I have heard this for a long time. So who is the dealer?

You, life, your environment, the family you were born into? Did you decide before you came here to have this type of life? Did you decide after you got it? What about other humans walking around you before you ever realize that you got a brain or toes and fingers are they deciding for even the ones that you do not know and who are a thousands of miles away from you signing papers, bills, laws, doing good or bad things?

And is it affecting you just a little one laying in a crib not even knowing yet or realizing that you are here and to play the hand you are dealt.

What are your thoughts on that?

Can the cards ever be changed? And how do you change them?

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You and only you deal the cards. Or to put it another way, you chart your own life prior to living it, We do this because there is a lesson that we need to learn in this Incarnation.

We come into this life knowing as newborns that we have a connection with God or Source that can never be broken. As newborns we know more about who and what we Truly are and over time this Knowing diminishes.

And that brings us back to where we our now searching for answers to questions that we have only forgotten.

We take this "Life" on for one reason, to further progress our divine spirit and the expansion of All That Is.

Love and Light.


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Well, Roy I need to have a serious talk with my self so I will go easily on me next time:)lol Roy.

(12 Feb '10, 11:36) flowingwater

I find it hard to swallow at times that "we choose" to put ourselves through the turmoil that we experience in this life. The Love of God is Truly powerful :)

(12 Feb '10, 11:46) Roy

I agree with Roy, but sure, you can change your hand! It will take mental work on your part, but people do it all the time.


answered 11 Feb '10, 13:46

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LeeAnn 1

Well, LeeAnn it takes a lot of mental focus but Stingray has given us some guidelines to go by of what he has done to improve his life of better prosperity and happiness. I am so glad that I believe in love and trust God and Jesus Christ. Have a great day LeeAnn.

(12 Feb '10, 11:38) flowingwater

Some say we pick our lives before we are born. I do not know- it sounds kind of wrong in a way, but I cannot judge that belief.

You do the best you can with what you have. It's that simple. A prayer-filled, faithful life helps a lot!!! But not everyone gets the chance or the exposure they need to spirituality. Again, you just do the very best you can in each moment, and the rest takes care of itself!

I told this story in another question.I heard this story a long time ago; I cannot take credit for it, but do not know who said it.

There were two women who were neighbors. The first woman was sweet and good-natured- she let the kids play on her lawn, and made cookies and such. The neighbor next door was a foul-tempered old biddy, and screamed at the kids if they dared step on her lawn, and never had a nice word to say. One day, someone was praying about the two women, and asked God why two women could be so different.

God said, "The nice woman I gave the sweetest nature I ever gave a human being- she is supposed to be a saint, but does not heed My call to her heart too much. The other woman I gave the nature of an ax-murderer. She prays daily to be kinder and tries very hard to not give in to her desires."

So it goes with judgment. One never knows what "equipment" God gives to any one person, and we cannot truly see into their hearts and know what they struggle with on a daily basis inside themselves.

So, we do the best we can with what "we were dealt."

Blessings, Jai


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