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The picture above is an example of one such skull. They have been found all around the world. The people who had them deliberately bound their skulls to produce this effect. The question is: Why? Some people are suggesting that because these skulls have turned up all around the world, that perhaps aliens influenced these people. It sounds crazy, doesn't it? Check out this link on Wiki to start researching this for yourself. Do you think that aliens had anything to do with this?

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Here is a similar practice of deforming the human body

As stated in the article a few african and asian cultures practice neck stretching from the age of two using rings ... the custom of wearing neck rings is an ideal of beauty: an elongated neck.

I feel sure that the cranial deformations were probably performed for similar reasons including to show group affiliation.

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i was going to tell you about neck ring. well there are also small feet. it might be cultural. or maybe in some case they have saw alien and tried to look like them. neck ring would be e.t. you could also look at crystal skull

(08 Jan '12, 21:36) white tiger

@white tiger - imitate an extraterrestrial ! ... that's a brilliant idea :)

(09 Jan '12, 00:17) blubird two
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