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Looking down upon mindless drones and artificial intelligence, caught up in the self-righteous justification of our existence by our "who we define ourselves to be" selves. Are we not but drones with mind?

Just like a program designed by us, follows certain rules, so do we. Then where does our design come from? The only difference between a program and a human mind is that human mind cannot seem to comprehend its core programing thus creating illusion of a choice.

That which we do not understand, we hate and turn our backs to.

Lao Tzu talked about circles, many people talk about circles. Patterns or circles, same thing. Observing human nature one will see nothing but patterns of cause and consequence. Life is repetitive, amongst billions of individuals there are thousands of the same patterns of life. For the bigger part of our lives our ignorance and smallness prevents us from seeing these patterns of life.

For most part, the mind is reactive to whatever it encounters. Within our moral and other conducts our mind is narrowed.

We create rules yet prefer logic, although logic behind rules is flawed. For every rule is in its nature illogical, although on the surface it doesn't seem so.

Another thing I've wondered about just recently, what if I'm not who I'm. i understand that who I am is but a definition I myself most prefer at any given time... given the circumstances while putting emphasis on certain variables of my life.

As if the programing of humans were to "compensate" or "balance" if you will. One's reaction to anything is but a compensation act. Which, if an open minded observer should be allowed to observe such behavior, would lead to one asking - why is it so? Why do humans compensate or try to keep the balance.

Raise beyond what's known to you and what's human. Any religion, any believes. They're irrelevant to understanding further. Your-self is delusional concept like a smoke, it is but a consequence of smoldering firewood.

So are we an experiment of other race? "We" in this question assumes existence of self, therefore the question and the answer to it is irrelevant.

Perhaps there is a human race, and perhaps there are individuals within this race who were designed to gather information about this race through their very existence. Or maybe we are just fruits meant to be consumed by life. The pattern of which is clearly visible all around. We consume fruits, life consumes us.

The system we live in and create is irrelevant. Money, bills, relationships are irrelevant. And I always seem to be misspelling the world "existence", when I always type and then correct "existance"...I guess my system needs an upgrade.

It might be, you are slightly confused as to what am I asking. Definition of a question doesn't not comply to this.

Before I return to my dronelike life tomorrow morning, sober as many people fancy, I just wanted to share my short window of open mindedness. Although I understand that this desire to share is only a beacon sent across the universe, hoping someone who knows how to decipher it will catch it and sent his reply back.

This evening has been fine, the taste of the wine satisfying, and I shall now return to ever thought-provoking episodes of star trek. And may that be noted as the cause of me consequently writing all this wall of text. But is it, or has the programming saw itself for what it is?

Signing out, yours...I've no idea who or what, but that's irrelevant by now anyway.

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"is only a beacon sent across the universe, hoping someone who knows how to decipher it will catch it and sent his reply back."

One of many very compelling quotes. Luckily you're in an area where individuals capable of deciphering your beacon.

Very cool post, thanks for sharing.

(25 Sep '13, 04:53) Snow

i loved ur post @cal..superbb

(26 Sep '13, 02:56) supergirl
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So are we an experiment of other race? "We" in this question assumes existence of self, therefore the question and the answer to it is irrelevant

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answered 25 Sep '13, 08:50

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Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy answers so many questions doesn't it..

(26 Sep '13, 01:19) ele

If you ask me there is one question asked within mandatory 1000 words: 'What is the answer?' I'd say a good whiskey but that'll be irrelevant in itself. I yield!


answered 25 Sep '13, 12:36

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Pankaj Pal

perhaps we are a design
within a master plan
awaited to blossom forth
and in the meantime we

learn through experiencing
how we react in matter
to find out how well one has
percieved his physical space

the key the core of our soul
be from the divine though
several times removed


answered 25 Sep '13, 15:34

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Guesswork just ruins an answer. If you're not sure about something why would you share it? This raises confusion.

(25 Sep '13, 21:54) Pankaj Pal

Well I'm going to get you out of the red, @Fred . lol, that rhymed. I like your beautiful answer.

@Pankaj Pal Is your objection with the word 'perhaps'? What I'm taking from your downvote comment is -- some ppl don't wish to think for themselves or be given a choice ... hmm . . . <interesting>

(26 Sep '13, 01:13) ele

pankajpal, each day he becomes more sure of why he is yet at the same time would not yoke others to what he sees, so he says perhaps and lets them think about it

(26 Sep '13, 05:08) fred

@Pal The one that is most certain, is indeed living in the biggest confusion. One that seek truths, end up spreading lies. =)

@fred, cheers =)

(26 Sep '13, 08:05) CalonLan
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