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Hello Everyone!

Since I was a child I have been searching for the real Truth to what is really going on in our World and beyond and I have been scrutinized, beaten, judged harshly, reformed to corrupted Christian/Catholic ways, watched by Catholic priests, outcasted and so forth. The system has seen me as a threat to their corrupted ways for many years until I decided to play ball so to speak and gave up my pursuit of Truth and be a good citizen/slave. But in reality I only retreated in the background to observe and continue my research as to not to raise any red flags.

One of the main issues I had at a very young age, was the Christian/Catholic values I was forced to accept going to a Catholic school system. What I had discovered were many holes in their theosophical teachings and reasonings and the many contradictions I found in the bible. For some strange reason when I would read the bible the words would change and the True Messages was shown to me and when I would shake it off those words had disappeared. So I would take notes on what was revealed to me for years until my mother found my binder of notes I had stashed and burnt them right in front of me. Saying it was all blasphemy and the work of the devil lmao. She was severely brainwashed into the religious propaganda as everyone else were at that time as religion still had a stronghold on our society. I couldn't understand why the adults were so blind and yet are the Ones teaching us children with their lies and fears.

By the time I was 8 I decided to abandon all religions and became an Atheist as per the definition until my awakening in my 20's. Mind you I still couldn't explain the visions I was seeing, always in an awakened state and the few abilities I was naturally able to do whereas the other children could not.

Anyways to the question at hand I had always found it fascinating that in older days before the so called Christ era that there were many Gods from All Cultures on this Planet. The Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Scandinavians, Hindus all had many Gods to Worship. So why all of a sudden did the Whole World suddenly had accepted the concept of a singular God entity for our whole and vast Universe?

So I started meditating and began to see startling things within our Universe that was still unseen to the scientific community because of limited understanding and education and technology. When I was 10ish or so I was at my Aunt n Uncles place for a family gathering when all of a sudden everyone left the house except for me as I was cooking a grilled cheese sandwich and didn't want to burn it as it was almost done. Then I ran outside to see what all of the fuss was about. Everyone in my family including all of the neighbors were all looking up, standing motionless as I also looked up and to my astonishment I saw the bottom of a very large Spacecraft unlike anything I have ever seen before slowly drift off and then completely disappeared. After that moment everyone just went about their business as if nothing had happened. Wtf is going on here? I asked my cousins and my parents if they saw what I had seen and everyone laughed at me. I couldn't believe it! They were all just looking right at it and I was the last one there to see it. Why was I the only one who remembers that day and event? My family still denies that day had even happened. It was like their memories were wiped out or something.

Moving on to the last month:

Throughout my life I have seen 5 sightings on Earth with 3 of them I had witnesses to prove my claims. Anyways today it is no big deal as we as a civilization have come to accept that there is life beyond Earth. New Agers claim to be speaking to them all of the time through the Archangels, spirits, Ascended Masters, Bashar, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Grey's and so forth. Religion always try to mystify our beliefs about aliens calling them anything else but aliens.

The pyramid you see on the American dollar bill or the symbol of the Illuminate is not all that there is about Humankinds life journey. As a matter of fact it is only half of Humankinds Diamond Journey/path. You see the bottom half is suppose to signify the indivial Journey through life as we evolve through the various dimensional life cycles. But since Mankind is so corrupted and obssessed with control they omitted the bottom half of the Diamond Journey path. Our 3D Universe is a controlling Universe where One controls the Mass on every single Planet in all Galaxies within this Universe. You have to understand one thing. When our souls were 1st created we were created in the 5th Dimension not in the third dimension. The 3D Universe according to 5th dimensional beings is the so called Hell Universe/realm. Well in truth the 5th dimension is better then the 3D realm but of course they still have to deal with duality and it is definitely not Heaven as some would like to believe. More of an evolved version of how we could live our lives a 1000 years from now on 3D Earth with the end of inequality among genders, a unified economic system to satisfy everyone's needs, end of racism, a revamped educational system and elimination of all private schools for the rich, and of course if we don't destroy ourselves in the process. Actually Heaven does not exist whatsoever. Well in retrospect living outside of the 3D realm is a lot like Heaven in a big way. Everyone is working for the same cause. Universal Peace. But there are some planets who have ulterior motives as expected because after all it is only the 5th dimension. When you are among others in the Fifth dimension, you all are just as normal as we are to others in this third dimension. So nobody really does. What is their to really gain? Unless you have a narcissistic personality disorder and you like others worshipping you as a God or something like that lol. Besides there are Galatic and Universal laws which prohibits one from doing so, unlike the old days when it use to be a free for all.

I have previously mentioned that I can Astral Travel beyond the Astral plane and when I had visited other Planetary systems some outside of Our own Galaxy and some outside of our Galaxy and NOT ONE OF THEM recognized our so called Gods or Archangels, or Ascended Masters and anyone from our Planet we see as a God. Like my Andromedan friends they think they are also created in their God's image and they have blue skin with different physical attributes, so as the Reptilians, the Syrians, the Greys and so forth whom all believe they were all created in their own God's image much like the various Races we have here on Earth who claim the same. In truth there are God Logo's for each Planetary system in each Universe. You see the 3D Universe has their own group of God Logo's and then the 5th dimension has another group of God Logo's and then the 7th and 9th and so on. Remember the Diamond Path which eventually leads us to a so called God Logo for our entire Universe which is only One out of trillions of Universes within the Multiverse and there are multiverses within each Universe. The only thing is. not one person on this planet will ever see this Universal God or communicate with it as we vibrate wayyyy too low for such an occurance to happen. If anything the best we can do is to communicate with the God of our own World and nothing more no matter what you may believe unless you are a true Starseed and have fully awakened and are aware of your spiritual gifts and memories. All others are tapping into the other realms within the 3D Universe even if you are a Lightworker or a see'er.

Now let's get into our Planetary God Logo a bit and why is there and always has been so much B.S. on this Planet. You see our Planetary God Logo in which at first I thought to be our Universal God is nothing more than a petty, narcissistic, egotistical God Logo who is in charge of Terra Earth and this solar system within the billions if not more other solar systems within the Milky Way Galaxy with their own Planetary God Logo. He doesn't deserve his title whatsoever. Well considering His approach and the corruption in this part of our Galaxy maybe he was the right guy for the job after all lol. The closest thing I could find that truly defines him is in the some of the writtings in the Old Testament. He has already destroyed many civilizations on this Planet alone throughout Earth's History in which Mankind will discover eventually. Everytime he doesn't get his way or starts losing control over his slaves/citizens He destroys it just like in the stories of the old testament where he would destroy cities who didn't bow to him or follow his strict narcissistic rulings. In truth the last civilization thousands of years ago was a Matriarch civilization where Women ruled the World but they messed up also, which is why Males took all of their rights away and still do in certain faiths in our current civilization. And the one before that was a Patriarch civilization and they messed up too and the cycle continues on.

Now let's get into 3rd dimensional Alien Beings who are fighting for control of the Earth. There are only 2 types left from the original 6 types of Aliens fighting for complete control of 3D Earth. The Draconians who represent the far right ideology like Russia, Iran, North Korea anywhere with an Autocratic and Theocratic government and then there are the Reptilians/Annunaki who are still controlling but are more subtle in their control approach. The Reptilians who truly own this World are losing grip in this battle as the Draconians have been rising to power all around the World including almost taking over the US in it's last Presidency and with the Republican GOP. Draconian rule with an Iron Fist, with complete control through fear and will take all rights of freedom away from you. Both of these 3D aliens have very sofisticated technologies.

Haven't you ever wondered why if there is a Heaven then why isn't the World population decreasing instead of increasing? Where are all of these Souls coming from that we today have close to 8 Billion souls living on Earth alone.

Well our alien oppresors have STT (Soul Transfer Technology). The White Light most religions talk about after you die is nothing more than this STT trap and when you go into this so called White Light, you are being harvested by this technology, purged with all memories erased, then recycled/reincarnated into another 3D fetus to start all over again without any form of memories of your past lives. Pretty ingenious if you ask me but soooo wrong on every level.

When you do the math of all of the people who has lived here since the beginning of this particular civilization dating back almost 10,000 years and how every soul has been reincarnated or recycled into another body well you have exactly the number of souls living on this Planet in the Here and Now which is approximately 7.8 billion souls give or take a few million. Otherwise as I said before if Heaven truly existed there would be a whole lot less Humans on this Planet maybe like 500 million at most as there are those who do not wish to leave the 3D Earth realm as it is their Home and they are used to these lower energies.

Have you ever wondered why the Catholic church sits in a Communist nation of Italy and the Pope’s Audience Hall stands out for its uncanny resemblance to a snake head lmao. Reptilians!!! I know what your thinking! This guy is bonkers! Well you know what? These old conspiracy stories well some are really true and hidden from society. I have seen a lot in my Astral Body.

All RELIGIONS are corrupted by these Aliens who control the mass on Earth and always have. After all it is and always has been their World. I think the Dinosaurs of our History confirms this? It doesn't get any more reptilian than that. But there are other Alien invaders who have a big interest in Earth's resources too.

Now let's get back to this God Logo who controls our 3D Earth and nothing more. Well it seems like he has made a deal with these oppressors otherwise they wouldn't be ruling Our World with slaves from every race in every Country. A lot of these slaves were gathered from other nearby Worlds accross our Galaxy and Beyond. The Slave business is big in the 3D Universe as they use us to mine rich resources for them and rape the planet until it no longer profits them any longer. Then they nuke all nuclear reactors and end all like on the Planet and move on to another one. All Global Citizens are Slaves whether you accept this fact or not. It doesn't say much about our so called God Logo of our Planet. If you think you have been communicating with God, or Archangels, or Ascended Masters you are surely been tricked and being manipulated to keep control especially over the spiritual ones. The others are easier to control. We all have been living a big lie perputuated by organized religions and governments worldwide. Have you ever wondered why these right wing extremists who believes in God who believes in Jesus are all wanting to suppress our freedom of rights, believes in corruption, believes in torturing the righteous, holding public executions, controlling every decision you make, the spanish inquisition, endless wars, subliminal programming and so forth. Control through Fear. Religion: control through Fear, Law: control through fear, autocracy: control through fear, theocracy: control through fear, Dictatorship: control through fear. etc.

I know it is a lot to process as I'm trying to process it all too. There are so many realms within the 3D Universe that it is mind boggling. These oppresors have learnt how to manipulate these realms against the spiritual ones of our Planet including the gifted ones who claim to be clairvoyant/psychic. You really must be pure in heart, mind and soul to see beyond the illusionary Veils that has been created over the World within these many realms to be able to see the real truth and yet so many everywhere in social media are being severely deceived no matter if the creators of these sites have good intentions. Most of these sites are controlled by members of the luciferian religion. It was them who started the whole New Age Movement which was created in the late 60's early 70's zand have been messing with you ALL, right from the beginning promising this and that yet nothing ever happens. Mind you there are half truths that you must read in between the lines that could help you throughout your awakening process. Even today as I try to lift the Veils of Illusion from our World to awaken everyone there are those who will do what they can to distract you, piss you off, and prevent you from truly awakening.

If you are a true Starseed now is the time to accept your destiny and rise to the occasion or you can simply sit on your couch and bitch like the others and watch life pass you by. After all it is your choice entirely. The whole World needs you in the HERE and NOW. This is what you were meant to do. Let's all fight back and free the World together as ONE. Remember to control your emotions and also to remember that love conquers all of our enemies. I had a hard time with that one because I really wanted to deal with these extreme ones on my own and they didn't deserve anything but the hell and suffering they brought onto others. But my Divine Guides reminded me that Love is the way to tear down all negative energies on Earth even if we are only 3D. It will expose them all like it has been lately and more will be revealed and man's laws will take care of them in a democratic way. I guess they were right. it would be nice to see them all squirm a bit as they are going through a transitory purge. The purging of this Planet has already begun and the more Starseeds who accept their life purpose and fine tune their abilities the faster this transitionary purging process will be done. Otherwise you are going to miss the whole show. There are only a handful of us Starseeds across this planet with the help of some Lightworkers right now, who are activated and who are working really hard to change the energies of this Planet. Seems like the rest of them are still having a hard time accepting their destiny/life purpose. Can't fight what you were meant to do anymore. Action speaks louder than mere words. You've been trained all of your life in this incarnation and I know you are ready and I know you know what you must do. I believe in All of You!!!

Anyways I will leave you all, to process all of this information. I wrote it all out as is and maybe I should have written a draft first. Oh well it is what it is and so be it.

I call upon ALL TRUE STARSEEDS to activate and join us in this quest as your help is truly needed to help free all of the Global Citizens of this World NOW so they can All go to their True Homes in this Vast Universe in the 5th dimension. I don't claim to know all of the truth but only what I have discovered throughout my Spiritual Journey so far as there is still sooo much to learn. I have tried my best to remain Neutral as possible as to not to be swayed to either side. My goal is not for Earth to Ascend as it will never happen as it is merely a 3D planet but to FREE AS MANY SOULS AS I CAN FROM THIS REINCARNATION TRAP ONCE AND FOR ALL on 3D Earth. Many will want to stay behind and I get it. But many are missing their true homes with their true families beyond the host families of 3D Earth. When I think about it no wonder I just never could ever fit in in either of my Host families here on Earth and why I saw things so differently from their illusionary lives. My Real Home Planet and my Real Family awaits me and I will be leaving from this 3D Earth realm real soon. I'm still a little pissed at them for sending me here to 3D Earth but I learnt not to judge others, to forgive them with unconditional Love. Funny because the lessons I was suppose to learn in this incarnation was Judgement, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. Three very hard lessons for me to learn considering what I had to go through just in this incarnation.

Peace, Love and Light to All

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perhaps we need to develop
our 5D capabilities
to see and hear

(02 Oct '22, 18:41) fred

Hello Moonbeam,

Like you, many of the people who frequent this site have had an awakening experience at some point in their live. My personal experience began in New York City in 1980 and continues to this day. These experiences often begin with an intense and somewhat overwhelming download of information which has the effect of compelling us to want more. We want to understand the nature of reality and our existence. We want to discover the "Truth".

This search usually begins with religion which makes sense as all religions like to lay claim to the truth. Eventually we come to realize that religion is only one of the many rabbit holes that we will have to journey down before we come to accept the fact that most of what we find are beliefs. Billions of beliefs that address every possible issue and idea that anyone has ever had. 8 billion people on this planet alone, each with a personal and unique set of beliefs. We each have beliefs about ourselves, beliefs about others, about men, women, people of other races, religions, and nationalities. We have cultural beliefs, religious and political beliefs, belief concerning health and diet. Are you starting to get the picture. A single individual likely has a thousand or more beliefs. Multiply that by 8 billion people and you have 8 trillion beliefs out there to pick and choose from. If you want to find the truth, you will have to learn difference between truth and belief. So what is the difference?

A belief is a created idea. It is a thought and becomes a belief through repetition. A belief only exists so long as there is someone who believes it. That is why it is so important to spread beliefs.

Truth is a different sort of belief. Truths' existence does not require our belief in it. It is what it is, what it always has been and what it always will be. Truth simply does not care whether we believe it or not.

With that in mind, I have made an effort to "deconstruct" your post down to some if not all of the core beliefs you expressed. My purpose is not to critique your post, nor to doubt your experience. There are no right or wrong beliefs. The beliefs you choose will have a direct affect on what you experience in life. My personal policy when it come to choosing what to believe is that less is better. There's no point in adopting beliefs that really are just excess clutter that rob you of the focus you'll need to accomplish whatever it is your here to accomplish.

You're here for a reason. I'm going to assume it has something to do with one or both of the following statements expressed near the end of your post.

If you are a true Starseed now is the time to accept your destiny

The lessons I was suppose to learn in this incarnation was Judgement, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love.

Since I was a child I have been searching for the real Truth. Clue: Look for it in the past before the first men looked at the sun and chose to believe it was a god or whatever the called it back then.

I have been scrutinized, beaten, judged harshly,reformed to corrupted Christian/Catholic ways.I was forced to accept going to a Catholic school system. My mother was severely brainwashed into the religious propaganda. Everyone else was severely brainwashed into the religious propaganda. Religion had a stronghold on our society. Adults were so blind teaching children their lies and fears. I believed the Whole World had accepted the concept of a singular God entity. The God of this world is a petty, narcissistic, egotistical God. The god of this world has destroyed many civilizations according to the old testament.

I get it. Your one of the millions of American who are chosing to reject Christianity and religion in general. By the time I turned 12, I had already decided that religion was never going to be my cup of tea.

*I suspect these experiences have somthing to do with the judgment, forgiveness and love task! If that is one of your purposes for being here, it's pretty clear you still have some work to do. It's easy to judge, hard to forgive, and even harder to love. All you have to do is figure out how to delete each of the above beliefs. It will be easier now that they have been exposed. You can choose to hold on to the past or choose to let it go and be done with it. Mission accomplished.

Furthermore, consider the possibilty that all the experiences you had relating to religion were neccessary for you to realize you had to reject religion. The starseed missions have much to do with preparing humanity for first contact. It was no mistake that only you could see the ship. That event was the first step in preparing you for what may be that which you you call your destiny.

Moving on

The system has seen me as a threat.
The system is corrupt. Mankind is corrupted. Mankind is obssessed with control. Ours is a world of gender inequality.

Just as an artist uses oils and brushes to express his worldview on a cloth canvass, we souls do the same, painting our beliefs with brushes of emotion on the fabric of space/time. Advise you reject and delete any fear based beliefs. They will always leave you feeling powerless, angry and depressed.

Only a fully awakend True starseed is able to communicate outside of the 3rd dimension. Psychics do it consciously all the time. We all can and do communicate outside this frequency while dreaming

Where are all the souls coming from? There are an infinate number of souls existing at multiple frequencies.

Our alien oppresors have STT (Soul Transfer Technology). Yes some ETs use this tech to transfer consciousness to a new manufactured body. For whatever reason they are no longer able to reproduce by more traditional means.

We are being harvested by this technology, purged of all memories, then recycled/reincarnated into another 3D fetus. Reincarnation is the process which allows us to continue our journey as souls. Our memory return upon the death of the body.


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