Getting into the vortex is the same terminology as feeling good, which is also the same as being one with God or Source.

Death is the equation in which your reunite with source.

Then why is suicide viewed as such a dark and horrible act, considering you will become one with source again?

I have accustomed my knowledge that everybody, including myself, is 100% respeonsible for the life they have created (that includes being born in whatever environment as well), and that every day you are creating your life. I have conditioned my brain to believe that we are always manifesting and responsible for everything that happens. If you ask, and you don't physically recieve, it is only your own fault.

And one of the solutions to negative being appears to pop under reuniting with God. Well, considering Abraham classifies every death as a metaphorical 'suicide', is the real act of suicide a bad idea?

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By the way, I just wanted to talk to God, or some other spiritual voice. Unhappy with my life, I did try and kill myself ONLY so that I could hopefully experience heaven...I got a flash of white light and that was all hahaha. Damn

(07 Jan '12, 10:02) Nikulas

if u wnat to experiance god,, ro higer energy ,, hacve u tryed meditation? i have helped soooo mny people reach higher levels of connectuion and i even have onemeditation that can link to my source and then he helps link to ur higher consiesness. if this si all u want, i will and can help u if u wnat it ! get me here if u want or my utube page whic is listed on my profile!/profile.php?id=100001951475374

(07 Jan '12, 10:49) TReb Bor yit-NE

Nikulas please seek profesional help you dont have to suffer needlesly.

(08 Jan '12, 03:41) Paulina 1

Nikulas - "hahaha. Damn" --- NOT funny. I certainly hope you were joking. Do you have any idea what suicide does to the people you leave behind? Give that some thought... Suicide is a selfish act... also, a very hateful act. It's NO ticket to heaven - you'll get thrown back to earth fast - to do it all over again. Life is a gift - it's sacred.

(08 Jan '12, 23:56) ele

Nikulas - I'm sorry, I could have been kinder - suicide is nothing to joke about. Maybe you are serious. I truly hope not. Some people mask their pain by making jokes and you could be seriously contemplating taking your life. Please don't. Please talk to someone and get help..........

(09 Jan '12, 00:26) ele

That's interesting. How did you actually attempt to kill yourself? Anyway, if you have been on this site frequently enough would you not have realized by now there might not really be such a thing as 'Heaven'?

(09 Jan '12, 06:34) kakaboo

It's very possible both heaven and hell are right here on earth. I think WE create our own heaven and hell right here. It's what we make out of this human journey and if we don't learn our life lessons - we come back to do it all over again and maybe again and again until we learn what our soul needs and we evolve.. I don't know about you, Nikulas - but I don't want to do it again and again and whether there is or is NOT a heaven - I'm certain suicide will NOT get you there and is NOT the answer you are seeking

(09 Jan '12, 23:32) ele

nikulas i have said it before death by destruction of the body is wrong. if you are really in a dark night of the soul use that opportunity to meditate and go with in. that dark energy that surround you do not serve you but light your lamp and look at those shadow you will see the futility of it. it is only sorrow fear poverty etc.. why it is opportunity you will ask me? because your attachement is very low so you can meditate and remove those veils of the mind alot more easy that if you would have lots of attachement binding you.try it meditate and see the truth. death is not the answer.

(12 Jan '12, 00:39) white tiger

I just remembered a very good point Suicide is Against the Law! That is something else to consider, it would be breaking the law, so if nothing else consider the law. :-)

(12 Jan '12, 21:24) Wade Casaldi
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Hi Nikulas, Suicide is wrong, wrong, wrong. Why? Because the most precious gift a human being has is the gift of life. Yes even our physical life. It is also extremly selfish for those that love us will blame themselves and go through a terible time mourning and thinking had they done things differently they could have prevented the loss of a loved one.

Everything you make them go through you will eventualy experiance yourself so you will be doing yourself a great wrong. Suicide is never the right answer and is in fact the most wrong thing to do.

You want to experiance God so do it some other way or wait your turn but don't choose the selfish way that will hurt others or make their lives miserable. Why not rather look at what is good in life, and yes even the most miserable have something good only they can't see it.

I do understand that the majority of people that take their own life do so out of desperation and depression and just want to end their suffering and misery permanently but to want suicide to experiance God is rediculus. I dont believe anyone would be that stupid and I think there is an underlying hiden cause and should be discovered and worked on so that a true cause can be found.

Dont take life so seriously just have fun and don't analyse everything that happens and think you caused it yourself for we do have God within us but it is only a drop in the ocean of God so lighten up and enjoy your life don't second guess it.

If you need help please seek it for it is there.


answered 08 Jan '12, 03:37

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Paulina 1

Very good answer and much agreed Paulina! :-)

(08 Jan '12, 10:29) Wade Casaldi

Lol... A wonderful answer. =)

(12 Jan '12, 01:57) Snow

Well no it is not damnation, but people do not kill themselves to "be with god" they do it because their lives have become unbearable. I work part time on suicide hot-line and no one calls me and says : I feel good and I want to rejoin god" they say, my life is so messed up that I can no longer handle it!
THAT is NOT a good way to leave this life. my source explains that when you die, you take the beliefs and energy you have when you do die, and if you cant handle that life, you trap yourself in to reliving that life in the afterlife, reexamine and re-look and replay it over and over, and when you stay on one life you learn nothing. You no longer grow, and if you die with these kind of pains they dot stop until you see the truth and most in these kinds of emotional and energetic imbalances, can not see the way.

love n light



answered 07 Jan '12, 09:40

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I really like what you explained here.

The quote "Suicide is a temporary solution to a permanent problem" is often not understood, and in my personal interpretation it is because you DO carry on much of your consciousness when you die, even if you don't know it.

I've heard 'legends' regarding reincarnation and suicide, implying that once you begin a cycle of trying to 'escape' life it become worse and more difficult to battle in the next life, and so on and so on.

Your entire post intrigues me because I've heard a lot of it before from others. =]

(12 Jan '12, 02:27) Snow

ty snow, yes it is very common, the people who ae traped here on earth as spirits do because they havnt fixed that neggitive energy . and that can cause them to spend alt opf time toturing themselfs for hunderds , thousands of years , and it is always better just to do it in life.

(12 Jan '12, 12:21) TReb Bor yit-NE

If you want to see what suicide is to those that have achieved it check pages 108-127 of this book Thirty Years Among The Dead. You will see not only is Treb right about repeating trying to kill yourself over and over you will experience the anguish they go through as told by themselves. Not only this many times suicides are influenced by evil spirits and you don't know it until too late when you see your body and a dark man laughing at you. You wait out the time you would have lived on earth in the Earth plane feeling totally helpless and despair.


answered 07 Jan '12, 11:03

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Wade Casaldi

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yes brother , this i strue to. many do not accpeet this idea, but you are absoulutly correct. ty much for sharing this.lnl

(07 Jan '12, 11:10) TReb Bor yit-NE

Over the weekend, the son of a business associate of mine from my old home town area took his own life. He was in his early twenties and at a party with friends, drinking. He brought his shotgun into the house and shot himself in the head, right in front of all his friends. Several of his friends were splattered with brain matter and blood. I'm sure his friends will NEVER forget this and will be traumatized for a very long time and some possibly for years and years. I know both his mom and dad and his older brother. They are good people and he comes from a loving family. His family is devastated - so much so - there are no plans for a funeral till the end of next week.

Nikulas, I hope you are still with us and you have found help. Please, please don't try this again. I don't know what your life is like - but I do know - God (Universe) loves you and wants you to live. Go for a walk - exercise, sun and fresh air - get back to nature - this will bring you closer to God. Right now, my mom is back in the hospital and I'm here with her - she's values life so and is not giving up - please don't give up either, Nikulas... Like Paulina and others have advised - seek help - there is help out there

Edited to answer the question:.

Ask yourself these questions: Why are you here? What is your purpose for being? Have you fulfilled your purpose for being here? What lessons were you sent here to learn? What does your soul need to learn to evolve; bringing it closer to God?

The Evolution of Your Soul

According to Hinduism, each lifetime is an opportunity to experience situations and events that bring you to a higher astral level where your soul moves closer to the nirvana of enlightenment and oneness with God. Every positive resolution of karma brings the soul closer to that nirvana, and every negative resolution pulls your soul further away. The further away your soul drifts from its central source and the further it finds itself from communion with God, the more likely you will find yourself reincarnated into lesser lives. These lesser lives introduce hardships and other opportunities for karmic resolutions that will elevate your soul toward that higher state of being.

To answer your question - suicide will cause soul debt and there will be karmic consequences. Have you heard of the law of cause and effect - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - Newton's 3rd Law of Motion....

Reincarnation and Suicide Mean Continued Hardship

In Hinduism (and many other beliefs of reincarnation), the act of suicide is a failure of the soul to resolve a karmic entanglement and learn the lessons that would achieve an evolved spiritual state of being. When someone contemplates suicide, whether it's because he's terribly depressed or in despair due to life circumstances, there are several spiritual events going on that very moment.

• The soul is faced with an opportunity to learn a significant life lesson and elevate that soul's position on the astral plane as well as improve the quality of its next life.

• The lifetime that is currently presenting so much anxiety and difficulty is a part of the natural progression that every soul must face at one point in order to achieve a higher evolutionary existence.

• The person is facing a karmic entanglement, and it is critical that the issue is faced head on and resolved.

When a person contemplates ending his or her life in an unnatural way, it is the result of the soul struggling to learn a lesson that's critical to its evolution to a higher state of being. This means that unless the lesson is learned, the soul won't progress. If the suicide is successful, the soul will be reincarnated into a lesser life that will lead to almost identical difficulties and hardship that must be faced once again.

Nikulas, if you really want to talk to God - try prayer


answered 12 Jan '12, 00:07

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yes prayer and meditation are the 2 steps to take. the only question is wich one will solve it permanentely? meaning if the same things come back or something similar will he have faith in god so that it does not affect him and will he learn from it. prayer can bring faith. and meditation can bring insight and enlightement being in the presence of god (samadhi=union with god, yoga=union). both are tools to understand truth.

(12 Jan '12, 23:17) white tiger

You ever see the movie "Beetlejuice"? Somewhere in the movie the say that people that take their own lives become civil servants in the after life .. That's enough to keep me from writing my own ticket.


answered 08 Jan '12, 20:47

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My vote for humor. lol

(10 Jan '12, 02:39) Paulina 1

^ Agreed.

Humorous or not, a serious point can be drawn from this answer. It is a very commonly held belief that suicide leads to negative repercussions in your next life, whether it be an 'afterlife' or a reincarnation of your current perception of life.

I'd say there is a very good reason that this belief exists.

(12 Jan '12, 02:45) Snow

why is suicide not good?because you destroy the body in a selfish act. and lose the opportunity that you add choose to came here and experience. death is only a passage from one state to the other. does it reunite you with the source? on the moment no eventually yes. why because if you are empty and seek to remain empty you will lose your self in the darkness. also did you get rid of the delussion? the inside and outside of the cup is the same. if you are disturb here you will be also disturb there. if you loose the opportunity to experience this world you will also loose the opportunity to experience the other world. i hope this answer your question. experience and enjoy.


answered 07 Jan '12, 20:26

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white tiger


Nice one White Tiger I agree.

(08 Jan '12, 03:10) Paulina 1

if one is their true self over ego. they will know this is the truth. and the truth will set them free.

(08 Jan '12, 15:24) white tiger

Hello Nikulas, yes i agree with most of what has already been said ... i would like to add that i think those who really go through the act of committing suicide have the belief that there is a better world else where ... sure they are driven by despair, but let's remember that all things contain their opposite, despair/hope ... in the last resort they dream of a wonderful life in paradise and obliterate from their minds all possible emotional pain that their suicide would cause to their family and friends.



answered 08 Jan '12, 03:01

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blubird two

This idea of "paradise" is exactly how I've come to believe the afterlife is meant to be. Abraham stated that all deaths are caused by lack of allowance, and it could also be stated, as they have, that every death is self employed, a 'suicide' of a sort. So that's why this concern came up within me.

(08 Jan '12, 08:24) Nikulas

You have a lot of heavy questions and topics of discussion...

I can say this: Suicide is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

I'd advise reading all of the answers to this question, as it is of a similar nature:

I would re-write a new answer here from scratch, as it is what I feel, however I don't want you to feel like I'm merely copying myself and I'm sure my new answer will be very similar.

"I do hope that you can find help, be it here from us or elsewhere. Just know that there is always help available for those who are willing to ask for it. We are here if you decide you want to seek further assistance from us, and I assure you that offer will not expire."

To directly answer your question: Life is God's gift to us.

The fact that you are permitted to exist, while seemingly insignificant to some [many], is the most precious blessing there is to receive.

And so, is 'suicide' a "cardinal sin"? Yea, sure.

Suicide is bad. Is it going to get you sent to hell? I don't think so, because I think 'hell' is a very misconstrued concept. Is it going to cause serious negative repercussions? I'd say so.

Obviously there are more things at work here than what you are leading on, if you want to talk to someone consider this an open invitation. If you're willing I have a lot of questions I'd like to ask you, such as Why do you desire to talk to God so badly?

Since the purpose of this question was "to meet with God" I feel like sharing something else..

First off: I love your display picture. Second, because of its origin I think you may find particular inspiration from an AMV that I love, not just because it features content from FF:Advent Children.

To quote the lines I find most relevant:

"There's no easy way out; There's no short cut home."

The adult friendly version, featuring Rocky IV clips. Artist: Survivor, song "No Easy Way Out"

The way cooler version featuring screaming and/or harsh vocals and music. Arist: Bullet for my Valentine, same song name, with a FF AMV behind it.

The reason I enjoy this song so much is because I believe it holds a very important lesson about life. Regarding using 'suicide' as a 'shortcut' to get to God faster, I don't think it will work. It might, and I could always be wrong, but I think it will push you further away from God, not closer.

Similarly, I don't think there is a 'shortcut' to being able to talk to God consciously either. I believe it is meant to be learned, we are supposed to find God because we want to. The Bible always talks about God just wanting "attention" [paraphrasing] basically, that he wants our love unconditionally because we want to offer it.

To me having a church threaten you with damnation if you don't "willingly and unconditionally" love God is the exact opposite of what God wants.

Again this is all speculation, but I don't think that the goal of "getting back to the source" will actually be the result you get.


answered 12 Jan '12, 00:40

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edited 12 Jan '12, 17:09

hi leo suicide can be hell in the sense that you will have miss your chance and will be in darkness. maybe not the concept in flame with a devil and a fork. is that what you meant? clad to have you back by the way.

(12 Jan '12, 01:08) white tiger

Heya. I never went anywhere. Just because I missed out on a few days of my excessive devotion to posting here doesn't mean I'm going anywhere. ^_^y I plan on sticking around as long as my presence is desired, I like it here. ;)

To answer your question: I think hell and heaven are creations of our own design regarding how we live life. If we choose to find happiness in our lives, we will experience "heaven", or not, then not. To me a "perfect" heaven isn't heavenly at all, because without conflict life existence would be boring.

(12 Jan '12, 02:07) Snow

I like your answer and it's really nice of you to volunteer to council him. You must be a "lapsed" Catholic - suicide is considered a mental illness in the church today - no longer a "cardinal sin". Anyone who took their own life never used to be able to be buried in a Catholic cemetery - rules have changed.. now they can...

(12 Jan '12, 02:07) ele

Hmm.. Touché, I am not very up to date on Catholic teachings. Thank you for clarifying. ^_^

Regarding my offer, I must admit that my offering to help is not only from a genuine desire to help others (largely because of my personal issues with this topic),but also out of my altruism regarding 'what makes people tick', perhaps making it more selfish than anything else.

(12 Jan '12, 02:19) Snow

well leo if you find it to boring you can always come back here and experience this world again. experience and enjoy. smile

(12 Jan '12, 02:53) white tiger

Boring? What.. who mentioned boredom? Why is there this perception that I dislike it here?

I find 'this world' just as interesting and compelling as any other, just for different reasons.

I appreciate the people here, hearing their opinions, and learning from them in any way I can.

(12 Jan '12, 03:00) Snow

you said:To me a "perfect" heaven isn't heavenly at all, because without conflict life existence would be boring.

(12 Jan '12, 23:21) white tiger

Ohhh! I get what you're saying. If you were to go to the 'perfect' heaven and not enjoy it, you could come back here.. I was extremely confused about what you were referring to. XD Thanks for clarifying, that makes a whole lot more sense now..

(13 Jan '12, 00:15) Snow
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Philosophically suicide is not wrong thing; practically it is so much wrong. Death is returning to your source and connect to it, reuniting, impregnating with god to have the conversations you are desiring, which you can have also in physical life, so death is not dark thing and suicide is a path to it, the problem of suicide is that you are riding to your source not in your time, source only know the right time. Whatever challenges, pain you are facing now you cannot just end it up, because source is maintaining your soul to be ready to these conversations. Hinduism claims that when you die through reincarnation you keep your traits, your experiences within the soul to benefit in another life, other world as your belief, therefore through suicide you are shorten those experiences, so if the target is death leave it to its time, we are all having it now or later and I belief god time is the best time. Note that I used to interest in suicide in the same way of your description even I am enjoying life days so far, its like “source I wanna join you, melt in you,…” but when other day shows, other detail with new experience I bless life, and leave death to its time. If you really interested in death in positive way, love death in its time, don’t rush for your source because he only knows the right time for our reunited, and only then your conversations are enjoyable.


answered 08 Feb '12, 09:04

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Source: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book).

Suicide involves a definite killing of the body by self-delivered means-often of a violent nature.

Left alone, the self and the body are so entwined that the separation would be smooth. The body would automatically follow the wishes of the inner self. In the case of suicide, for example, the self is to some extent acting out of context with the body, which still has its own will to live.

Too often in your society suicide is the unfortunate result of conflicting beliefs-and yet it is true to say that all deaths are suicide, and all births deliberate on the part of the child and parent.


answered 08 Jan '12, 10:58

T%20A's gravatar image


edited 08 Jan '12, 17:19

I am trying to understand this, is Seth advocating suicide?

(08 Jan '12, 11:30) Wade Casaldi

I don't think so Wade. According to Seth:

"Dying is a spiritual and psychological necessity". “In its natural form the desire for death is not a morbid, frightened, neurotic, or cowardly attempt to escape life, but a definite, positive, healthy acceleration of the desire for survival, in which the individual strongly wants to leave physical life as once the child wanted to leave the parent’s home.”

He explains that to accomplish this desire, certain epidemics and illnesses serve the purpose of providing “acceptable” reasons for death.

(08 Jan '12, 17:39) T A

@ ta, so we have a seth person in the answer? I love hearing teh "seth " side to all things, it was seths book that realy helped me see what i was doing with my consiesness was correct, ty my friend

(07 Feb '12, 05:18) TReb Bor yit-NE
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