Is there a spiritual or metaphysical way of healing Mother Earth?

Her soil is depleted, her waters are unclean, the air is getting contaminated, she is full of waves and energies that are not healthy for her.

We must take good care of mother earth for ourselves and future generations to come.

And for the sheer sake of taking care of somewhere that we get all of our water, food, and air from - because we are made of dirt which God created us out of, and breathed the breath of air into the nostrils of man and he became a living soul.

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Yes the earth needs care, love, and healing. The earth is our home, land, and food. God created the earth for us to live in and to be healthy, and happy. It is our responsibility to take of the earth by doing our jobs to keep it safe, clean, and healthy for our own sake.

Mothers takes care of their young babies in a kind, and loving manner to protect them from harm, and sickness. We need to do the same to promote healing and care for our planet earth,and the human race. Therefore, we should all follow the rules of health and safety, by making a point of caring for our enviornment, by practicing these rules in our every day lives, to promote the on going healing for our planet earth example: going green is a good place to start some of the healing for our planet earth.

Mother earth require us to take good care of her all of the time, and to treat her with love, and rest, so that she would be able to service us for a very long time. With Love, comes care, and with proper care, comes perfect healing on earth. If we each do our parts, and work together towards the same goals in keeping our enviornment safe, and clean, then as a team we produice the healing that is needed for our planet earth to continue to service us well.

All healing comes from God our father, but he expects us to do our part to keep our planet earth safe, clean, and healthy. It is our job to ensure we are doing our part, and the work needed to heal mother earth is done by us humans. God created the earth first, and then he created man from the earth, therefore, man is the earth, and the earth is man, and both earth, and man needs healing, so man must take care of the earth, and the earth will in turn take care of man. "God will heal both earth, and man, so be it!


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Mother earth can take care of itself. and that's what we should think about, carefully. because once it started to act to protect itself from us .. it will never stop until we are no longer a threat to anything or anyone. and in my opinion, that's already started. so please, don't feel sorry for the planet .. feel sorry for us instead. we think we are the masters of the universe, a stupid mindless unconscious universe that only exists in our imagination. poor little humans !


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First step in healing our planet is to heal ourselves. By becoming more and more positive, noble-minded and selfless we therefore raise vibrations of our planet. There are big scientific and expensive inventions that can help on a physical scale, but everyone can work on a spiritual level, regardless of his adversity! Thought is energy, consciousness is energy. Let's make our planet ready for the 2012 transformation!


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Earth does not need fixing. It is totally capable of replenishing itself. The reason we see so many things wrong with planet earth and think it is going to run out of resources comes from a point of view of 'Lack' of things. We have become too accustomed to this 'Lack' mindset that we now believe it and therefore, we see all the manifestations around us to match that belief that the earth needs healing.

The universe and earth is abundant and has an infinite supply of resources. We should start to have a mindset of 'Abundance' and start to understand that the earth is totally capable of fixing itself.

I have to say that the media plays a big role in making us believe that the earth is getting destroyed. Maybe we should all stop watching the news...


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Yea, true what you say but I was just talking about the 10,000 year old Rain Forrest trees and all the trees we are cutting down that have been here for an very long time they clean and purify the air and who know what all else they do, the dirty water full of chemicals and so on. I remember reading about an Unicorn that had magical powers that if it touch the waters would clean it of all poisons and make it pure again. Wouldn't it be nice if that fairy tale was an true one and they would want to help repair restore mother earth back on an metaphysical level. Thanks for answering Rani Oberoi

(22 Nov '09, 19:23) flowingwater

God said if we ask he would heal the Earth. You are right about the Media playing the lack and fear beat of the drum all of the time and have so many scared to death and speaking negativy things over and over again. I like what you said about we need to have the mind set of Abundance Rani Oberoi

(22 Nov '09, 19:26) flowingwater

Our best hope for saving the planet is new technologies.

When I was growing up, cars emitted poisons such as Nox and Hydrocarbons. They still do, but in amounts that are a tiny fraction of what they were in those days. That's because we created technologies such as catalytic converters that scrub those toxins out of the exhaust.

Today the worry is carbon dioxide, which is not a pollutant; it is a gas that we exhale each time we breathe. Cars produce this gas in prodigious amounts, and it is said that this is causing global warming. Unfortunately the science behind global warming is so politicized that it's hard to know what to believe.

If we really want to reduce carbon dioxide, we can do it by building electric cars, and generating electricity with sources that do not emit carbon dioxide, such as nuclear power, wind farms or solar farms. In the middle of the Mojave desert, they are building new solar farms with a capacity of 553 megawatts.

Tesla motors has an electric sports car that will go from zero to sixty in just over 4 seconds, and has a gas mileage equivalent of about 135 miles per gallon. The engine in these cars is actually a high-efficiency motor with one moving part. It converts 92% of the electricity it is given to actual work, produces 300 horsepower, and does not require a transmission like a gasoline engine does. It doesn't need a radiator, and you don't have to change the oil.

The problem with such electric cars is not consumer interest, it is cost. The Tesla costs about $100,000 to purchase, and the iithium-ion batteries (much like laptop batteries) that power it are very heavy, last about seven years, and cost about $36,000 to replace. Hopefully we will solve the battery problem over time, and the cost of these cars will come down.

What does all this have to do with metaphysics? Metaphysics is the province of the mind, and we need talented people to use their minds to come up with creative ideas to develop the technologies we need to live in an earth-friendly way. And we need parents who will help their children develop their minds to their full potential. And we need children with bright minds growing up interested in the sciences, math and technology, to help us develop these ideas to their full potential.

And we need like-minded individuals with vision who can work together in a spirit of cooperation to achieve these goals.


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In an fiction movie I watch and there was someone who had the power to heal the earth not all at one time but all she had to do was touch it and send her healing energy towards it and it was healed. Also pray to God for he said if we ask him he would heal the earth. Thanks for your answer I didn't mean to step all over it. I guess I was just looking in another direction for an answer. You are right this is one of the ways and technology is good for doing this if we could find the people to care over an long period of time for future genertions of people Vesuvius.

(21 Nov '09, 21:29) flowingwater
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