People tend to have mixed feelings about competition and trying to outperform somebody else in several aspects of life, whether it is sports, work or financial success.

I am personally quite competitive in all aspects of my life and I think it benefits me as I am constantly trying to get better at everything I do. I was wondering what sort of attitude is best to hold towards competition and when we should refrain from being competitive from a law of attraction's point of view? Should we only be competing if it is fun and not when we are trying to prove that we are better?

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Competition is what makes our country great, it drives down prices and drives up quality, it is how our computers keep getting cheaper but as well faster, more memory, and better.

If we had competition in health care, it would solve the health care problem easy, if Doctors had to compete and hospitals had to compete for your patronage, quality of service and products would climb as well as prices would drop. Unfortunately our government seems to think regulation is the answer, control so you have no choice if it is a medical issue. People can't just start up their own medical business with their own formulas of medicine to compete against the AMA, legally they would be shut down fast before they could compete.

I'll tell a story here of an herbal doctor, this is a true story I have it in one of my Dr. Richard Schulze books. There was a boy that was dying this family sent for a doctor, the doctor came and checked out the boy, he said "there is nothing I can do, make him comfortable I'll be back in a while to check on him." The family did not want to accept that, so they looked around and found Dr. Schulze teacher Dr. John R. Christopher he came and checked the boy out and said "I'll see what I can do." He wrapped the boy's feet with herbs, and told them to let him rest. The next day the boy was out of bed and playing the original doctor came back expecting to pronounce the boy dead officially, and he saw the boy out of bed and playing!!! The doctor was shocked he said "what happened?" The family said "oh we called another doctor that came and cured him", he said "how the boy was dying there was nothing that could be done!" They said "oh he was an herbalist he cured him with herbs", the doctor responded, "What's his name, I am going to sue him for malpractice!!!" At that they kicked him out of their house!


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Often a behavior can look the same on the outside but have different motivations on the inside.

A goal strictly to be better than someone else for personal gratification may be a bit selfish. One must examine himself; only he can know.

A goal to give - now that is great. To give all you've got. The result will of course be excellence. The result even may be superiority. But it wouldn't ever be linked with arrogance.

How do some people suceed so much and yet have such humble dispositions? I would venture to say they are all about giving - of themselves, of their best effort in everything they do and the result is that they touch lives and excel in all they do.


answered 18 Feb '10, 15:21

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I think the key is to determine the reason you are competing. If it is to improve yourself or your performance and the competition is used as a motivation for doing so I think that is fine. However if you are driven by a 'need' to win or prove yourself better, then I think there is a need to re-evaluate. As human beings we are all given different talents and competition can be a way to foster and nurture those talents - 'wanting' to win can be ok but 'needing' to win is not a healthy driving force - you have to be able to differentiate between the two.


answered 17 Feb '10, 15:35

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