Are you so tuned into your own personal powers that you can scan your environment and tell when danger is around and maybe who or what it is?

I know we all have the abilities to feel danger when it is close. As the old saying is your hair begin to stand up on your body and head. I have felt that and didn't stick around to find out why I just got out of there.

Just like you can feel when someone is watching you really close your body will pick upon that. But I am talking about those that can sense the danger before their hair begins to stand up on their body and neck and all of that.

Can we train ourselves to become better at it?

asked 11 Feb '10, 09:23

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You already have an innate sense of impending trouble built-in. You just have to listen to your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

The world is a safe place, for the most part. If you trust in your self to intuitively know if danger is lurking, you can spend the rest of your time feeling confident that you are safe.

Being overly preoccupied with your safety will not make you safer. But having a healthy respect for dangerous things can be very useful. Highly spiritually-evolved construction workers may feel confident about their life, but they still put on a hard hat when they go to work.


answered 12 Feb '10, 02:45

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You are so right. You made me smile Vesuvius thanks and they put a rope or something around them when they walk out on that very high beam.

(12 Feb '10, 05:06) flowingwater

I agree with Vesuvius's explanation, connecting the ability you are looking for with the word "intuition". Here's my suggestion, and it comes from personal experience.

You can develop this ability by not "doing" something, But by "not doing" something.

The something I am referring to is thinking.

Train your self to listen and not think as much as possible. You may, initially, think it is the same thing because it feels the same, but it isn't.

Start observing the movement of your own consciousness as a third person watching your self from within. You will find that there is a continuous chatter chatter that is not initiated by you. I mean, each thought that you think is not initiated by you. The thought just occurs or "shows up". Then you will find that your logical "surface" consciousness takes the ball and runs with it, trying to find a meaningful fit between the thought that just occurred and some memory or event in your life. Then once you find the "fit" you will build up or extrapolate the "vision" to new directions depending on if it is a fear or excitement.

It is only at the point the "fit" is found that we identify the experience as "thinking something". So when you train your self to constantly drop the habit of "thinking" or the knee jerk reaction of your logical mind to "run with the ball", you will find that you can taste the intuition that gives birth to each thought that you think.

By not thinking, (which is very hard to maintain continuously) you catch your natural intuition which is always present as a flash before every thought that occurs to you.

Doing this from time to time (just a little bit every day is all that is required); you open your self to be more intuitive. The funny thing is, this is what you already are, but you cloud you intuition by allowing your logical mind to make sense of it.

When this intuitive side becomes more obvious you will notice other's intent towards you right away, especially if their intent is somehow harmful to you.

Personally, I find that I can't command this ability. I can't read someone's intent with my will. But every time someone approaches with an intent that is not good for me I immediately pick it up. I'm not choosing to pick it up. It just awakens naturally.

So try not thinking & see if it helps.


answered 12 Feb '10, 15:26

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The Traveller

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I didn't get time to fix my mistakes, please feel free to fix any spelling errors.

(12 Feb '10, 15:27) The Traveller

Thanks The Traveller I will try and see can I not think for a moment in time and train my self I think that is part of the master key system. I didn't notice any mis-spelled words but I mis-spell words more than average because I am thinking faster than I am typing and I am notice sometimes we have spell check on this site and sometimes we don't I don't know why? I think they started spell ck because of me:)lol I usually have a microsoft office dictionary to go by or a hand held dictionary but sometimes they are not available or I have lost them and than it shows. Thanks for your answer.

(13 Feb '10, 05:09) flowingwater

Yes, you can train yourself to sense danger...if you want more dangerous things in your life.

You get more in life of what you focus on.

So if you want more danger, hold the intent of looking for danger (and dangerous things) in everything you do and soon you will start receiving vibrational matches to danger.

If you want more joy and abundance, hold the intent of looking for joy and abundance in everything you do and soon you will start receiving vibrational matches to joy and abundance.

Personally, I would prefer to have a life filled with joy and abundance rather than danger.

Unless you are some kind of daredevil than enjoys dangerous things, focusing on joy will automatically exclude danger from your life.


answered 11 Feb '10, 14:04

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Well, I was kind of speaking from the stand point of protection of feeling so you could avoid it from ever coming too you. Well, I see where you are coming from Stingray. I am trying to stay focus on joy and happiness. I guess I am like a child my attention span get side tract with reality. But I am learning. But I always hold on to my God and Jesus hand. I just sometimes have a hard time holding on to joy and happiness. It is really something I have to train my mind to focus on and not get side track all of the time. – flowingwater 13 hours ago

(12 Feb '10, 05:07) flowingwater

Thanks Stingray fro trying and keep me focus on the joy and abundance I appreciate it I do get side track sometimes more than I should.

(12 Feb '10, 05:09) flowingwater
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