Will appreciate if someone can put my question (title) in better way - and I am thankful for all of you for viewing my question and dropping your precious opinion about my own story!

My Grandfather (paternal) died in his middle age - and we just don't know the reason as we are from remote part of country where we lack all these medical facilities that is practised these days. May be one of my aunt was so shocked (obviously all of them, but she might be even more) because of his death - and sometime later she dreamt that there was a sacred person (oh, and there we make image of appearances of sacred person - and so I called it saint!) in her dream telling her that there comes your Dad as his grandson someday later as she told him the reason for she was crying. And all my family believes that it is me - and as I had also some mark in my back as well (that my aunt had sensed in her dream as well)

Sister of my Grandfather call me elder brother (though I am her grandchild as well) when I meet her still now (she is in her late 60s, and I am about to be 26)!! My Mom tell me that all people around my place used to recognize her as daughter-in-law of my grandparent when she used to be with me around (as I so look like my late Grandfather)!!

Now I have so many questions - and I think I am quite different to other family members in my entire family (under my grandparents) when it comes to asking question and searching answer of such questions as well! As I have read in 'Conversation with God' that I have nothing to learn, but to remember who I am; does this story help me to remember who I am? Is this reincarnation? Or what is this called (as it is more about the appearance that I am alike my Grandfather)? Is it obvious to feel more responsibility in relation to family and community just because I am supposed to be like my Grandfather? Do I have some spiritual advantage (because I am only the one who asks so many question related to spirituality - and the one who is quite deviated from my own culture and values of my community) because of this? Am I going to die earlier like he did? (or am I just continuation of his life soon going to die!!)

Sincere gratitude once again :)

asked 27 Jul '12, 10:48

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you no doubt have been here before
reincarnating with same family members
in different genders and relations.

follow through on your hunches
overturning one stone after another
over to see what you discover


answered 27 Jul '12, 17:37

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@fred: Thank you for your opinion. People like you have been helping me a lot here :)

(28 Jul '12, 16:20) ZDCobran

I cannot give a detailed response, but from what I've gathered,

  • Yes, you made an agreement with ??? that you would come to Earth and purposley be brainwashed to forget everything you knew.
  • Yes, we do create our our reality, and are fully responsible for everything we attract into our lives.
  • With that said, the paradox is even unwanted circumstances, perhaps such as birth details (family origins, country you are born in...) may appear to be not of your choice in reality creation, but you actually selected those fine details whilst in non-physical form. In other words, when your memory was restored you decided how fun it would be to be placed in certain situations. So when you get a particular detail you consciously didn't enjoy, remember your Higher Mind may have been the chooser of that scene (may have, because, perhaps you could have created it consciously but are still in denial but are oblivious to your deniability)
  • And yes, we did have a particular purpose, yet I wouldn't call it a purpose. I would simply call it a choice. You chose which set of circumstances to unviel into, and even at what rate you would remember things at I suppose. This is hence the reason why some are born into 3rd world countries and others have all the physical wealth they can imagine, or while some are exposed to reality creation ideas very early on, and others who have to struggle for decades to learn that you even can create reality.
  • However, even if you do not decide to follow this little 'plan' or purpose you set up for yourself in non-physical, it is always in your hands about what you want to do in life. There is no glorious or shameful direction to take in life, so don't get upset if you don't feel your living your life's purpose. Even Bashar and Daryl Ankin (?spelling?) spoke the Daryl was pre-paved to be a channeler of Bashar, and that, I guess, was his purpose. Bashar, though, spoke the intelligence that he didn't have to channel, and to only channel if that was what he really desired. He could've gone off to be an astronaut and everything would've been ok.

But really, the most fun part of the movie Spiderman, for the audience and even Peter Parker, was in the discovery of his powers. Isn't the experience more delightful in discovering what powers you have? This discovering is just called re-membering. Because, as CWG states, you really are just "re-member (ing) to non physical acknowledgment."


answered 27 Jul '12, 19:10

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@Nikulas: Most appreciated :) Thank you. You made me reminded of my friend who used to say 'CWG' to make the book anonymous so that people would not care about what we are talking! About re-member (ing) - is there a way to follow? Like I am planning to carry on Vipassana meditation - is there some sort of procedure? These things are still wonderful to me - how we can connect to and realize our higher-self!!! @Grace: Same question goes to you as well :)

Be blessed...

(28 Jul '12, 16:19) ZDCobran

nikulas, not sure that it was an agreement to be brainwashed, but the transition of spirit seeding into matter. it looses some of its potency and potential as it accepts or desires the seeding into a human physical form. now starting all over to learn consciousness with all the input from the perceptions of this new human form

(29 Jul '12, 21:08) fred

Your questions are reminding me of one of my favorite novels - The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan. I can't really explain why, as it will be a spoiler for you if you haven't read it. It is (to me) a very encouraging and beautiful story of family, spirit and reincarnation. It's very other-wordly and I highly recommend it. :) You may even find some answers there.

As to your own life, I am nowhere near qualified to offer guidance on this subect, but I did want to say that, whatever your truth turns out to be, those answers are already there, inside you. You can ask for help finding them from your higher self, or Source. Just relax and be open to what comes if you do. It's all good, it's all You, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

In any case, it is all just a framework for you to weave your own life's tapestry upon. A launching pad. This life is yours. You can be and do whatever you like. Of that I am sure. :)


answered 28 Jul '12, 14:36

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Thank you very very much @Grace for your valuable contribution and novel recommendation :)

(28 Jul '12, 16:15) ZDCobran

ZDCobran - I was asking about how to reach out for my own spiriual guidance in this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52495/i-am-never-alone-so-who-is-it-who-walks-beside-me

I got some wonderful answers that helped a lot. Good luck! :)

(28 Jul '12, 16:32) Grace

@Grace: Thank you very much :) Your effort is so much appreciated :)

(29 Jul '12, 14:44) ZDCobran
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Your question also reminds me of a favorite book "Same Soul, Many Bodies" by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. here is an excerpt from the book from his website.
alt text
Think of your soul as the string on a never ending band and this life you live now as just one more bead on this string.


answered 28 Jul '12, 17:27

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@ursixx: Thank you for the link to book excerpt :)

(29 Jul '12, 14:44) ZDCobran
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