The memories of this time in my life have been coming back to me all evening, and I want to ask what you think.

About 15 years ago, I worked with a man who told me I had an alien implant in the right side of my sinus area. I remember he and his wife explaining that the white light I sometimes see when I close my eyes is a repressed memory of my abduction, and that this resulting implant was causing problems for me, holding me back or making life difficult somehow. I think they said it was some sort of tracking device.

They had removed these implants for many other people, apparently, and offered to do so for me. If memory serves, I think the object was described as looking like a small, jagged piece of crystal, and that if analyzed by a lab, it would not be identifiable as any known earthly substance.

I don't think I ever knew what the removal would entail, except that it was something they could do for me, it wouldn't hurt, then the thing would come out naturally a few days later. I have a vague impression that it was easier to get out of sinuses; some people had them in their legs or ankles, which could be more difficult.

I was young and unsure of myself, and all such ideas were new and exciting to me, but I lacked the courage to do anything about it. I told them what they were saying was scary for me, and they just dropped it, and never pressed me about it.

The man was a bank executive, and his wife was a writer of books about such things as spirit contact and guidance, automatic writing, etc., and when I knew them, she was inteviewed on a late-night talk radio program that I now realize must have been Art Bell on Coast to Coast. I wish I'd known then what I know now! That radio show is the same one our @TReb needs to be on; I had no idea at that time how terrific it all was. Sadly, I don't remember their names.

These were great folks to hang out with, very much loved by a close group of friends (a few of them mutual aquaintences from work), and were kind, intelligent people. They would talk about facinating spiritual subjects as though it were as simple as chatting about the weather, and spoke happily of witnessing UFOs in the desert in Arizona. I learned a lot from them. I remember them both as being warm, friendly, and patient with me. They just loved me, and liked having me around, I never knew why.

They never asked anything of me, never made me feel uncomfortable in any way; didn't try to seduce me, rob me, or sell me anything. We lost touch when our company merged with a bigger company, and everyone was transferred or laid off.

Anyway, that's all there is to the story, except of course that in the following years I could kick myself for not finding out what the implant removal was all about, for not having them try to do that for me.

I don't know of anyone who has experienced something like this, or whom I could ask what this could have been about until now, here at IQ. Does anyone here have any knowledge about such things? Is it possible? How could these folks know? Does it matter?

I'd love to hear what you think, if you find this interesting, too. Thank you.


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So what has now changed in your life that has triggered the recall of these previous memories about the implant idea?

(23 Apr '13, 05:06) Stingray

Evidently this alien implant has caused no problems or can't be detected by standard x-rays. If you ever had a sinus infection, they usually x-ray or CT if chronic. The dental office usually does a panoramic x-ray every 5 years & this would show the lower sinuses. Awesome! How are we going to find out?

(23 Apr '13, 06:14) ele

@Stingray - Funny you should ask, I have been trying to figure that out, myself. :) I think it may have simply been that I had filed the memories away as a special and exciting experience, but had believed that there was no safe place to discuss the story without fear of ridicule or repercussions. It seemed to suddenly have occurred to me that IQ may be such a place, and the memories came flooding back....

(23 Apr '13, 13:11) Grace

@Stingray ...I'm not sure I have worded the question well; I may have conveyed that I may be frightened or worried about it now, so many years later. I'm not at all. I'm fascinated, and hoping to hear from some folks who know more about it. How cool would that be, to get to see such a thing? And I threw away my chance grrrr. :D

(23 Apr '13, 13:11) Grace

@ele - Isn't it a fun thought? That I could somehow see physical evidence for myself, from in myself? You're right, though. It would have shown up at some point.... unless it was fitted with some sort of cloaking device.... LOL! :D

(23 Apr '13, 13:15) Grace

@Grace In regards to showing up at some point - I don't think so. Wouldn't they be more advanced than us? Surely they would use 'materials' which would not be detected by mere humans - at least not yet. I don't think you will find physical evidence - non physical has always worked for me. It certainly is a fun thought. I've had my experiences also; but not brave like you..

(23 Apr '13, 16:09) ele
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According to Bashar 47% of people on earth are part of the alien abduction program. So this means one in two people on IQ are also part of it and probably have implants. One in two people in your city are also part of it and probably have implants.

A more interesting question would be: why bother? :)

I admit that many people would freak out if they knew. But why do people freak out in general? Because they fear the unknown. But the same people don't bother when they hear that there are thousands of parasites in the human body that live inside of us. Because medical doctors have uncovered the unkown already. Those parasites literally copulate in us, eat some of our cells, unload there excrements in us which are then eaten by other parasites and so on.

Maybe if I had close-up pictures of all of that, it would scare the heck out of some people. But that's how life works. In fact many of those parasites are of vital importance for the human body, especially those in the bowel.

It seems that some aliens are very interested in us and they abduct and implant things in us...similar to our parasites in the body.

I say: let them do their job! Aliens have desires and aspirations too. Ultimately they are just human too...I mean they are living beings too :).

Maybe it is time to expand our saying "to live and let live." :).


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"one in two people on IQ are also part of it and probably have implants." Love it!

(23 Apr '13, 08:18) ele

@releaser99 - Good to know I'd be in such good company.

(23 Apr '13, 13:16) Grace

Oh Grace if you have a sinus implant and it is anything like I saw Arnold Swortsanager have up his nose in Total Recall...

Wow removing it wont be too plesent!

Here is the procedure.


answered 23 Apr '13, 03:56

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Wade Casaldi

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Too funny!

(23 Apr '13, 06:14) ele

@Wade Casaldi - Yikes!!! Maybe it's best I passed up my chance!!! :)

(23 Apr '13, 13:17) Grace

@Grace yes I don't know much about tracking device implants, but if they are anything like that! Wheewee! That looks painful, I'd say knock me out before you take that out! lol

(23 Apr '13, 15:09) Wade Casaldi
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