I understand the importance of both releasing resistance, and staying in a positive mood. The results/manifestation that results from doing so are always amazing. However what I would like to know is how to maintain a specific vibration. In my case, I mean a vibration that is not practiced by the majority and is a specific desire you as an individual have.

An example could be this: There is person who wants to become pro in the NBA(not everyone want to be in the NBA). Generally speaking, his life is already pretty good, and he will still be well off regardless whether or not he makes it into the NBA. However this person desires that manifestation simply because he does. In my mind, I would say that if he maintained a general vibration of positive energy, he MIGHT make it to the NBA, but then again he might still lead a happy life doing something else. However, if he some how found a way to hone in on the vibration of "Being" a NBA player, his chances of becoming one is just about guaranteed (granted he already released resistance and all).

My question is what processes do you guys have that can help with maintaining that specific vibration to get you that specific manifestation.

One idea that came to mind is to pretty much "act as if" you already have it, or "act as though" you already are that person.

I would like you guys to share your processes for asking for something specific and maintaining that vibration.

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With time, practice, and much patience, you develop the ability to hold a specific vibration longer, it comes naturally as long as a conscious effort is made to clear the resistance and to never give up until it's dissolved. A common mistake that's made with practicing deliberate creators is that they tend to try and make big leaps at a vibrational[feeling] level, this is a backwards approach, it is important to clear away any resistance you may have around any specific thing or circumstance you wish to allow into your physical reality firsthand. While ''acting as if'' is a recommended practice, it can serve no purpose for someone who's just beginning to practice the law of attraction, because it may more than likely stir up any resistance [limiting beliefs] a person may still have. To maintain a specific vibration for an extended amount of time around any kind of resistance will yield very limited results, however, if there is no resistance around a specific subject [desire] the vibration will be more pure [a match] and have much more clarity, as well as become easier and easier to maintain longer and longer. A pure non-resistant focus [vibration] is very magnetic, but one doesn't need to focus constantly, it isn't necessary to do so, as it can turn into forced effort at some point, and manifesting isn't forced effort, manifesting is allowing. This is why I'm such a strong proponent of practicing the art of letting go and allowing, once you've let go of all judgments of self and others, cleared all of the resistance and allowed the release of the negative momentum [wounded ego] there is nothing standing between you and your chosen physical reality, and when you return to focus on your desired reality, if you still choose to do so, you'll be emitting a much stronger, more pure magnetic energy, of course extended focus [vibration] won't be necessary because it will ALREADY be your dominant focus [vibration] anyway, so from there you'd allow your chosen reality to unfold in it's own perfect time. Maintaining a specific vibration as long as possible is recommended, but only when you've let go and released resistance, making the vibration much easier to maintain as it builds positive momentum and becomes the dominant vibration, equally important is to be in a state of appreciation and allowing, instead of forcing the chosen vibration for an extended period of time, to manifest a specific outcome.


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alt textThis video I have shared before. Fake it till you make it. it's along the lines of Stingrays answer. One is also reminded of the A-H Wallet process of thinking that you have an amount of money in your wallet and you spend it everyday. your on the right track in thinking "act as if" In the LOA it is the accepting part of the equation. Accept that you are a member of a NBA team.
Thanks for the timely quote Eddie


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The wallet process sounds great @Ursixx. I will try it. But I wonder how it might translate to something like believing there is an abundance of nice people/potential mates or good jobs in the world for example. Maybe just go around pointing out people in your mind as you go about and think this is probably a nice person? I find it easier to believe that there is an abundance of money than of the other things I've mentioned.

(03 Mar '15, 02:49) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty implying that someone is nice or not nice requires judging them. What if you saw them as people without judging them, as an extension of yourself.And the nicer you are the harder it is to meet people that are "not nice"... imho

(03 Mar '15, 03:14) ursixx

ok, I see what you mean. Thanks. Some people are 'not nice' though, e.g. those who do beheadings in the Middle East. Now that doesn't mean I hate them or cannot understand what motivates them or would want anything harmful to happen to them. I just wouldn't want to associate with them or attract them into my reality.

(03 Mar '15, 04:10) Inner Beauty

Although I didn't mean that the practice would be to go around judging whether someone was nice or not, but to try to see more people as being nice rather than neutral.. but I will try practicing being 'non-judgmental'!! :-)

(03 Mar '15, 04:11) Inner Beauty

Every single person in the world is God/Source/You, no exceptions. So if you look at it in that way they must ALL be perfect and worthy of love whatever they do and create in 'their' reality. If you look at the emotional guidance scale you can see that all they are trying to do when feeling revenge/anger is feel better. They are looking for an escape upwards from depression/powerless. You have to offer love to them when you know that, because they have strayed far far from who they really are.

(03 Mar '15, 06:49) Yes

Thanks @yes. I have no problem with offering love in my heart to people who have done even unimaginable things. (Of course this is more easily said than done when it doesn't involve one's own family)!

(03 Mar '15, 08:03) Inner Beauty

I know personally some of the people with the greatest forgiveness in their hearts for people who have cruelly abused and tortured them in prison and killed their relatives (religious persecution of members of my Faith). They are really living these teachings rather than paying lip service as some are wont to do while living comfortable lives.

(03 Mar '15, 08:04) Inner Beauty

However, what I was asking was about bringing more people whom I consider loving and who I feel a connection with into my reality. Like here on IQ! :-) I do note though the importance of trying to love everyone no matter who or what they've done.

(03 Mar '15, 08:05) Inner Beauty

BTW If anyone wants to see true love of humanity in the face of cruelty and enmity by those who are imprisoning and torturing others you might want to read this poetry collection - this is love in action and true non judgement! I'll be doing a reading of her poems in a couple of nights. http://bahaiblog.net/site/2013/12/prison-poems-by-mahvash-sabet/

(03 Mar '15, 08:12) Inner Beauty

I would cultivate the vibration of an abundance of people with whom you share a connection. So EXPECT (keyword!) to find lots of loving people that you feel that spark with, everywhere you go. Play a game with yourself, maybe, for example, any time you see a person with blonde hair think and believe that you will share a deep connection. There are LOTS of people with blonde hair out there, you could literally see hundreds in a day if you went out in a crowd. You could slowly trick yourself....

(03 Mar '15, 08:33) Yes

... into believing that people that you share a connection are as easy to find as people with blonde hair. There are lots of people you could spark with, everywhere living and working all around you. Vibrational change is really just shifting a dominant belief from a lack stance to an abundance stance. I find when I 'play' in this way reality shifts in an easier way than trying to change reality through effort. (The 'blonde hair' is just an example, you could change the definition to anything.)

(03 Mar '15, 08:37) Yes

Thanks @yes. So helpful! I'm really touched by all the generosity of help here. Hope it helps the original poster too.

(03 Mar '15, 10:15) Inner Beauty

You're very welcome. :)

(03 Mar '15, 13:19) Yes
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Derek Rydall does a nice audio that you can listen to every day where he asks you to step into and visualise who you want to be and your future.It's free: http://derekrydall.com/vibrationradiation/

I'm pretty bad at routine, but when I do listen to it, it does raise my vibration around who I want to be in the world. I also know that Lisa Nichols is big on visualisation and has visualisations where she gets you to do the same.

I personally think it's very hard to maintain these vibrations, so maybe with a little regular directed help from an audio it might be easier to get into the feeling.


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Inner Beauty

Also a tap along from Brad Yates in redefining yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhdPBjc6Qec

(03 Mar '15, 04:07) Inner Beauty

thanks for the link to Dereck, man.

(03 Mar '15, 15:38) lilfrankster101
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Hi @lilfrankster101, in essence it's all about acting on matter and situations using the power of the mind.

Here's a simple and easy method to maintain a specific vibration for as long as you wish. First of all draw a rectangle on a sheet of white bristol paper so as to create a space measuring 195mm x 276mm using a black lead pencil or better still indian ink. The rim should be 25mm wide.

alt text

Now draw a lozenge shape in the center of this box. It should measure 178mm high and 122mm wide. At each point draw a circle diameter 33mm. The lines of the lozenge should be 4mm in thickness. And to finish the template draw a channeled cross in the center of the lozenge, the channels are 4mm wide.

The template should now look like this

alt text

If you wish you can obtain it directly from servranx the original conceptors.

Place this template on a flat horizontal surface in a calm place and line it up with magnetic north using a compass, and using black ink write clearly your aim on a square of white bristol paper. You now have the vibrational pattern of your aim that you place on the central cross. On top of this document place the vibrational pattern of yourself e.g. photo, and just allow it to do all the work for you.

As for driving a car you don't need to know how it all functions but for those that like to delve into such things here's a few explications of the basic principles involved;

Black on white creates the highest tension providing a clear cut contrast where dark and light meet. Shape, size and colour all contribute to creating the exact desired vibration. The frame provides a private space within which instructions in the form of symbols are placed. Any symbols can be used including words which however should be kept to a minimum because they often form an intricate puzzle. This is where geometric forms come into play, they provide precise objective instructions in the form of clear cut patterns.

The private space represents a boundless state of indefinite position and momentum, it could be considered as the void or zero-point energy. A practical way of knowing what this means is to draw a simple cross on a sheet of paper

alt text

and hold a pendulum over the center. So long as you think of nothing in particular, the pendulum remains immobile, center your thoughts on something in particular and the pendulum will gradually swing in a particular direction. Center your thoughts on something else and the pendulum will gradually swing in a different direction. A cross acts as a vibration separator, vibration meaning to move back and forth, to have momentum, to animate.

The lozenge acts as a coordinator of psychic influences and the circles ensure that the energy at each point is distributed evenly.

As already demonstrated a cross diagram acts as a energy separator, in other words it separates a particular energy into it's constituent parts, just as a prism separates white light into a colour spectrum. The phenomenon of manifesting thought energy using a cross diagram is easy to experience with the aid of a pendulum, it's one of the first lessons for beginners.

Once you've installed the complete setup it enters immediately into action and with the aid of a pendulum you can verify that it's functioning correctly. It will take a day or two to fill up with ambient energy and come fully into action and aligned, once it does you can easily detect a regular north south pulsing.

In fact I could go on and on explaining why align it with north, about the energy flows and the automatic feedback system but the only really effective thing is to just do it and experience the validity of all this yourself. It's just as easy and practical as getting into a car, starting it and driving off.

Putting it simply, regular use of this method enables you to automatically and progressively gently squeeze all the deep-seated emotional poop out of your life and attain all the goodies that you could ever desire.


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