Our eyes perceive a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Beyond their limits, our visual reality does not exist for us.

Our ears perceive only a small part of all that is available to hear (Dogs, for example, can hear much more). Beyond the limits of our hearing, our sound-based reality does not exist for us.

And so on for our other physical senses.

In other words...

Physical Reality = The sum of our vibrational interpretations of Sight + Sound + Smell + Touch + Taste

This represents the common physical world that all of us have decided to play in.

But what is the basis for those limitations? What about all the things that we can't sense?

In other words, why don't we see heat or microwaves, or why don't we hear dog whistles, or why can't we feel still air...and so on.

Why are the limits on our senses for our current physical reality exactly where they are?

Or does this physical reality just consist of a random mix?

asked 18 Feb '10, 13:05

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Very interesting question. I will have to give this one some thought before answering.

(18 Feb '10, 13:19) Pink Diamond

But what happens when the rules are changed, and you are not quite sure what A Reality Truly Is?

(20 Feb '10, 06:49) Roy

What if there are people who can see another form of life that feeds our Reality?

(21 Feb '10, 04:18) Roy
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Great question Stingray - I'll look forward to reading some of the answers on this one. Our physical reality is made up of what we perceive with our five senses and then there is our sixth sense intuition - that instinctive knowing or feeling we get about something - even though we can't perceive it with our five senses does it make it less of a reality? Some people are born psychic - they are able to naturally tap into that intuition at a very young age and perceive and pick up on things from another realm. So are the limits for our current physical reality created because our mind sets those limits - the minds of people hundreds of years ago could not comprehend airplanes, computers, cellphones etc., hence those things did not exist. I guess the more openminded we become the more possibility for our physical reality to change and the more we tune in to that Universal Mind - who knows what the limits are.


answered 18 Feb '10, 14:33

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It sounds as if your premise is that our senses are arbitrarily confined to a narrow spectrum of their possible range.

But our eyes have evolved to see the colors of light that we see, because the vast majority of light output from the sun occurs at those frequencies. Our ears hear the frequencies they do because they are optimized for speech.

In nature, when animals can hear higher frequencies, there is always some specialized use. Bats, for example, hear much higher frequencies than we do, but they use those frequencies for navigation (sonar, essentially).

In theory, we could have evolved senses to observe microwave radiation. But there is no purpose for this. The only natural source for microwave radiation is space, but the atmosphere screens out that radiation, which is why we had to put Hubble in orbit in order to observe it.


answered 18 Feb '10, 14:44

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edited 18 Feb '10, 14:52


I understand what you are saying but the argument feels circular to me. You are saying our physical senses have evolved to interpret the reality that exists. Okay then, why does the physical reality that exists to observe exist at those frequencies? Why not other ones? Also, how can you be sure that other combinations of our physical senses that interpret different vibrational frequencies would not be more useful to us?

(18 Feb '10, 15:31) Stingray

"Why does the physical reality that exists to observe exist at those frequencies? Why not other ones?" Because of the Anthropic principle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropic_principle

(18 Feb '10, 15:40) Vesuvius

"Also, how can you be sure that other combinations of our physical senses that interpret different vibrational frequencies would not be more useful to us?" -- I'm not. But in order for that to be true, you would have to change both humans and the universe at the same time. The evidence of nature always suggests that the universe and living things evolve concurrently and simultaneously to their most optimum possible cooperative state.

(18 Feb '10, 15:44) Vesuvius

If you believe that our physical reality was created by thought (i.e. manifestation), then you must also believe that the frequencies that are emitted by the sun were chosen specifically.

(18 Feb '10, 15:49) Vesuvius

Having given some thought to your "circular argument" statement, I would respond that the universe was created in a way that makes it "self-consistent." The laws of physics are what they are because they "work." For example, the atoms in molecules are held together by forces that follow very specific rules. Without these rules, matter would simply fly apart.

(18 Feb '10, 21:52) Vesuvius

Remember the question, "If like attracts like, then why do electrons repel?" This is why. The rules say that charged particles are balanced by oppositely charged particles, and this is what gives molecules their stability, and all of their other unique chemical properties. The rules by which charged particles work lies at the very heart of how the universe is constructed, why it functions in such beautiful and orderly precision, and how it makes life as we know it possible.

(18 Feb '10, 22:00) Vesuvius
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After giving this one some thought, I have not been able to come to a valid explanation.

This is a similar question to the one you asked about 'Why are our physical bodies shaped the way they are?'.

I believe that there are an infinite number of universes out there and each one has been created to be different from any other one.

Although I don't believe that our universe is a random mix, I do believe that it has been created to be a mix that is different from the other universes so that the experiences we have (which is our contribution to the universe and how it grows and expands) are different.

So, what I am saying is, I don't think we can look at our universe by itself, but in relation to the whole (which contains everything including all other universes) and from our physical perspective, I believe this is not possible as we are limited by our time and space reality.

So, in a sense, although the answer to your question does exist, we will never be able to understand it from our physical time and space perspective.


answered 19 Feb '10, 15:35

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Pink Diamond

edited 20 Feb '10, 15:54

what if the way we live is what needs to change; the equipment may be in place but we don't know how to maintain or use it to its capacity. the food and liquid consumed, the air breathed, the thought forms preoccuping our mind if any may be clogging our ability to receive what is out there.


answered 20 Feb '10, 18:45

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