If you have been following my postings about "The Mind of God", you know that I had a vision of The Mind of God, and saw that thought travels at a rate hugely faster than the speed of light.

I just read of some really deep new physics based on an idea called "The Theory of Everything". It was proposed by a cool surfer dude named Garrett Lisi, a physicist who proposed the theory and has everybody scrambling to prove or disprove his great ideas. You can watch a video of Garrett explaining the TOE here. I warn you, it will mostly fly right over your head, but his talk shows some amazing and beautiful patterns of subatomic particles, and a final vision of the Universe which is worth waiting 20 minutes to see...

Being who I am, when I heard about the TOE, I immediately saw a connection between the TOE and The Mind of God. What I saw in the Mind of God was indescribably beautiful and in constant motion, and most importantly, amazingly beautiful. So is Lisi's view of quantum particles and the nature of the Universe. Lisi proposes that there are some particles yet unaccounted for in the known particle model, and his theory fills in the gaps...

I am going to [with my customary gall and ego], contact Lisi about the Mind of God, what I saw, and propose to him that those missing particles may just explain things like how prayer works, how thought works so fast, and stuff like that...

A lot of physicists have argued against his theory, I warn you...but it is so beautiful and makes so much sense that I think he may be on to something here. It is also fascinating to me that this guy lives in a van on Maui, and you will laugh at the video when he explains his life a bit.

I am posting this because I am trying to understand, at a deep level, why prayer works, why the LOA works, and how it works. Lisi's Theory may just do all of this and more.

I do not expect much response to this, but I just wanted you all to know that this stuff is out there, and that they are on the Brink of finding the Biggs particle [The "God" Particle] in the collider in Switzerland.

To my mind, God is everything that exists, and connects everything in a way that is so huge and beautiful that it is mind-boggling. This "Theory of Everything" has been written up in Scientific American by Lisi and others. It has everyone in quantum mechanics scrambling.

But I would bet everything I sense and know in my heart, that, at the bottom, they may just find what I saw...The Mind of God.

Happy viewing,


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thought does not travel faster than the speed of light it is instant.

(20 Feb '12, 07:21) Roy

I agree. You are right; it "seems" instant. But there is a thing proposed by Planck that names a number so small, a speed so fast...to our minds, it would be instant...Golly, I wish I knew MORE about quantum physics...Stingray has mentioned it...Check it out. Thanks, Jai

(20 Feb '12, 08:19) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - What I referred to in Is every single thought we have a parallel reality in itself? was to do with the rate of creation of physical universes from a time-based physical perspective, not the speed of thought. Time, speed, distance are all properties of the physical plane only. They don't exist in "non-physical".

(20 Feb '12, 17:40) Stingray

nice video jai only 22 particules to find. or 22 concept to find. or 22 form to find. experience and enjoy.

(20 Feb '12, 18:41) white tiger

@white tiger- Thank You...cool stuff! Jai

(20 Feb '12, 19:08) Jaianniah

@Stingray- You are right, of course...but I think the speed you mentioned in that posting is so fast that our minds cannot actually comprehend it...it might as well be "instantly". As far as prayer or thought or what-have-you on the spiritual plane...I am guessing that when those missing particles are found, then we will have an actual speed for that, too...Or perhaps, a new definition for "instantly"...and NOW. Thanks! Jai

(20 Feb '12, 19:11) Jaianniah

22+22+22=66 is it ironic jai?

(21 Feb '12, 06:15) white tiger

also each time i see the large hadron collider: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Large_Hadron_Collider it makes me think about the tower of babelhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Babel is it because it is like the story men trying to be god or because of the similarity between the picture of the tower and the hadron collider it self?

(21 Feb '12, 06:24) white tiger

@Jai - the beautiful patterns in Garret Lisi's video remind me of a kaleidoscope ... fascinating :)

(21 Feb '12, 08:34) blubird two
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YEs Jaianniah, The wonderful and beautiful Truth is that The Mind of God and The Theory of Everything are one and the same...

God encompases all of what is called REALITY.

What I feel about your experience, is that you have succeeded in SETTING YOURSELF FREE... to the experience of BEING ONE WITH IT ALL!

The colors, the lights, the changing shapes...

Congratulations: You have been REBORN...

Now, your REAL life begins.


answered 21 Feb '12, 07:23

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The Prophet

yes there is one the truth. what is the midd point between 2 rival though or emotion or duality that can unite both? it is the truth. god is the spirit of truth and the creator of everyting even duality light and darkness. iam the way and the truth and the life. the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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