Since the Manifestation Experiment 1 is closed, where do I record my vibrational matches? Please don't tell the google group. I went there and the site is not used much. I have many fine things to report. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has this concern. I would appreciate some answers. Oh and please don't tell me it's not a legitimate question.

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Hi Tom, the experiment is not closed - you may be looking at something else by mistake. You can find the Manifesting 1 Experiment at this link:

(01 Nov '10, 14:26) Barry Allen ♦♦

Barry, Thanks for the link. When I typed it in didn't work. Click your link and all is well. I have a lot to report so after clicking the link I bookmarked it. Now all is well. Will get my matches in there soon.

(01 Nov '10, 22:47) Tom
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Some thoughts:

  1. Read the FAQ. It explains the purpose of the site, and gives a brief introduction into the question and answer process.

  2. Read some of the questions and answers. This will give you a flavor for the nature of the website and the interactions of its members. If you read the Manifesting Experiment 1 post, you will find that several people have already posted their vibrational matches as answers.

  3. If you have a specific question about Manifesting Experiment 1, the author of that post has already suggested that you can ask a new question, tag it with the manifesting-experiment-1 tag, and he will answer it personally.

  4. A complete guide to the Manifesting Experiments series of posts can be found here.


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