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I believe that very soon we will all be told that Alien existence is real. I am almost sure of it due to the recent "leaks".

Asume it is true. How do you feel

Assume it is true! alt text


asked 09 Apr '11, 09:45

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would most probably wonder: "why are you telling me?"

(11 Apr '13, 06:22) CalonLan

I'd probably say something along the lines of "And...? Oh, this is news to you. Cool. =)"

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Then ask for any evidence or proof or preferably contact information they had. ^_^y

(11 Apr '13, 06:33) Snow

Nice. More documents online at the FBI site:

It's funny that one of the most oft-quoted justifications for denying the existence of UFOs is that "the government couldn't possibly keep such a secret." To which anyone who has done a little serious reading on the UFO phenomenon could reply: "It's a poorly kept secret...this stuff has been leaking from top government sources for years!" Amazingly (or perhaps not), the "taboo" or laughter of mainstream science and...

(11 Apr '13, 15:25) lozenge123

...mainstream news organizations has kept it pretty darn quiet. From some of our top astronauts to American presidents to our top military and intelligence brass, the leaks just keep on coming. Here are some of the latest:

(11 Apr '13, 15:30) lozenge123
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i would feel happy to know that my source is truthfull and i would be very exited to meet him! love n light, rob


answered 09 Apr '11, 15:40

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TReb Bor yit-NE

That sounds like there might be some small doubt to your sources truthfulness. Why would it lie to you?

(10 Apr '11, 03:37) you

no i am just saying that i would be happy, i am not in doubt of my source, i have the doubt in myself sometimes that all the infop isnt being filtered correctly,, being in this group wit a few of the peopel who are much smarter than me have show in what they see as "holes" in his work, so i see them more as my inabilty to connect with him correctly sometimes,, but i suppose there was alot of doubt at first !! i truly thought i was going crazy,, maybey i didnt word it well enough, i guess my lack of intelegance makes me feel intimidated in this group :-/ love n light

(10 Apr '11, 04:29) TReb Bor yit-NE

hello sorry about last nights responce,, i was going a bit crazy n frustrated on this same issue on another thread in this group, i am sorry, the actual answer to your question is when you are given doubt frrom every it is hard to deal with, 99% of every comment or responce to my source is that he is evil ro not truthfull, so i tend to have this partr of me that TRULY wants to "show the world" ok i told you , i know that is horrible and immature i just have come to think of him as a freind n its soo hard to see why people doubt, i suppose its much easier to not when i am the one channeling

(10 Apr '11, 13:46) TReb Bor yit-NE

This is the first time I've noticed your comments here Rob. You know I actually feel your struggle... but only you can discern beyond a shadow of a doubt on the authenticity of your source and you also know that if you were 100% sure within yourself, it really wouldn't matter what anyone here thinks or says. And please don't refer to yourself as less 'smart' or having a lack of 'intelligence'. Admittedly, your spelling and punctuation could do with a little improvement but that my friend does not rate your level of intelligence or more importantly authenticity :)

(03 May '11, 17:22) Michaela

yes this was a long time ago,, i am no issue anymore,, i was in a frusterated mode that evening and was gettin all neggitive feedback,, i dop appriciate ur love n light and this is WELL behind me lol ty though !!!

(03 May '11, 20:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

rob, i've just got to repeat what you said "all the info isn't being filtered correctly", i agree 100% ... your phrase jumped out the screen at me :)

(11 Apr '13, 06:31) ru bis

@ru bis, this was about 2 years ago,. i had only been sharing this with the public for a few months,and only connect to him in channeled state for a few months, as the time goes buy, and i learned to drop the worry of what others say and think, the connection becomes much much better, even as good as i see it now, i still think it will get better, I still now have been able to not care so much of what the situation is with him, just focus on the messages, ty for the comment

(11 Apr '13, 23:19) TReb Bor yit-NE

@ru bis I am now so so so much more at ease with who I am, that way TReb can come in with such less resistance lol,. it is so nice. Thank u again

(11 Apr '13, 23:20) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yi-NE I saw this ? for the 1st time last night & now it's at the top, hmm. Please don't put yourself down. If anyone reading your posts can't figure out what you are communicating - trust me, it's their problem. As Einstein wisely said “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” As for uncouth remarks, resist the urge to explain or justify. It helps me to remember this - “No one can make you feel inferior w/o your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Again, this is their issue.

(22 Jun '13, 15:12) ele

“It is a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” ~ Andrew Jackson

Too late to edit the above comment - forget I said justify..

(22 Jun '13, 15:39) ele
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I would probably apologise to David Icke.



answered 09 Apr '11, 16:55

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Monty Riviera

lol that is great :-). you put a smile on my face all day :-I ty 4 the laugh!

(09 Apr '11, 17:04) TReb Bor yit-NE

Still laughing. Great answer.

(09 Apr '11, 17:15) you

Thanks Sam and Treb. Its the first thing that popped into my mind!

(10 Apr '11, 10:14) Monty Riviera
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Tell me something I don't know already would be my answer.


answered 09 Apr '11, 10:12

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Ha, yes but how do you FEEL about it?

(09 Apr '11, 14:56) you

I have never met a person from ...Monaco either so I guess the feeling would be ...curiosity. if that would be considered a feeling.

(22 Jun '13, 13:49) ursixx

coincidence...I think not......

(22 Jun '13, 15:15) ele
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I would be both terrified and curious...

I would not be scared of them- I'd be scared for them! Has humanity grown up enough to handle such a huge event? I really wonder.

I also would just be completely glued to the news, wanting to know everything about these beings. I especially would want to know how they managed to travel so far without detection, how they propelled their craft, and all those scientific things I dearly love.

But really, if I was an alien species, I would not come to Earth openly or publicly. I would do a lot of reconnaissance before I would even show my face! I would not trust humanity at all. We don't have a very peaceful track record. I would love it to be like it is on Star Trek, but I am afraid it would be far from that lovely world!

Blessings and Love, from a closet Trekkie [Trekker], Jai alt text


answered 09 Apr '11, 13:04

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They are harmless. I would imagine that in order to evolve to travel like this that their species did not self destruct through hatred. I think evolved creatures have to more loving and less violent. We're fine..I hope

(10 Apr '11, 03:33) you

I think thats still the best shaped space ship in any sci fi series.

(10 Apr '11, 12:20) Monty Riviera

law of none interference with lower life form! that are not ready to make contact! smile!

(03 May '11, 07:07) white tiger

OM the conquistadors had the technology to travel across the ocean to Ancient America, they were far more advanced than the natives of South America. Were they more loving and compassionate less violent to the Maya? What about the Chinese to the Tibetans, they were far more advanced technologically than the Tibetans. I would not want that gamble that because Space Beings are more advanced that they would not use us as they see fit.

(04 May '11, 14:29) Wade Casaldi
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I would love to have a vivid recollection of what the Sumerians have taught me already. Only thing about that is it was all in my dreams...or was it :)


answered 09 Apr '11, 12:09

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Awake IN the dream :)

(10 Apr '11, 03:30) you

I assume that aliens exist. I also assume that since they have been visisting us for so long without attacking us that they either wont or are waiting for something. I also believe that since God made humans in His image, He also made intelligent life form(s) on other planet(s) in His image as well. Therefore, if we find the commonality between humans and aliens, we will be a little bit closer to understanding "The image of God," in the DNA or visible features, or the unseen, like the spirit. I also think that the human leaders are too ignorant to trust. I think they would be violent, cruel, etc... if given the opportunity. I think they are smart enough to know that. Maybe they are waiting to make contact with us as a whole until we can handle it peacefully.


answered 09 Apr '11, 13:36

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Fairy Princess

edited 09 Apr '11, 13:46

I would imagine that all life forms share something on common. No matter how close or far. Which is relative. Our planet could be just down the block compared to how well they travel.

(10 Apr '11, 03:36) you

Who's going to tell us Michael ? If we only believe something because it is told to us or leaked from those in a position of power is it really worth believing? I'm getting to a stage that I prefer to believe something because either it's beneficial in some way to my journey or I've realized it on an expereiential level. If we only believe something because proof is offered will we ever realize truth or will we remain in the role of doubting Thomas ?


answered 09 Apr '11, 21:04

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I guess I should have written "Showed us" :)

(09 Apr '11, 22:25) you

In that case... curious, excited and definitely a little apprehensive and scared :)

(03 May '11, 15:32) Michaela

I would certainly hope and wish that aliens do really exist, as long as they are similar as the ones rumoured to roam the Universe on this website: - the black rectangles at the top are all the different extra terrestials rumored to exist (link from a post by Stingray).

This is because if all these extra terrestials(I prefer to call them this instead of aliens cause it sounds a little bit more respectful) really exist and they are really trying to help planet Earth to ascend into the fifth dimension and form an alliance with all the other planets in the world - then the world would be rid of all mundane and useless desires that only cause and bring about more suffering that currently lingers around Planet Earth...


answered 10 Apr '11, 16:21

kakaboo's gravatar image


I don't care about being told. I'll respond when I meet an alien. What I say and feel depends on how it communicates with me IN THAT MOMENT. When I meet another alien, I'll respond again, appropriate to how it is affecting my life at that time. Until then... blah blah chatter chatter distraction distraction... aliens, politics, scientific breakthroughs, worldwide disasters, secret societies, conspiracies, new interpretations of ancient ruins, long-winded theories about how the universe works... all second-hand (or greater!) stories. An alien is no greater a being than a neighbor or a bluebird, and world politics are no greater than a person's internal processing. I'd rather cultivate my garden and learn to play that instrument sitting silently in the corner than speculate what is happening "out there". What is real? Nothing and everything equally, no one thing any greater or less than any other. I personally prefer the physical manifestations in my world to ideas coming in as "news".


answered 09 Apr '11, 15:50

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Hu Re

i guess i have always assumed they existed anyway. i can't imagine we are the only civilization in the universe. it's just that the word alien conjures up the vision of ET and other similar images - and they could look just like us, or less beautiful, or more beautiful, or completely different.

who knows - but i wouldn't be surprised to see/read proof about it.

there's no way that the beings on earth are the only ones in existence.

i sure would be curious to meet one in person!


answered 10 Apr '11, 02:51

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This reminds me of the one episode of the Twilight's Zone. Aliens came and took some of us to their planet and made it as much like home as they could for the humans. Then not long afterward what they thought was a wall opened and it was bars, and there were very many aliens walking by looking in the bars at the human people, the man reached out and grabbed a sign. On the sign was "Please don't feed the animals", the guy screamed to his family yes the aliens really are just like us we are in a zoo!

If you think of it that is pretty much what a lot of people would do if they caught an alien being, he would be put in a zoo or side show at a carnival, maybe shot and stuffed. I think some of humanity is ready but a lot more is not ready. Not only this government would probably want to dissect them. Whether we like it or not there are those that would exploit and there are those that want to find out what these things are made of. Then there would probably be those in government that would want to interrogate them.


answered 10 Apr '11, 02:51

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Wade Casaldi

edited 10 Apr '11, 03:00

I remember that episode!

(10 Apr '11, 03:02) you

yes but some alien could be like us as well and just using human as test subject!like we do with animal! so if they are like that i prefer they stay away until they grow up!

(03 May '11, 07:10) white tiger

So true White Tiger, we have no idea because we do not know what we do not know, but hind site is better than fore site. So for the first few if we find out these are not good Aliens then we can respond but for the first people that meet them it would be too late. On the other hand they could be here in peace as I said we do not know what we do not know.

(04 May '11, 14:36) Wade Casaldi

Here is a great WaltDiseny UFO documentary.

(24 Jul '13, 00:54) Wade Casaldi
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I guess I am with "soybliss"...I always thought that to believe we were the only lifeforms "out there" was to be kind of arrogant, so in my mind it's only a matter of time until there is verifiable contact. Nevertheless, I would feel concerned. Concerned about possible domination, a little worried that we as human-kind would react badly and so forth.


answered 10 Apr '11, 03:18

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LeeAnn 1

Answer 1) Take me to your leader Answer 2) Nanu Nanu Answer 3) I hope they are edible!


answered 10 Apr '11, 18:25

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(10 Apr '11, 18:54) you

"How do you feel?"

-- Me: Pretty complacent, no really.

** I also think, that this is the conscientious around 'these parts.'

But hey! The treeline is amazing though! Do you sell weed?

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answered 11 Apr '13, 05:22

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Mr. Smith

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well i would say nothing new there! with all the sighting of ufo who still does not accept that they exist! even on fact or faked they have film one in arizona when trying to make a video to prove that a video of ufo was fake! well they have been prove that it was fact!


answered 03 May '11, 07:00

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white tiger

when nasa went to the moon it bought back soil samples and grew our food in these samples all foods had cancer in as the timelines are different across the universe, aliens may exist but not as the media would have us believe, remember the media is one big show just to control the masses thoughts.


answered 26 Jul '11, 22:52

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Dave 1

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