What works best for you? What doesn't? I have been trying for awhile to meditate I think I'm getting close. Answers from those that can here at Inward Quest would be helpful.

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Most people have a perception of meditation as a technique to be used to get you to a place of complete stillness and silence. Although this can and does happen at times during meditation it by no means is the only result. Sometimes it can be really hard to quiet the mind chatter and that is totally okay. The trick is to try to watch the thoughts as opposed to becoming enmeshed with the internal dialogue - usually when you do this the dialogue tends to subside. There are many different techniques that can be used - following the breath, chanting a mantra or using guided meditations. I agree with LeeAnn that meditation can also be used as an optimal time to do inner work. Different strokes for different folks and just let whatever happens be okay.At times I still have a lot of incessant mind chatter going on during meditation but I also know and feel that I am benefitting greatly from my daily meditation practice.


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thanks Michaela

(19 Feb '10, 21:35) ursixx

You're very welcome:-)

(20 Feb '10, 00:54) Michaela

A very quick QE method I use to get heart-centred is The Thought Stopping Exercise by Dr Frank Kinslow. Get comfortable, close your eyes and ask yourself (mentally) some open-ended question's periodically approximately every 20 seconds.

Each time ask yourself a question, become very aware and wait to see what happens.This creates gaps in your thought train, and after a minute or two you will start to notice yourself relaxing.


Where will my next thought come from?

How long will my next thought last? 

What will my next thought look like?

Where am I in relation to the field of my heart?

You could make some of you own up.

Your left brain (thinking mind) cannot answer these questions and sort of shuts down allowing the right brain (heart-based) to take over:)

Just let go but stay aware each time you ask yourself these questions. Don't try too hard.  You can't make this happen. Thats the left brain trying to make something happen.

I find I can reach very deep states of awareness with Dr Kinslows methods.

There is pure awareness. This is the gap between thoughts and is essentially a non-experience. You don't become aware you experienced this until you start thinking again.

Then there is Eufeeling. This is the mind's first perception of pure awareness.It can be experienced by the mind as calm, joy, bliss, lightness, stillness or peace. It is actually not a feeling but a perception. Sometimes Eufeeling is very fleeting. Dont worry about this. This is not about strength of Eufeeling. How aware you are of Eufeeling is whats really important.  

Then there is a subtler form of awareness in Eufeeling. Dr Kinslow calls this Pure Eufeeling. This is becoming aware of the stillness that is within Eufeeling and this is the most refined experience of awareness we can have. Forming an intention or affirmation from this level of awareness is very powerful.


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I like this. Thanks, @Satori. It's all these little moments that can add up to a good day.

(07 Sep '12, 16:03) Grace

@Satori - Great post. You reminded me that I got hold of his work a few months ago and started listening to the first audio track which talks about the "Eufeeling" which at the time I thought was "You feeling". I will dig out his work again and work my way through. Seems to have worked well for you.

(07 Sep '12, 19:40) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond- Thanks. Ah yes, Eufeeling is short for Euphoric  Feeling:). This is just one technique to reach Eufeeling. There is another called Triangulation which is good. I really like this type of meditation as its gets you centred very quickly. I only used to experience the Eufeeling after a long meditation. With this it only takes a few minutes. And after a while you won't even need a technique. With consistent practise you can become aware of Eufeeling all the time. Enjoy:)

(07 Sep '12, 20:26) Satori

@Grace- Thanks, glad you liked:)

(07 Sep '12, 20:46) Satori

@Grace- You might find this exercise useful for quieting your mind. A few minutes a day here and there really makes a difference:)

(09 Sep '12, 05:39) Satori

Thank you, @Satori. I think that book is still in my Amazon cart. I ended up buying Prescriptions for Happiness first instead. Loved it. I think of Eufeeling as a picture of a very happy lion posted here somewhere...

(09 Sep '12, 19:25) Grace

@Satori-thanks for sharing this technique.i found this a good way of meditation .but i felt some pressure on left side of my brain.sacn you advise taht teh pressure is ok?

(11 Sep '12, 01:59) Zee

@Zee- The key here is to stay relaxed but very aware. Are you straining or focusing too hard? Compare it to being in awe of a beautiful sunset. Your are very aware but very relaxed. I had a similar problem to yours and @Stingray gave me some adviced that really helped.Pressure or pain is a sign of energy not flowing freely. Dont fight the pain or pressure. Try stepping into it. In other words relax into the pain. Let it be. This worked for me:)

(11 Sep '12, 04:09) Satori

@Zee- There is another technique called Triangulation. You focus on two contact points. A and B. These contact points can be anything but if your sitting the most appropiate would be your two index fingers pushed into each thigh. Put ALL your awareness on contact A for about 20 seconds. Then put all your awareness on contact B for about 20 seconds......

(11 Sep '12, 04:22) Satori

@Zee-Then become very aware of both. After a while due to this expanded awareness you will become aware of Eufeeling.Hold the awareness of Eufeeling in your mind while also holding awareness of contact A and B or now just focus exclusively on the Eufeeling.:)

(11 Sep '12, 04:23) Satori

@Satori-thanks you very much.i will difinetly do this.

(11 Sep '12, 05:43) Zee

@Zee- You are welcome, hope this helps:)

(11 Sep '12, 10:48) Satori
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12/Sep/2012: I updated the link leading to the page with the meditation videos

I have been a daydreamer my entire life, I mean and intense daydreamer. In my youth, I used to drift off within my consciousness, while sitting by myself, with my eyes still staying open. A neighbour passing by would often Jolt me out of this fixation, because they said it looked rather disturbing to see a young man sitting by himself staring off into nowhere. One day while coming out of one of these fixations I noticed that I was staring like a deer caught in the headlights. It bothered me and I stopped doing it. Now looking back I should have not stopped. Oh well time moves on & there is noting you can do about the past.

During these times, looking back, I can't remember thinking about any specific thing that connected to any event in my life. In other words I wasn't worrying about my future or lamenting my past. I was daydreaming about concepts. However, my biggest obsession was "How is it that I exist?” It was, and still is, an amazing miracle that this identity or reference point that I refer to as "I" or "Me" exists within my body. Where was it before I was born? What will happen to it when I die?

I refused to accept answers that were pre packaged with conditions attached to it. There were, and are, plenty of books that will give you an answer to those questions. But are you satisfied with them? I am not. I need to know for myself who this person within me is. Not from being taught by another, I want to discover this for myself so that it is real, not just words on paper.

This quest has been life long for me and I don't know, I mean REALLY KNOW, the answer yet. But I have been given wonderful bits & pieces of the puzzle I'm trying to understand.

The reason I spent all that time talking about me is for the following reason. I couldn’t find a mediation technique that satisfied my needs. That's the problem. They are all techniques. A gentle voice within me kept telling me for a long time "Invent your own that works for you" So I had to get to the "why" to figure out the "How". Right now the Why for me is to stop the constant "chatter" of he mind so that I can catch the "gap" in between. Once I knew the "Why" I asked the Universe to show me the "How". The answer came in the form of stumbling on the Nithiyananda meditation videos.

You can go to his website http://meditationisforyou.org/ (Fixed the link on 12 Sep 2012 and click on the You Tube videos link. The once you know what they look like, search within the You Tube interface for a meditation technique that works for you.

There are many assertions that this guy is starting a Cult following & cannot be trusted. My inner feelings are saying the same thing about him. But his techniques come from ancient wisdom, and are very good. Just don't become a disciple, unless that decision feels right to you.

As far as meditation goes, he is a good source of knowledge for many freely available techniques.

But be careful, He is very charismatic & you can lose your "inner sense" very easily with him.

(added later). Just to protect my friends here I have also added this link: http://nithyananda-cult.blogspot.com

I want you to see this contradictory information so that you can know for your self that there are two sides to every coin.

Now you may say "How do I know what to believe?" Are you for or against this guy? The answer is neither. I take only what I want and I always check with the voice (it's not really a voice, it is a feeling) within me to decide what's best for that specific search.


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The Traveller

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Thanks TT.I too "daydream" although I call it zoning out and the funny thing is that my youngest daughter also does. I am not much of a follower.and I don't look good in orange. But I will check it out tomorrow.. its late here

(15 Feb '10, 23:36) ursixx

Me too. Its not good if you stare off into space too long while wearing contact lenses though. :) First blink pops em right out.

(07 Sep '12, 20:43) Grace

thanks again TT @Grace: you nut :P

(12 Sep '12, 07:26) ursixx
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I progressively relax, following the Silva method, and once I am within, do my mental work.

I know there is a school of thought and practice, that one should think of nothing during meditation and in fact, empty one's mind. And that works well for many people. It might be what resonates with you! Everyone is different. I tried that and always, ALWAYS, fell asleep.

I am of the belief that inner work should be done during meditation, and this is my practice. Once I am relaxed, I envision myself in a peaceful and beautiful place. This would be different for each person. I don't see myself there, I AM there. (There is a difference)

After enjoying some relaxation, I do my mental exercises, via the Silva method, which would normally include working on improving relationships, attracting things or situations that I want or need, and just in general being nothing but happy and relaxed. I may even communicate with "the other side" if I am asking for healing, assistance, or advice.

I again use the Silva method to bring myself back, and am always feeling refreshed and peaceful after my meditation periods. If I miss a day or two, I can really feel the stress and pressure.

I highly recommend getting a Silva Method book from the library or book store.


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn I have a Silva mp3 that I listen to also and do find very relaxing

(16 Feb '10, 10:13) ursixx

to not fall asleep meditate with open eyes concentrate and focus on a spot in front of you that is not there to stay aware.

(07 Sep '12, 19:28) white tiger

@white tiger, I tried that when you suggested it to me, and I liked it a lot.

(09 Sep '12, 19:26) Grace
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fix a focus point in front of you that is not there,that will sharpen youre awareness focus and concentration,it will stop you from falling asleep or letting your though wounder around,eventually by doing that you should see a light come in that focus point at that point you are touching the inward the spirit that you are the living one in your presence that focus point is like a mirroir on the mind where you see your own reflection. just learn everything you can from your self and you will know your self.when you fully know your self the 2 becomes one(born of water). for jesus and buddha it was 40 days. if you really are dedicated you can achive it.let there be light ,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


"The body is the holy Bodhi tree, The mind is like a mirror shining bright; Exert yourself to keep them always clean, And never let the dust accumulate."





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white tiger

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