Meditation for me is very personal and very private. I try to find time every day to just "be", to still my mind, to seek God if possible, and to find my center.

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I usually do it on the sly, in short twenty to thirty minute spells. I save longer meditation for special times. as when I am upset, ill, or just out of balance with myself. But even ten minutes of stilling my mind seems better than not doing anything at all. I try to make meditation a part of my day, like breathing. I have started to really work on this, as my temper has been rising lately (It's the heat, I think.) and I am finding it necessary to find spaces in my day to re-center.

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But I wonder...Am I doing it too much? It does not feel so. It feels okay as it is. But I sometimes wonder to myself if I am carrying everything to extremes (I always do), and if I should back off. I get "floaty" at times, and have realized that I need to do grounding exercises to bring myself back to Earth. I have never felt this need to ground; at the same time, I never sensed my chakras more than I do now, so perhaps all my the meditation is doing some good.

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What do think? Can a person do too much meditating? Or is it okay as I am doing it?



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In my experience standard meditating ( thought stopping) for more than 15 minutes a day can be detrimental and make you feel worse.

This is because effective Meditation raises your Present Moment Awareness which in turn makes you more aware of your thought processes. So now your more aware of what your really thinking and feeling it will now feel worse to think those thoughts and feel those emotions.

If you want to meditate for more than 15 minutes a day you will need to use a process in conjunction with meditation to release those "bad" feeling thoughts and emotions to better feeling places. I have found Faster EFT and Focus Blocks useful for this. The paradox of this is using a releasing technique with meditation is that now you will probably not feel the need to meditate for more than 15 minutes a day:)

There is another way though. If you enjoy meditating you might want to do a Vissapana style of meditation. There are many techniques like Quantum Entrainment and the one @Releaser99 mentions in his recent post here for instance that use ideas from this style of meditation.

This approach is not thought stopping but simply bringing your present moment awareness (non-judgmental) and observing what is going on in your body and mind without trying to change it (non-resistance) in any way.

Bringing this neutral presence to what's going in your body and mind will simultaneously raise your awareness and have a similar neutralising effect on limiting thoughts and emotions like EFT and Focus Blocks.

If you have an App device here is a simple guided meditation which uses this approach.

Sorry I'm short on time, ill will add links to this answers when I can:)


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Thank you, @Satori, for the great answer and the link. I was wondering if I was doing too much, but as I read your answer, I realized that I do a lot of the Vissapana type of meditating- I just "float" and Am. Thanks again for your comments! Love, Jai

(11 Jul '13, 18:49) Jaianniah
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