Since you have created this reality from your beliefs, what is it about this particular set of beliefs that attracted you to this life in the first place?

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Hi Vesuvius, as I mentioned in another comment just now, these multipart questions are difficult to answer unless you assume the title is the real question. And in another of your previous comments, when I answered just the title you seemed to imply that you actually wanted all your embedded questions answered as well. It would be better for us in the "audience" if you focused your questions down to one that just captured the essence of what you want to know and let us focus on that. It makes it more difficult to write the question but I think everyone benefits from the specific focus

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The questions collectively paint a broader picture. However, I'll do my best to accomodate.

(14 Nov '09, 07:54) Vesuvius

OK, I have separated the questions into separate postings; hope this helps.

(14 Nov '09, 08:38) Vesuvius

Thank you - that helps

(14 Nov '09, 09:15) Stingray
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I think each of us has different areas in which we need to learn and grow. Every experience here provides us with the opportunity for the growth we need, when we learn the lesson we need the Universe will provide another challenge or opportunity for growth. For each of us these challenges or opportunities will be different, as each of our beings has different lessons to learn, hence the diversity in our life experiences. When we don't take the lesson we need for our growth from the situation provided, that is when we become stuck in a rut and cannot move on until we get the lesson


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I believe we come here to this existence pretty much for the same reasons people like scary movies or fun houses or thrill rides. It is the excitement, the drama of conflict and emotion, the passion of life and death, pleasure and pain the joy of contentment away from both. When we see what we do not want, we feel compassion and what that feels like, and if to us something happens and we feel helpless and hurt then someone helps we feel the joy of gratefulness.

It seems we come to experience emotion as a roller coaster that last until death, with extreme highs and lows, and when the ride is over we can say wow what an experience that life was!


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Wade Casaldi

They say we choose to come to this world and expeirence things to make us an better person. Maybe we were rich in another life and now we have to learn to appreciate people reguardless of their status, race, class or creed. I am still trying to get my fingers around all of this.

The poverty, the sickness, limitations and etc. It is all I assume to awaken our own sense of perpetual gifts that have layed dormat within us waiting on us to realize the power the Lord has given us and that we need to love one another and trust God and take care of mother earth as we continue on our journey of self discovery.

We are learning the power of the spoken word and the thoughts we think and let occupy our minds. We must be very careful of the tongue for it has the power to speak life an death or happiness, abundance, good health, joy.


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