I was just reading an old online book of mine called IS. In this book as I was reading that everything is one and all reality is the thought of God I had a flash of enlightenment!

What if reality is the dreams of God and everything wrong in life or the world is similar to a bad dream that just takes its course of what next? If this be the case, then as I have changed my own bad dreams through lucid dreaming, then the reality we experience as God's dream could be changed as well!

I have completely changed my dream experiences. Example: a killer is chasing me down to get me and I become aware in the dream and command him to stop and begone, poof he is gone!

Now here is the thing that blew me away and why I had to share this, if things are not as we would like and if this is all God's dreams then anything can be changed by going to the source and having God change the dream! I can now see where the most amazing miracles are possible, why Jesus said we can cast a mountain into the sea at our command. If it is all the thought of God we are just showing God what we would like changed.

With this thought that means we should be able to have God rethink us into a new creation experience! Think of that a moment... remember in the movie "The Matrix" when the guy asked to be put back into the grid and said he wanted to be rich, have no memory of being out or his former life and Mr. Anderson said, "We can do that for you."? I believe even more that God can do that for us.

I feel I am on to something big with this instant healing etc...

So do you believe we could change reality by changing the thought of God, and if so, to what extent are your ideas for this transformation?

asked 08 Jan '12, 14:09

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

has for lucid dreams i do the same wade and yes one should use that has much has he can. but if you see your true self and he ask your help for a task help him the most you can and learn from it. experience and enjoy.

(08 Jan '12, 21:26) white tiger

This question thrills me Wade...I can feel your vibration inside this question, it's getting me going as well, cool :)

(09 Jan '12, 07:06) Nikulas

Actually Nikulas when I originally wrote this I was really hot, the thoughts were flowing very fast as a matter of fact when I write like that a ton of huge words I do not usually use come through. Jai read it later and said this needs editing it needs to be simplified. I read it and understood it fully but could not think of easier ways to explain until we both realized I was explaining lucid dreams in technical terms that were not needed. It was like a consciousness trying to explain a consciousness. I am so glad I did go back and clarify it, it just took a lot of thought how to.

(09 Jan '12, 11:01) Wade Casaldi

That is sort of like the original author has left now what on earth did he mean by this? lol I think I did a good job with Jai's helping me to find what the meaning was through my original question, it is now clear and the meaning is not lost but enhanced because of the clarity. In sort yes... I was deeply in the zone when I wrote that. :-)

(09 Jan '12, 11:04) Wade Casaldi
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it sound alot more simple that it is. are you omnipotent or omniscient wade? how would you know what to change in this world? would you be sure to have make the right change? with out affecting the free will of anny of your brother and sister in this world? one needs to work on him self first to know him self then to know other. you might talk with god and tell him what you think about something and ask him if he can do something about this by is will not yours. that is some of the first step that one needs to do. and if your will and is are align it will happen. everything happens for a reason. and every thing happens when it is the time to happen. experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Jan '12, 15:37

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white tiger

when life is set into motion,
it develops it's own destiny
from the inside out,
as initially imagined for it to be.
is the best of what one may be able to do
but change the pace of unfoldment


answered 10 Jan '12, 21:48

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