I just finished listening to an amazing array of artists performing the new version of "We are the World" in aid of the people in Haiti. It always amazes me how much music can touch the soul and stir emotions in a way nothing else can. I am not particularly musically talented but I've always enjoyed listening to it and since beginning this spiritual journey I now hear songs like I've never heard them before - the lyrics have a whole new meaning for me. It seems a lot of the musicians ( especially on satellite radio) are really awakening to who they are and are able to express this through their music and lyrics. I guess I'm wondering does music come from a higher place and could it possibly be a spiritual language?

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In addition to all that you wrote, another universal thing about music is that a composer in Russia, for example, uses the same staff paper, treble clefs and notes that anyone in the world does. I can pick up his music here in Wisconsin, USA and play my clarinet to it in the same way that a person in Korea would; the same as the Russian composer intended. An orchestra made up of people from all over the world---many who cannot even speak a common language-- will be able to still read music and play the same piece together in harmony. So it's a great communication tool and one of beauty.


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LeeAnn 1

Yes, it really is a universal language.Thanks for your response LeeAnn:-)

(13 Feb '10, 03:33) Michaela

Leeann thanks for showing this world vision can be achieved with written music as well as my answer of on the spot improvised together.

(13 Feb '10, 21:40) Wade Casaldi

Yes, ..Yes... and Yes. The music is a universal and a very spiritual language.

The music accompanied the human soul from conception, on the prenatal stage (it can avoid the premature birth by adequate music) and after, from cradle to the sepulchre and beyond it. The human sings or listens to music for joy or sadness, for solitude or the gladness of entourage, by loving or loss of love, by good feeling or enduring physical or soul pain, to remove fear or to sweeten feelings' "tsunami", as an introduction to meditation, relaxation, etc. Many Religions used the vocal and organ music on religious service a long time ago. The music of J.S.Bach is yet today a living model of a "sonore" Sacred Geometry.

Not only specifically the music, but also the sheaking have an inner musicality, by amplitude (volume), tonality, inflections, tempo, pauses. All these are parts of metacommunication of feelings, together with the mimics, attitudes and the expression of sight. The pauses and the silence are their role, they are not only as respiro; the pauses seperate the ideas, or allow the "atmosphere" to change, or show an irresolution. The silence could be an expectation, but also a full delicate refusal, or an... end.

The humans are specifically sensitive to musical messages, but all the living world responds to music. The seeds shoot faster, the plants are more vigorous, the flowers more colourful; the cows improve their production of milk; the birds sings for sending messages, but they also emit sharp sounds for announcing danger.

The unliving matter is sensible to music. For the water I don't insist; see the books of Masaru Emoto. I make a mention of Cimatics = the study of forms created by music and sound, transferring their vibations within a metallic plate covered with different resonant matter (iron filings or sand). It realized geometrical figures in permanent transforming; some of them are similar to figures from Sacred Geometry.

How acts the music? It has three features: melody, rhythm and harmony. The melody is specifically the bearer of feeling's kind, shaded with nuances by harmony and rhythm. The harmony refers to timbre, to association of instruments and their individual and concomitant melody. "Timbre" means the realized association of basic sound's frequency with other sounds representing perfect whole numbers, multiples or divisions of basic frequency. The timbre is specific to which instrument and, by it, we can recognize what it is: violin, piano, flute, etc. The musical harmony is the correspondent by sounds of, as named "alignment" from the work with LOA. The musical harmony and rhythm are an intense effect to balance both the physical and subtle bodies.


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Wow, Gleam that was great and you have a profound understanding of it all that is so good. So, the music accompanied the human soul from conception now that is deep.

(13 Feb '10, 07:45) flowingwater

Thank you for such an informative and thought provoking answer :-)

(13 Feb '10, 14:34) Michaela

I'd like to play in your band :)

(13 Feb '10, 15:58) Roy

Thank you for all these warm appreciations.

(13 Feb '10, 22:21) Gleam
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I have a few ideas on this I would like to throw in here. I am not as proficient in my understanding of music as the rest of these answers. But I remember some concepts from the Indian approach to music.

In India, they took the understanding of sound to un-believable extents & developed a whole "encyclopaedia" of sound in the form of "ragas" in the Indian classical discipline of music.

The Indian classical music scale is slightly different in its tuning. If you play the do-re-me on a western scale and the sa-ri-ga-ma on the eastern scale they are different at two locations. the western "re" and "la" are slightly different from the eastern "ri" and "tha" (sa,ri,ga,ma,pa,tha,ni,sa).

Somehow this eastern scale gives a different "feel". The whole eastern system is based on "feeling". Each "raga" or "theme" is specific for creating a "mood". So if you are a composer given the task of creating a sad song, you start with the specific "raga" that is the rhythmic and vibration match to that emotion. You start with that "raga" as the foundation, and build your whole music on that foundation.

It is almost like using a Jazz scale, except, there is one for each emotion you are trying to awaken with your music.

Then there is the primordial sound of "Ohm" which is supposed to bring a vibrational balance to all the molecules in your physical body and simultaneously produce a vibrtional balance in your emotional body

In the west the classical composers really took music to heights that, in my opinion, have not been surpassed by western music ever since.

In the 80's I was reading a channelled article from some intelligence from another galaxy. This entity was saying that in their home planet, musical concerts take on an audio and visual experience at the same time. All music turns into bright shimmering colours of various hues, many that don't exist on earth.
I remembered this article.
Recently, how that experience could translate to us came back to me while I was watching "Daily Planet".

They were featuring human beings with unusual gifts. There was this lady from "I believe" Finland (or thereabouts), and she suffered some condition where her optic nerve crossed information with her auditory system. Every time she heard a sound it turned into a visual experience consisting of burst of color as well.

What I remember most is when she said " I enjoy classical (western) music because it produces beautiful colours, but one day I walked into a disco with a friend and I had to leave in a hurry because the colours produced by rock music was terrible, it was almost evil".


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The Traveller

Thanks for the new info - I'd never heard some of these cocepts :-)

(13 Feb '10, 16:13) Michaela

Very interesting this parllelism between the eastern and western music. In China is used as basis the pentatonic scale, which createa also another nuances for a specific emotional universe of music. These are the differences. But what unit us, all the humans, is that we can weeping by gladness and smiling within tears, together with music.

(13 Feb '10, 23:01) Gleam

Music is in a arena all by itself it soothes the soul like nothing else, it transports you to another place in time, another world, another moment, another person whom you may have forgotten, another time and place, maybe even another world or realm. When you are transported instantly to another place and time you will feel the wind moving the air across your face or hair, you will smell the different scents in the air, you will feel the emotions of that moment- whether it is happiness, joy or sadness, you will feel the touch of the other person, you will hear the laughter of the one or of the others and you will be as though you are really there.

So yes music goes down deep and touches our soul and it transcends the language barriers and other nationaltities. It can replace a frown or a tear with a smile, it can heal the heart of despair and loneliness, and it can raise the soul to aspire to inspirational attainment.

I read a saying one time that music can soothe a savage beast.

So, I love to listen to music that makes you feel all good and alive inside and brings back good memories of the past or helps you create good memories of the present. I think music is an inspiration from God.


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Thank you Flowingwater. You are so right- music does have healing effects and can be very inspiring:-)

(13 Feb '10, 14:38) Michaela

There is an musical artist by the name of Ray Lamontagne who channels his music.I enjoy it very much. And also if you sing the Doe-a-Deer song from the Sound of Music it matches your chakras and is wonderful for grounding you very quickly.Just thought I'd add this.

Love and Light


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Thank you Roy :-)

(13 Feb '10, 16:14) Michaela

There is a bond in music that stretches to every culture, this seems to only fit those that can improvise though, if you need to read the music you are only doing what is placed in front of you so I will diverge from that for now.

A Hindu may play a sitar, a American Indian a drum, a Scotch man a bag pipe, An American a guitar, a British women a harp, an African a flute, all around the world joined this song that is coming through their soul essence as one being expressing itself in joy. All playing in harmony a song never heard before and never composed but being played and made up on the spot together. I am one of those people that can hear any song played on any instrument and play along with it on my guitar, it is wonderful to experience.


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Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade - some people are fortunate to be musically talented so they can use it as a way of expressing themselves.

(13 Feb '10, 23:00) Michaela

There is nothing like taking a ride around the hills overlooking the ocean and listening to a beautiful melody.It is a truly breathtaking experience. It is as if God, takes over your entire being and enjoys the music Himself.


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"It is as if God, takes over your entire being and enjoys the music Himself." -Beautfully said:-)

(22 Feb '10, 02:00) Michaela

The light becomes music after passing through the prism of the soul. It is as close to the original language of God and angels as we may possibly come, with the exception of math.


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Infinite Seed

Thank you Infinite Seed, and welcome to IQ :)

(28 Apr '11, 11:28) Michaela
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