I can't tell you how many times I have gotten excited about purchasing something, and then got buyer's remorse afterwords.

People get excited about buying lottery tickets and winning at the casino tables all the time, but the vast majority come away from these activities poorer than when they started.

Disappointed expectations are practically a cliché.

Is excitement really a valid indicator that you are moving in the right direction, i.e. towards your desired manifestation?

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have you figured it out by now?:) i ask myself the same question over and over again but i can't get a accurate answer. the only thing i know is if i am in the vortex some addicted behaviours like wanting to play videogames for hours naturally disappear. maybe the answer is somehow to act only on your exitment in the vortex? but i'm not sure yet.

(26 Oct '12, 11:49) releaser99

@releaser- I think @Vesuvius would know the answer by now. It's weird (but true); we are a completely new person every moment, and most defiantly very new and different every year. When I first started posting questions back in 2011 I hardly understood things as clear as I do now...It's sort of embarrassing to look at how tragic my old questions were as a secret cry for help, as opposed to a genuine LOA concept clarification style question as I believe I ask these days.

(27 Oct '12, 01:58) Nikulas

And to actually chip into this question, yes, excitement always leads to better and better things. Bashar drills it into practically everyone that asks him a question that that's all you have to do. "Disappointed expectations are practically a cliche" Ditto to that. If you have expectations with your excitement, then I will bodly instruct that that is not pure excitement- to put it better, excitement is in the doing, not the achieving or having....

(27 Oct '12, 02:03) Nikulas

thank you @nikulas . i appreciate your answer and i really believe this to be true. i first started with emotional clearing methods not knowing anything about loa. then i found this site and suddenly all kinds of other metaphysical topics caught my interest. so my questions and believes about things that i found to be true before changed also. i know this is a spiritual journey, so getting insights from others that are a few steps ahead is really valuable. thank you all!

(27 Oct '12, 02:42) releaser99

My comment/answer screwed up in the format with my computer lagging. Sorry guys, I've got my full answer in the answers section now.

(27 Oct '12, 04:03) Nikulas
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I think it is a valid indicator, but I also think it's important to remember that all physical manifestations are temporary so that feeling of excitement is only a fleeting one based on the enjoyment of the current manifestation.

I think the more lasting feelings aren't dependent on things but as Jai hinted at in her answer they're always there and available when we access the authentic nature of our being :)


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As a late chip-in to this question, yes, excitement always leads to better and better things. Bashar drills it into practically everyone that asks him a question (even of unrelated things) that following your excitement is very basic way to live a life of your dreams. We live in a world controlled by the Law of Attraction- taking things with passion will only lead you to things to experience more passion.

"Disappointed expectations are practically a cliche" Indeed, very true.

If you have expectations with your excitement, then I will boldly instruct that that is not pure excitement; to put it better, excitement is in the doing, not the achieving or having....

Thus, to test one if gambling really is in their highest excitement to an extreme level (I don't recommend this), why not go out to a casino and gamble away every last penny you have, and just keep going and going and going and going for a set amount of time.....

Regardless if you come out broke or a millionaire, if gambling is a passion for you, the amount of $$$ won or lost shouldn't bother you at all. But I'll just enlighten everyone saying that I can guess perhaps only every millionth person will have an excitement for gambling.

To put it on a much more, perhaps, common context: What if all of your best friends called you up, on a moment and time you were free, and invited you to go out with them and pay a very quick trip to a casino, have a meal and see a movie. Now that will probably contain more excitement to the average person rather than driving up to play poker for 3 hours just for the fun in holding a couple of cards. Remember, it is in the doing and being, not the end result.

Surfers have a collected dream that they could ride the biggest wave of their life.....And never reach the shore :)


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...excitement is in the doing, not the achieving or having.... I think you've nailed it there, @Nikulas. I've just read all these answers, and I think you have clearly stated what everyone was trying to put their finger on. You've made this idea clear in my head, anyway. Well said! Thank you. :)

(27 Oct '12, 06:28) Grace

V- I feel that we must define what "excitement" means before I can answer your question. I know it is the top of that ladder of happiness-measurement that is referred to a lot on this site...I think that there is a BIG difference between the "excitement" of winning at poker or the casinos and what I would call "inner excitement".

Think about Maslow's self-actualization pyramid for a minute. Maslow talks about "self-actualization" as the highest point of human experience. A self-actualizer is truly involved in life, in what he or she is doing....actually, in love with living. Helen Keller comes to mind instantly. Einstein. Mozart. Michaelangelo. Not every self-actualized person is famous, but they seem to be few and far between. The "excitement" of self-actualization is what I think is the goal we want to aim for...and I think that word is really the wrong word to describe the feeling.

I could go on, but I am hoping is that maybe others will read my answer, and perhaps take the ball and run a little further with it than I have.

Blessings, and Happy Editing, Jaianniah


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Is there a better word than "excitement" to describe the feeling of self-actualization?

(30 Dec '09, 05:14) Vesuvius

Yes, I think there is, but I could not think of a word! Jai

(30 Dec '09, 05:22) Jaianniah

@Ves and Jai: I think the word you may be looking for is "euphoria!"

(31 Jul '11, 01:54) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you, Vesuvius. To quote "Dirty Harry", you made my day! And the word I have been looking for is....two words....deepest-gratification! Love,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(02 Aug '11, 04:32) Jaianniah
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Only the lower self ego gets excited. Also that is why "it" is disappointed afterwards. Ego: never happy with now, poor guy :-)

True self doesn't care about anything that has to do with anticipation. Anticipation and excitement are indicators of not being content with the present moment.


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Yesterday I received my daily Abraham quote

"The Universe is abundant with everything you want.It is not testing you, its benevolently providing for you.But you are the Orchestrator You are the definer, and you do it through your joyous anticipation. If there is an emotion you are wanting to foster that would serve you very very well it is expectation . It is excited anticipation "

(26 Oct '12, 20:31) Starlight

Let's see if this explanation works.

Excitement is kind of like love, which can be conditional or unconditional. So if you're excited about something but only under the condition that you'll get the result that you're looking for, that's kind of like conditional love. If the excitement is there regardless of the outcome, that's like unconditional love. If your love for something is conditional upon it's outcome, then you're creating a limit within your state of mind, and this creates resistance. Of course there's nothing wrong with resistance, but we're assuming here that you don't want that. So what you'll want to do is to follow what excites you unconditionally.

If money is involved, the key to keep in mind is that money is just a tool that we use to measure the value of things. And we measure things through investment, not exchange. Most people on earth today seem to have this confused. So when you buy anything, don't think of it as an exchange, because then you're assuming a finite amount of money in this universe, and it'll create more resistance. Money grows infinitely so don't worry about it too much. Just concentrate on the level of happiness that you're getting from that thing that you're investing in, whether it be your clothes, a breakfast sandwich, or a lottery ticket.

If you are playing a game though (or if you can't help but feel resistance towards the prospect of losing money), one thing you might want to try is to take note of the worst case scenario and make peace with it. Don't worry about that thought being manifested because you're doing it to loosen the resistance, not increase it.


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There maybe a confusion here between excitement as an indicator & excitement as an addiction. When the idea of excitement is used in the context of manifestation, it is often in the reference of sorting out a choice between two unknown outcomes.

When you are following the excitement of a known outcome, with the intent of repeating an expected outcome we are dealing more with addiction than excitement. We are not dealing with addiction like alcoholism. We are dealing with addiction to an emotion combined with experience.


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The Traveller

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How can you tell the difference between excitement as an indicator & excitement as an addiction? Im not sure I understand what you mean by "the excitement of a known outcome, with the intent of repeating an expected outcome."

(30 Dec '09, 05:16) Vesuvius

I'm amazed that my answer today to this question http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/15901/do-all-of-our-ideas-really-manifest-in-our-reality-in-some-form actually answers this question with the same ideas as I used here 1 1/2 years ago.

(30 Jul '11, 19:44) The Traveller

Should we put all our eggs in one basket? Of course not, because there is a chance that one or more can be broken.

And we have seen in many situations, whereby excitement was turned into disappointment based upon our expectation and how the law works, and this is an indication that it does not always work for us, or against us, but in our best interest!


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Interesting posts. I'd love to dig in deep about excitement and what it truly entails.

What do you make of someone being very excited about moving from an apt into a home? Where a backyard and and extra room is available for the kids and the dogs.

What about the man to see their favorite artist/sports icon play in front of them? excited to see a movie?

My first gut instinct about excitement is that the word itself is too deceptive and vague. Sometimes excitement can be a form of addiction, for example a kid who loves to play video games for 12 hours, he gets excited, then he clings onto it for other emotional dependencies of validation and significance.

Shouldn't we try and strive to feel excited about our life in every moment, excited about now? I am not sure what excitement truly indicates.

Its like going from low to highs, if I am excited about something like a move to a new place, what does it tell about my happiness of my current situation. This for me indicates my unrest of my present moment, my Non-excited state. I feel like all of the happiness and all of the excitement and love for life could be alive in us every moment, our minds make these choices and conditions, if we teach ourselves enough about our being, nature and the universes we can surely feel nirvana in every moment, the move is suddenly not so grand, the gambling winnings are nothing compared to...

Seeing as there are really only two true emotions, Love and Fear. What category does excitement fall under?
Excited about love? excited about life? Isn't that a positive indicator for LOVE.

is it possible to be excited about life all the time? don't we have to have emotional rhythms? staying High all the time is natural? Can it be done? I'd like to ask Buddha, Jesus...and You and Me. I'd like to ask Nature. I'd like to ask the very molecules that gave me life and consciousness. I'd like to ask God of all known an unknown, what IS.

Is it possible to LOVE always, life and everything that IS?

I think the answer is yes. That is what excites me ;)


answered 22 Mar '13, 16:41

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Mika Sakvareli

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