I know we have talked a lot on this board about creating your own reality. But what if you just want a question answered? Can you ask Source or the Universal Mind what to do next, and what form would the answer take? How do you ask?

Or does it not work that way? Are you always in control of your own reality, and therefore you already know the answer anyway?

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Definitely. Personally, I consider it more preferable to do that, rather than jump into what I "think I want"...to some extent. If I ask a question in deep meditation I can sometimes get an answer. Charles Haanel (or his supposed associate?) go into that in "Amazing Secrets of The Yogi" (I think that is the name - may be wrong)...I've seen it mentioned by others as well.

Otherwise, I sometimes may just get a feeling - intuition/instinct etc. That one seems to grow more frequent the more I use it.[This is not always in the case of 'asking' though] I'm sometimes a bit too stubborn and can get much more obvious signs occur. People might mention things to you, or see something etc.

Of course, in many cases we can argue these were just synchronicity (and I have in the past, and sometimes still do). The fact that we are looking for an answer gets our mind to notice these things. That is definitely true - but regardless they tend to always turn out well for me when it happens through that manner...and on some level, I really don't care whether something was just 'synchronicity' or was an actual sign if it gets me what I want (or what it turns out I want afterward, more so)


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We can definitely ask Source or the Universal mind anything and probably the best time to ask would be when we are meditating - just release the question into the silence. Regarding what form the answer might take, I would guess that it would be different for each question or each individual but most likely would come in the form of intuition although one has to be able to tune into that intuition and listen to it as the answer may not always be the one we expect. Since we are always connected to Source I guess the answer is always there but we need to get quiet enough in our minds to hear it.


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The process of any manifestation requires the asking first and then source will give you what you have asked for.

So, if you want an answer, you have to ask the question. There are so many ways to ask. Just giving your attention to the question implies you have already asked.

We cannot really say in what form the answer is going to come. It will come in a form that we are allowing at any particular time. The key is when you have asked a question, get our of the way. Do not keep looking for the answer as you will activate a vibration of lack of the answer which will prevent the answer from getting to you. If you just ask your question and forget about it completely, the answer will come to you and you will know it.


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Pink Diamond

You can ask God, Jesus, anything you can think of or imagine you want to know. He will hear you and he keep an open door of hearing you 24/7 a day. Not even closed on holidays, no sick leave, or vaccation he is open to hear your talk with him when ever you want to talk about whatever you want to talk about.

I say God/Jesus other may refer to the universal consciousness or by some other name but as for me it is God or Jesus Christ.

Yes, you have a free will to choose what you want to believe or not believe. What you want to do. you make all kinds of choices each and everyday. God gave you that ability to do that.

You simply mentally ask the question, you say it out loud, or write it down in the form or an petetion to God and you will receive an answer either directly he will speak to you, you will read it somewhere, hear it somewhere, someone will call you and give you the answer, or you will be watching an movie or read it on an sign and you will know when you receive the answer that it will be the answer that you was seeking and that it came from God.

Just ask in any form, in anyway and wait and believe on your question will be answered by God or Jesus Christ and it will be.


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Love your answer. I am a new Christian and have been very amazed by the kinds of answers I have been getting. :) Cheers!

(07 Dec '09, 03:16) Pat W

Thanks so much Pat just keep on believing in God and Jesus have faith. God loves you so very much and he made us co-creators of our lives so be careful how you speak and think for he said that the power of the tongue speaks life and death and I have always known that but I thought of it as someone telling a lie on someone and thereby getting them killed. But he was showing us that just like we can speak life and death we can also speak happiness, good health, peace, and so many more things into our lives. He said ask anything in Jesus name and I will do it. Having faith in God/Jesus is real.

(07 Dec '09, 06:08) flowingwater

When I saw this question I thought easy answer at first until I read more of the question when I clicked on it. I had never thought of the two as conflicting guidance or personal creation?

Now I have something to give much deeper thought to, I believe we chose what we want to create that has no guidance but how to go about getting there that we ask for guidance with.

It seems like if I say I want to go to Disney World, that was pure choice it took no guidance but now if I just hop in my car and start driving until I get to Disney World I had better know my way there pretty well or I could end up in Alaska (opps guess I drove in the wrong direction! lol) but lets say I humble myself and say I want to get to Disney World but I don't know how to get there I just know I want to get there, can someone help me, tell me where to go what roads to drive on?

This is the same in life we can chose to get anyplace I want a job in a top paying firm what do I need to do to get there? We can search for answers as to the steps and that is fine but how do we know what are the best steps to take, what may lead us to that goal and what may lead us astray? Fortunately we have an expert on our side, not even AN expert but THE expert! God knows everything, all the answers and even the best choices. So in this way the two choices work in harmony, so if we are trying to do or achieve something we say, Hey Dad could you take a look at this for me? What do you think? Is this right or is some other way better? What would bring me the most happiness and prosperity leading me to my goal? Then God being Our Father would say well son/daughter as I am looking at your choices you seem to be off kilter here, look over here at this path, this I would chose if I wanted to get where you want to.

You'll get a feeling or just the right book will fall from someplace or catch your eye, something you need it could even be a map, what ever you need to get there if you ask lovingly and humbly for some help you'll get it.

Remember Jesus said "What father would give his son a stone if he asked for bread?" God is our Father, many say our Mother/Father however said that is our Parent and we will be taken care of if we keep that relationship, that respect and love bond I believe Rumi wrote of so well.


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Your Higher Self/Future Self/Superconscious likely knows the truth, but it could only tell you if to do so would not violate the Law of Free Will (the requirement that you be free, hereabouts, to make your own mistakes).


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Adrian A

of course-thats what its there for. although christ put in the context of a trial setting he told us not to worry about what we should say- but that the words will be supplied to us at that moment- i think that answers the question


answered 15 Dec '09, 12:15

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