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...the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything could just as well be mathematically expressed as 42. But I'm not big on math so I cannot confirm that this is the number which equals the answer spoken in words or any other way of expression for that matter.

I guess, Hello everybody is appropriate for the very moment. So Hello once again and I hope you're doing good!

As to why I have stopped by. On my adventure throughout my life and the world, I have realized the underlying concept of life, the universe and well, everything happening. Why people shout or sweet talk, hit your face and kiss it tenderly, why people do what they do, regardless of what it is or how it is viewed.

I figured, that maybe you are the kind of folks who might find it beneficial. That is, if you still wonder why this or that is happening.

Bashar seem to be right about universe being 51/49 in favor of positivity. And Buddha expressed this in a way that we tend to move away from suffering towards the pleasure.

And that is basically it. But perhaps a little bit tricky to fully realize from just reading or hearing it. You have to experience it. And the best way to do it is to see whatever problem you have or a question and apply this understanding to it.

Everything relates to it. It feels so natural to move towards what we perceive as good and away from what we perceive bad.

Out of the darkness, towards the light.

This very concept also answers seemingly everlasting question "who am I". And although answers may differ in wording - "I'm manager,...I'm father,...I'm being of light,..I'm ever present consciousness,.. I'm child of God...I'm whatever" - which is just a matter of perspective and perceiving the same thing in a various ways. You are it. The very nature of the universe. Or call it whatever you want. But in other words you are that 51/49 positivity, you are energy moving away from unhappiness towards the happiness, you are love. Everyone is.

Out of this positivity comes creativity, improvement, evolution, but also things like destruction and murders. As strange as it may seem.

Once you fully realize this, it will reveal itself in everything. People that shout at you or attack you, do so because they want to be happy, but perhaps the only way they know of being happy is to be in control of things. As they had a lot of bad things happen when they were not in control, they now find being in control as a more manageable situation. So they try to emotionally force you to obey first, then they shout, then they use physical force, or bring guns in extreme cases. But they are hurt inside. Or someone destroys something physical, but be sure that the very act of physical destruction created something greater mentally or spiritually.

If you don't understand why anything in this world is happening, then it's only because you can't relate this very underlying concept of life to the current situation. Probably because your own perception stands in the way of understanding perceptions of others.

Everyone wants to move away from suffering towards the happiness. But everyone has a different way of understanding things, priorities,.. due to many factors (parents, school, environment, etc)...thus producing DIFFERENT results from the very SAME intentions.

One guy's happiness will be found in saying "I love you", the other guy's happiness will be found in saying "Go die in fire". We could go on endlessly. This happens on every plane, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or intellectual.

So whatever you're wondering about why this or that happens, why did s/he do it to me, the answer is always the same -> away from suffering towards happiness.

And why is that, you ask? Simply because that's who you are. You are the light, or love, or the universe, creativity, evolution, whatever name again. You are the HAPPINESS. (who knows what would be the word we'd unanimously agreed upon if we were to choose one, and who cares anyway). It's not part of you, it's who you are.

And it feels so natural to move towards the good stuff, because that's who you are.

Forget the lust, sins, greed or envy, those are just words to label the ways in which people run away from suffering towards the happiness. We're all going after the same thing, in different ways.

We're all just trying to vibrationally match our physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual levels with the very vibration we already are. That is the name of the game. But I call it monopoly

How do you deal with it? You don't. Find your peace in understanding and let it all be. Everything is alright and as it should be, as they say. There is no struggle in this world, there is no problem. Judging or imposing morality is just a waste of time.

Everything's going in the same direction, after the same goal, with the same intentions, in billions of various ways.

And when you feel it, when you experience it, you can help anyone to improve their ways, to create better life and environment. Because you will see past the ways the intentions is expressed straight to the intention. Or you may just want to help yourself.

Even this very post of mine has the underlying intentions of moving towards the happiness.

Use it well, rid yourself of troubles and make the best of your lives. Find your own way out of the darkness and into the light. I must go now, life is about to take me places and see it in all its monstrosity. ;-)


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@Calon Lan We have missed you on IQ!

(07 Nov '12, 08:43) Catherine

@CalonLan - !!! So nice to see you, CalonLan. You have been sorely missed.

(07 Nov '12, 09:22) Grace

@calonlan- mind-blowing...,superbbbb..,very well written n appreciable too..

(07 Nov '12, 09:46) supergirl

Are lust, greed and envy not just shortcuts to happiness for some?

(07 Nov '12, 09:51) kakaboo

the true sin is the darkness in you unresolve that make you and every one else not happy. that darkness is called by many names:hate, jealousy,greed,envy,hypocrisy,anger, self-rightenous,ignorance,lie. but people usely do the same and suffer from the same darkness and do the same to other. put on the light of truth and the darkness go away. because in truth i tell you even if you did not do anny thing if you have become the victim of darkness there is all ready a lack of peace that as darken-

(07 Nov '12, 15:56) white tiger

and corrupted your water inside the cup. and most people in this world wash the outside of the cup. so when they are thirsty what water will they drink?

(07 Nov '12, 15:57) white tiger

@Calonlan - I agree with you. Forget labels and just be :)

(07 Nov '12, 16:10) Halcyon

@CalonLan(pure heart)-i must admit i admire your brilliant literary style, so much the more because it was, along with algebre, one of my worst subjects at school ... i love this description you give of "this vortex shit" ... have fun :)

(12 Dec '12, 03:34) blubird two

@blubird two, very well, it took me only 28 days to see through the delusions I've created, perhaps in a desperate need to maintain the sweet taste of sugar-like ecstasy I was feeling at the moment.

Looking at this post now, I don't see myself identifying with happiness. There's no bond, nor label that will keep you happy all the time. Pursuit of happiness leads to despair and despair leads back to pursuit of happiness/vortex. I'd rather step out of that circle once and for all. ;)

(12 Dec '12, 03:55) CalonLan

@CalanLan - "pursuit of happiness leads to despair and despair leads back to pursuit of happiness" ... this is a brilliant example of the loa in action my friend :)

(12 Dec '12, 04:01) blubird two

@CalanLan - and the desire to " step out of that circle once and for all" only reinforces the mechanism :)

(12 Dec '12, 05:26) blubird two

@blubird two, you step out of it by not wanting anything. But for the sake of understanding I have to write it down like this. Although it sounds hypocritical.

(12 Dec '12, 06:45) CalonLan

@CalanLan - agreed, we step out of it by not wanting to be happy ... we step out of it by being happy :)

(12 Dec '12, 06:58) blubird two


(12 Dec '12, 08:00) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb, I could indeed use some of it. Or perhaps a hug would do.

(12 Dec '12, 08:37) CalonLan

@CalanLan- did you know that in french "calin" pronounced calan in english means to hug? ... so here is a big calin to CalanLan from bb2 :)

(12 Dec '12, 11:10) blubird two


(12 Dec '12, 17:33) ursixx
showing 0 of 17 show 17 more comments here is a movie clip that i have find that can help you out. if you want to use your free will and listen to it. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Excellent post, much to put to a contemplative meditation on!

Interesting that everything can really come to just happiness and away from sadness. Like you said some people get happiness from harming others. I never thought of it that way, when you think why would someone do that to someone else?

It makes sense even when people follow a leader that is a tyrant but to please him even killing "enemies" for the king makes them happy. They are not so much as thinking of the people, but of thinking will this please my leader?

Welcome back Calonlan.


answered 13 Dec '12, 00:40

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Wade Casaldi

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