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Many in Costa Rica a few days ago have claimed that they heard of some strange sounds which there has been no scientific explanation for it yet... Source (It does not load well in Internet explorer so you might want to use firefox or chrome instead to open it).

It has been said that similar sounds have been heard in August last year 2011, and you can find a youtube video about it here :

The sounds are just so loud that I can't see how it is possible to be made by humans.. it's like the sounds are in the distance yet still very near to you.

What do you think of this ? Maybe extra-terrestials are using this to test whether humanity as a whole are getting ready to accept their contact ? Sounds like a good question for Rob (Treb) lol

edit: another video here where there is a strange phenomenon seen in the clouds too near the end of the video :

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@kakaboo, please be careful with the tagging. By creating a new tag called "extra-terrestials" instead of using the existing tag called "extraterrestrials" (which currently has 15 questions allocated to it), this information will not be linked to those other questions and it will be "orphaned" from other information on Inward Quest. The tags tell the software how to group the questions. Thanks

(14 Jan '12, 03:22) Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello kakaboo - sounds like echos in a tunnel to me ... i agree this one is for Rob :)

(14 Jan '12, 04:42) blubird two

Sorry about that Barry , I am not too comfortable with tags so I always just use one or two of them randomly :) will try to take note of them in the future.

(14 Jan '12, 09:15) kakaboo

Thank you, kakaboo. I'll see if we can get some information put together explaining how to use tags correctly since they do seem to cause confusion for a number of site visitors

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Interesting but I wouldn't be surprised if there turn out to be simple, natural (or man-made) explanations behind it such as with the China Ghost City.

Especially this year, I'm highly reluctant to immediately jump to supernatural/alien explanations. With all the 2012 hysteria that is going to be building up this year, I suspect even the slightest unusual event will be over-hyped for the sake of generating some media attention or internet traffic.

And I'm sure the hoaxing community (with access to increasingly sophisticated video and audio manipulating technology) will also be having a great time this year :)

Having said all that, I'll probably be walking down the street today, have an alien craft land in front me and some six-fingered green ET occupant will come out and slap me around the face for being such a skeptic :)


answered 14 Jan '12, 04:45

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After you're done getting slapped, please remember to ask them for a phone number. ;)

Humor aside, I'd say Stingray's warnings regarding believing ANYTHING you hear this year up front are very well placed.

For me personally? "Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see..." ^_^y

(14 Jan '12, 06:17) Snow
  1. Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. [And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]"

(14 Jan '12, 16:21) white tiger
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Here is a link on the Hum sound. This sound has been heard all around the world for years. I remember when the Taos Hum was on Unsolved Mysteries on the television years ago.

I think it is Black Ops if you ask me our government are probably doing a bunch of underground stuff we'll never know about. Maybe testing some kind of energy weapon underground in some giant underground building no one knows of. Those are just speculations of course because Black Ops are top secret we can imagine anything and they are probably doing it with billions and billions of our tax dollars to spend unaccounted for who knows what they have been up to?


answered 14 Jan '12, 10:00

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Wade Casaldi

Here is a video with one explanation. I realize this video is about NASA in Mississippi, but there are earonautic facilities in other countries.


answered 14 Jan '12, 09:53

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Fairy Princess

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