: Gnostics were NOT the first Christians. They were NOT even Christians. The Gnostics were a sect of philosophers that arose in the first ages of Christianity who pretended they were the only men who had a true knowledge of Christianity. They formed for themselves a system of theology based on the philosophy of Pythagoras and Plato to which they accommodated all their interpretations of scripture. They held that all "natures" are derived by successive emanations from the infinite fountain of deity. These doctrines were derived from oriental philosophies and are NOT Biblical.

(20 Jul '10, 18:37) Concerned Citizen

How can any of us prove that we are reincarnated, and what are the facts to support this? Jesus was the son of God send by God to deliver the New Covenant, and to prepare us for the Kingdom of God. He died, that we may have life, and life abundantly. He rose from the dead on the third day to return to his Father, and sat on the right hand of his Father to be ascended into heaven.

The scriptures teach: he will come again, in silence, when we least expects him; so we must be prepared at all times to receive him when he come! Jesus spirit is with us all the time, for we cannot help remembering that he is our Lord and Savoir, and our Key to the Kingdom of God.

The story of Jesus will long out live us, for he was the Christ Child, born of the Virgin Mary! We continually acknowledge his birth at Christmas Time, and his death on the Cross at Easter Time. Our life is a constant reminder of the son of God Jesus, and his life, and death on the Cross for our Salvation. So he not one of us in the spirit, he is all of us in the spirit.

Jesus walked this earth 2,000 years ago, and when the scriptures are all fulfilled he will come again in all his glory and might, and all souls shall rise up from the dead, and we will see the Father and the Son as one. So until then, we are the Sheep in the wilderness waiting on our Master to come to us.


answered 21 Oct '10, 02:31

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Inactive User ♦♦

To answer the second part of your question: it would be very hard for Jesus to become a prominent teacher today. His message would be completely lost amongst thousands of spiritual sects and millions of spiritual books. I could very well be him, but would you believe? ;) Isn't it sad?


answered 30 Nov '10, 21:04

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yes :( it is...

(30 Nov '10, 21:46) jim 10

this is false. at the time of Jesus, it was a way of life to become a preacher and roam the land and gather disciples. Jesus' teachings struck the people in a way that no other preachers did.

(22 Mar '20, 18:40) nejl1973

I know I will get a lot of hate from religious people but Jesus was no more the son of God then you and I are. He was simply a prophet with little to no abilities which has been exaggerated to promote a new ideology within the Jewish religious foundation to give Jews a choice no different then the variances we see in Christianity today and other religions.

My soul has lived many lives and has taken many forms throughout it's existence whether it be on this Planet or other Planetary systems within our vast Universe/Multiverse. In his time period of approx. 2000 years ago he was simply a cult leader no different then the cult leaders of today who try and start a new ideology until the mass accepts it like for example Scientology and other so called religions and only then does it becomes a way of life. Unfortunately that didn't happen until he was long dead and some of his followers decided to follow up on his teachings to create a variance within the Christianity belief foundation since it was unaccepted and blasphemy within the Jewish religious foundation. Most of what was written in the bible is pure fiction and fables with a hint of truth and nothing more. A lot of stories were borrowed from other religions and cultural myths and exaggerated and glorified to again promote a new ideology.

If he did come back to Earth in today's time there would be nothing special about him/her depending on what gender he decided to incarnate into. As far as God goes I don't even know for sure if he exists or if he is actually a male. I have communicated with many Higher dimensional Beings of Light and not one Enlightened Being in the higher realms I communicated with knows of the existence of a singular God. Who's to say that God is a male why not a female as it would make more sense in the light of creation. For example ... what was created first ... the chicken or the egg? How can a male give birth? It is biologically impossible in human form. So who's to say what is truth or non-truth in the whole bible thingy.

Prior to this civilization as we know it, the world was controlled by a Matriarch system where a woman's worth was measured by how many male slaves she had (well in some cultures) and in others she was simply the leader of her tribe or culture. All leaders were females in the prior civilization dating back approx. 11,500 years ago before our Planet was bombarded by meteor strikes. The surviving Male population decided to eradicate its female leaders in the known world of that time period hence the creation of the Patriarch system as we know it today. The catholic church has proof of this hidden in the Vatican archives. There is a reason why the Popes of days pass feared the education of the female population. They knew if a female were to be educated they would eventually control the world as they did before and the Patriarch system worldwide of that time period could not allow history to repeat itself.

If you ask me ... Jesus' Mom, Mary ... was the real Messiah as she is the one who taught Jesus everything he knew in his short life of approx. 32 years being the youngest of 3 sons who were all born normally just like you and I were. But since a female had no voice in those days Jesus spoke on her behalf otherwise she would have been stoned to death or worst yet. We all have certain abilities and sure enough females seem to be more gifted than their male counterparts as it was and as it always will be. So to answer your question .... would it really matter is Jesus was incarnated into a new body in this lifetime and if he did wouldn't he finally reveal the real truth to it all, that is of course if he could remember his past lives since we are all born with a memory virus so to speak to prevent us all from remembering who we once were unless we tried past life regressions or soul memory recall and even then we only remember bits and pieces of our past lives and in my case mostly how we died in those past life memories with a little hint of who we once were.

To me, and this is just my opinion, I believe that Mary was the real Messiah and not her youngest son Jesus.


answered 22 Mar '20, 16:47

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****This will be impossible to believe only because in today's time people have a hard time believe Jesus Christ has reincarnated. Recently I have been feeling the effects of the crucifixion events. I have no memory. I won't say I know what it's like to be crucified only because that is more intense. But the effects I feel are mild for the moment. Maybe later on the effects will increase to the point I will feel extreme pain and complain. I won't be complaining because I want it to stop. I'd be complaining because I'm memorizing when it happened. I have gone as far claiming characters having to saving the world and coming to looking like Jesus and making a total change. From there it's all in your opinions. What I'm saying is. I'm an reincarnation of Jesus Christ himself.


answered 22 Mar '20, 06:17

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The bible says that Jesus rose from the dead in his own body. His wounds were fresh and he had to wait before he went to heaven. This is different from reincarnation because it entails a new body, a new birth, a new identity etc. This is what the faith of the whole Catholic Church rests on.

As far as whether I believe that this happened or not, I would say that I do. I also believe he did the miracles reported. Yes it was an extraordinary event which happened 2000+ years ago.

If he were to come here again he would be treated in the same manner. Some would have incredible faith in him while others would mock him. That's because of the various degrees of consciousness that humanity possesses. Only when humanity as a mass entity reaches a certain uniform level of advanced consciousness would Christ be viewed as the person that he was.


answered 22 Mar '20, 18:47

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