What role does mental discipline play in the spiritual growth journey?

asked 08 Nov '09, 21:57

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I believe that before grasping the deeper meaning of 'spiritual', you have to have a rational and sane mind. Which means to examine and find out for yourself if all that man has stated as truth is useful or valid.

Only then can you truly understand that the spiritual reality contains all else, including reason and not the other way around.

Once one’s Ego understands that it cannot possibly know more than the totality of that which is both itself as well as all of all that is, it willingly relegates itself to the position of an advisor to Self and no longer tries to control everything.

Hence, the Ego uses logic to conclude that both logic and reason are contained within the immensity of Creator or spirit. Ego is a product of reason, but the greater reality of Creator or spirit doesn’t require reason for its existence.

Once that has happened, then one’s mind can readily access any part of the great Mind of Creator to receive inspiration and guidance.

I Am That I AM


answered 09 Nov '09, 03:27

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It would be nice if it were as easy as you make it sound.

(09 Nov '09, 06:05) Vesuvius

IMHO we all need to move beyond the limitations of our ego. Lessening one's internal dialogue (constant self chatter) is one of the keys that opens the door to the greater reality beyond ego.

(11 Nov '09, 03:26) Eddie

I believe the need for discipline diminishes with the greater the desire is. The more we desire an outcome the more we enjoy the task of getting to that outcome. If we enjoy the task we want to do it, and hence it takes no discipline to do it.

Mind is water symbolically, and desire is fire symbolically (burning desire), this fire placed under this water creates the steam of action. This steam of action is what makes us move and do the things we want to, it takes no discipline to do things I really want to do, I feel that I enjoy them so why do I need to make myself do them?

Now the object is do I REALLY feel this is getting me closer to my goal or not, or do I feel this is taking too long, I don't feel like I made any progress, I'm not getting there, I had better keep trying?

I read about bamboo, if a bamboo pit is planted into the ground, it does nothing for FIVE YEARS! Nothing it just seems to be dead, like that didn't work, it must have been a bad pit, then after five years it comes out of the ground and shoots up to amazing heights in a few short months.

Now in that five years if the water was cut off, or the ground dried up or the nutrition was cut off that would have died, that pit didn't grow in six months, it grew in five years even though it looked like it did nothing all that time it was taken care for.


answered 04 Jan '10, 21:15

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Wade Casaldi

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