I have been through a lot since I started trying to change the Energies of the Planet for the last 4 weeks. I have witnessed some changes but it seems like I am causing more harm than good. I have witnessed the turnaround in the Ukrainian war which is a good thing but it may lead to something worse, crooked politicians worldwide being exposed, protesters rising up against Corrupted Dictatorships, Russian people finally seeing the truth beyond all of the brainwashing and propaganda which has inspired other Countries to do the same, corruption in most medical research facilities, a sudden decline in Violence and crimes within my city and surrounding cities and so on...

These actions of mine brought a lot of attention to me from the spiritual realms or higher dimensions and I was visited firstly by this Jeshua character formely known as Jesus and he thanked me for what I was doing and spent a few hours with me talking about things of interest. Fine, whatever, because until that moment I never believed in him whatsoever nor did I believe in organized religion no matter what kind it was. Eventhough I am on a Spiritual Journey I still do not believe in man's religions whatsoever. But I listened because he had some cool interesting points and advice and some compelling stories to share with me. I'm not going to get into what was shared with me as I sure the religious extremist would be in disagreement with me and start quoting from the bible or have a hissy fit.

He was a charming guy, doesn't look anything like any of the pics online anywhere as he had a modern look to him. So I decided to visit him in my astral body as I always do when communicating with Alien beings if I am allowed to say that. I, unlike others who claim to astral travel, I can and always do it in an awaken and conscious state so that I am always aware of my surroundings and even today I always seem to look down at my physical body to make sure it is fine before I venture off and I am always in a seated position and still after all of these years I still find it funny looking at my motionless body and amazed that the body hasn't fallen over when I return to it lol. But that's just me.

Anyways what I did discover kind of threw me for a loop as I was observing the surroundings. The insides looked like the insides of a Spacecraft. He then says to me he usually appears to others as they expect him to look like which is fine I guess and he demonstrated to me his many so called changelling appearances but by using this alien tech on his face lol which I thought was pretty cool. He shared with me that it felt great for him to appear as he normally looks like without having to appear like what people expect him to look like.

I get it, I understand" I told him and he continued on with some pretty important information that was privy only to me. He told me that what I was doing was unlike anyone has ever done in the history of humankind and considering I am struggling financially that he was surprised that I wasn't trying to better my life with my abilities and skills instead like everyone else would have. I told that is not who I am and if I had an opportunity to try and save Mankind from itself I would do so. Besides I am only assisting in tipping the balance a bit more in our favor while helping all those who have keeping the balance for sooo long. What I didn't expect was with my assistance it started to unveil the veil of oppresion/darkness from the Earth revealing the lies of authocracy from the far right to the very far left and everything in between. The left are more subtle about their oppresion and control whereas the right well just watch the news, they need full absolute control through fear and oppresion to the max. Unbelievable how we the Global Citizens are still being controlled and manipulated in 2022.

So after a nice visit I went back into my physical body. I always note what time and day I leave when I go on these ventures because sometimes I leave for days and I sometimes get a little disoriented on my returns and it turned out this time I was gone for a few hours. He introduced to some friends of his, met some beautiful ladies, he showed me around his massive place as he was living the good life which is understandable so would I if I was in his shoes.

Moving on ... as I was doing my daily World energy cleansing rituals I was approached by this being who claimed to be "The God of Gods" lmao. You must understand one thing about me. I do not under any circumstance bow to any man nor do I bow or fear any God whatsoever. That being said lol He was stern with me and had some choices words with me and I knew right away he wasn't who he claimed to be and I immediately astral travelled tapping into his frequency (every individual you meet resonates at a different frequency no matter where they are from). He was simply an Alien being from the 5th dimension in a spacecraft hovering outside of Earth's atmosphere. Was he ever surprised that a simpleton 3D Earth being like me was able to board his spaceship so easily without his security being alerted. It literally freaked him out hehe. Anyways I won't get into any details about this encounter as I do not want to alarm any of you who is reading this. Let's just say, things are not what they seem to be here on Earth and those who claim to be clairvoyant or psychic are being severely misled and lied to by Alien beings so they can continue their selfish and corrupted agendas.(for example: liars like Bashar, and the Astar command to name a few). Some Aliens we believed were our Allies have their own agendas and the reason why they shared Nuclear Technology with us is a fail safe exit when they are done with us and our Planet. They are just going to blow up these Nuclear Reactors with their bombs killing all life on the planet and rendering it barron, like what they did to Mars and a few other Planets which is a whole disturbing story on it's own.

Omg!!! If only I could share with you all the real truth that has been going on with this Planet for soooo long it would entirely shake the foundation of all of your belief system and probably blow your minds. Let alone the truths I have discovered since my so called Light Initiation which is another lie created by those who many of you Lightworkers and Starseeds strive for on your Ascension Process. The Ascension Process is not a new and modern ideology and completely bogus. It is a theory dating back 6000 years with the Sumerian civilization and possibly dated back to prior World civilizations which were destroyed, as I found out that not one being in this particular civilization going back the last 10,000 years have ever Ascended especially not Jesus whom the Christians have made claims to mostly to promote their religion in a time where most had no education whatsoever. Only the rich got educated and they had fun with the simpletons of that time period.

Anyways a few days later as I was meditating and purifying our Planet another Being shows up. I guess I'm the popular one now lol. Now this spiritual being was intense and he had powerful energy about him. He introduced himself to me as Lord Sananda. What!!! I thought Lord Sananda was formely known as Jesus or as some would say He was Jesus' Higher Self. Now I'm really confused. I meet this Jeshua who claimed to be Jesus and now I meet Lord Sananda who also claims to be Jesus. lmao

This is really getting out of hand and so confusing so I visited him by tapping into his frequency like I always do with these beings because I need proof because seeing them in my minds eye is not reassuring enough for me and sure enough this individual was very powerful unlike Jeshua who wasn't at all. And in the background I could see a few other so called Ascended Masters and some looked very familiar. There was a beautiful energy about them all but I thought it was strange that they were all gathered together in one large majestic room. Something is not right here but I couldn't deny what I was feeling. They welcomed me as a new member to their elite club so to speak as an Ascended Master but I reassured them that I wasn't and was merely astral travelling and my human body is on Earth in my crappy little apartment sitting on the couch awaiting for my return. They all laughed!!! But reassured me as time is not the same as it is here in the 3D realm. I'm trying to understand the time thingy in the other realms or dimensions but it's very confusing to say the least because I have met beings from other Planetary systems just in the 5th dimension who claim to be 1500 years old and looked like they were in the 30's. I met another one who is very beautiful and looked like a young woman in her early 20's who was 538 years old and her parents were over 2500 yrs of age so yeah it's a bit confusing to me. Mind you I have met other spiritual beings who claimed to have always existed. So there's that.

So what is going on here? Why did I meet 2 seperate individuals claiming to be this Jesus character? And if Jeshua have Ascended then who is Lord Sananda? Wouldn't they be as One if the Ascension story was true?

You see there are a multitude of levels of realms just within the 3D Universe unlike the 7 most believe there are. The same within the Fifth dimension and so forth.

Moving on ... Jeshua shared some interesting stories about his time here on Earth and He also shared with me that he is an alien being as anyone who are when visiting Earth working with these group of aliens who have been watching us for some time now like the spacecraft I have visited in my 20's and lately and has shared technology with Earthlings within the last century. Otherwise we would all still be living in the horse and buggy era. And one thing that really puzzled the most is the fact that he said his time protecting the Earth realm is coming to an end in 2034 and he wanted me to replace him and reassured me that as soon as I come into my abilities that the World will know who I am. But yet he had no abilities whatsoever expect for some really cool technology. This is all very messed up stuff and I think I am regretting the whole Awakening Process lol. I really do not want to be trapped here for another 2000 years as I have some other future plans like going back to my true home and be with my real family and other plans. And if Lord Sananda is truly Jesus' higher self why are they not united as One as it would be expected when apparently according to scripture Jesus or Jeshua Ascended back then or was he always just a 5th dimensional Alien being and simply beamed up onto his spacecraft? Sorry if I'm all over the place. It's hard to condense 100 of pages I have written out in a short post with the question I asked in this post.

By the way Lord Sananda zapped me with this powerful White Light with Bluish edges energy on my last visit with him and now when I meditate I can feel these large bands of energy around both of my wrists. I don't know yet if it is a gift or spiritual restraints lol. I know I shouldn't laugh but my Energy has been different since that day. I kind of felt restrained until I learnt how to unshakled them from both of my wrists. It took me a few days to figure it out. I wonder why he did that to me? Because sometimes I do get a bad feeling from Lord Sananda and I have a hard time trusting him. I have trust issues especially with these so called higher dimensional Beings I meet. Some are really friendly and others appear friendly but are not and others and the others well they reap darkness a mile away. I can't help but wonder if the Ascended Masters are working with these Alien beings?

A few days later, I meet this so called God entity glowing in with this Golden Whitish Energy field that surrounded Him which was neat and I didn't go blind or anything upon his presence like some religions hve made you to believe. But that experience is a whole different story. I'm still trying to process it all.

I also found out throughout my travels that there is indeed a Multiverse and not all Logo's of these Universes are friendly and benevolent as one would expect while some Universes are everything One would expect and more and most Logo's who control their Universes are usually paired up unlike the Logo of our Universe who is a single Alien male. And not to discourage the readers but He did not create this Universe as it was given to him by his Alien Parents with technology way way beyond our comprehension and I met Them in their own Universe and He the So called God or Logo of this Universe is nothing like his beautiful and loving Parents. He's not that bad maybe a little narcissistic and egoistic but there is still hope for him lol. I had some choice words with him about His Universe and he didn't disintegrate me and He found me quite amusing lol.

I have astral travelled to many Planetary Systems within this Universe and the corruption I had witnessed was discouraging to say the least which doesn't speak much about how He is running things but maybe I don't quite understand the concept of Freewill considering the Planet I live on which is plagued with corruption everywhere. Mind you I did visit some really beautiful evolved Planets but they are few and far in between in the third dimension. Just a little timbit of information for you to ponder on.

Peace, Love n Light

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Hi @Moonbeam here we're in the domain of spiritualized energies ... these energies can manifest themselves in an infinite variety of ways including as Jeshua and Lord Sananda ... "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" in other words what matters is what something is, not what it's named.

Peace Love n Light :)


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