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Hi All,

I was taking my walk this evening and I had an interesting insight about the vibration that I am offering for the things that I want. This brought to the fore front a different way of identifying my limiting beliefs and therefore my current vibration about the subject in discussion.

Please refer to the image below of a sample spreadsheet for better understanding of what I want to share:

alt text

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If you would notice carefully, asking your self the question "Why do I want the thing that I want", gives you an answer that reveals a lot about what you are vibrating now and also your limiting beliefs.

Secondly it also reveals that you are actually putting a condition to receiving so many things, only if you manifest the original desire in question.

Hence, once you have identified your limiting beliefs, you can now choose your preferred belief moulding process to do the needful.

I wanted to ask whether this makes sense to all of you.

It also reminded me of Abraham's Pivoting Process where they ask us to focus on "what we want" and "why do we want" to instantly feel better.

I would love to have some clarity here. What I feel is that "why" does make your desire stronger and makes you more aligned. But if you look at it closely and deeply, it says a lot about your current vibration and also reveals your limiting beliefs.

Do let me have your feedback on what I have shared. I would love to have your perspectives.

Thanks so much.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Guys can you help me in making the image larger and better visible. Thanks :)

(13 Jan '12, 09:30) Sourabh

Thanks Barry :)

(13 Jan '12, 11:26) Sourabh

@Sourabh Just tried it ..... very helpful in actually stating limiting beliefs you kind of already know you have, but writing them down and recognising them is a relief...... hope they will have a chance now to dissipate!

(20 Dec '15, 19:45) Inner Beauty
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Thanks for sharing this, Sourabh. It's always nice to hear other people's ideas regarding limiting beliefs because ultimately I think every "problem" anyone has ever had, or will have, ties into a limiting belief in some way.

If I'm understanding your idea properly (please correct me if I'm not), I think you're basically saying that every reason you have for wanting something could also be sparking off something that could be stopping you from receiving it, which seems reasonable.

But from your spreadsheet example, you seem to be actually going even further than that and saying that every "Why?" reason ties directly into a limiting belief, which I'm not so sure about.

For example, in your last line in column 2, you've got "I want to enjoy my life" directly linking into a limiting belief that "I am not enjoying my life now". I'm not sure you can make that jump in reasoning because I may be enjoying my life a great deal right now but may just have been inspired to want something else to make my life even more enjoyable.

For example, I may be having a great time on the beach and may just want to eat an ice cream just to add to the fun. Even if I can't have the ice cream, my life at that moment is still enjoyable.

Also, for the limiting beliefs in column 3, I think you still have to make a decision about which ones are the major limiting beliefs because if you knock out those major ones first then it might clear up many of the other dependent ones too...unless you are suggesting working on all of them?

If you are ultimately just chasing the major limiting beliefs, I think you've then got to ask yourself an additional question of "Which of these limiting beliefs (in column 3) is bothering me the most right now?". And asking that question is then going to filter down that third column to what you really need to clean up right now and give you a priority order for dealing with them i.e. deal with the one that feels the most limiting first.

What I'm not clear about at the moment is whether that final filtered list you obtain from asking your questions will really end up being different to the list you obtain from asking the single question "Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet? (or more simply, What's In The Way?) when applied to initial topic of "Regular Business".

Have you done any comparisons to see if different major limiting beliefs come out for you from the two approaches?


answered 13 Jan '12, 11:47

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@Guru Stingray: Thanks so much for your insights and comments. My responses are as follows: 1)You got the first point correct. Every reason for wanting it could also spark off something that could be stopping it 2) I agree with you, every "why" may not lead you to a limiting belief. 3) Yes, in some cases, I made that jump which does not seem as reasonable. I was just wanting to drive the point for extreme cases. 4) Your prioritization rule always applies in order to be efficient at this :) 5) Uncovering my beliefs in this fashion, gave me more and different reasons than the usual process :)

(13 Jan '12, 22:05) Sourabh

I also thought about another way of identifying a limiting belief. Do let me know your perspective on this as well. What people close to us think or believe about us, reflects primarily what we think of and believe about our own selves. In this context, it would be important to hear from people closest to us of what beliefs they hold of us or even uncover those by interacting with them and then work on those beliefs

(13 Jan '12, 22:09) Sourabh

@Sourabh - If your method is uncovering further major limiting beliefs than the "What's In The Way?" question then I'd say it's definitely worth continuing testing with. You'll have to let us know how it works out for you over an extended period of usage.

(14 Jan '12, 22:08) Stingray

@Sourabh - Regarding the other idea, yes, absolutely, those around us do reflect back to us our own beliefs because we attract the behavior out of them that are vibrational matches to our beliefs, thanks to the LOA. I'm not sure about asking them though because there's the risk that they might use that opportunity to assert their own agendas on how you should behave to please them :) ...I would think of it more as observing how they behave when they interact with you. The same idea also applies to the physical manifestations in our lives since they are also reflections of our current beliefs.

(14 Jan '12, 22:13) Stingray

yes stingray like wade said once do not ask other people what is wrong with me. but the best way is to know your self. then you can know others. think about it if you would be alone would you say that rock does not trust me? no you would say i am not confident in my self or i do not trust my self. but when you are with other people you often think they do not trust me and it is not them. but if you know your self you will not have to ask them about you. but what they say about you and that does not apply you will know it is in them.

(15 Jan '12, 00:10) white tiger

@Sourabh - I've just tried your approach on a real-world situation and, like yourself, I found more limiting beliefs surfacing with it than just asking "What's In The Way?". Each reason you want something (or don't want something) could be an indication of a belief that is limiting you in receiving it. So asking yourself why you want it (or why you don't want something, if you are trying to release it) seems like a useful checklist in making sure you are getting a more complete picture of what's blocking you. Am going to continue testing this.

(16 Jan '12, 05:23) Stingray

@Sourabh - Just a further thought which I'm just playing with. I've noticed if you keeping asking "Why?" on each reason that you come up with, and just keep repeatedly asking yourself "Why?" on what you then come up with, and keep drilling downwards with that "Why?" question until you can go no further, it seems to generate some interesting insights. Very cool :)

(16 Jan '12, 05:47) Stingray

@ Stingray: I am glad that this helped you uncover a few more of your limiting beliefs. I too will continue testing this to see where this leads me. Also the "Why" after "Why" really is interesting. I tried it on one issue and the reasons just woudn't stop. I am sure this will help us reach the absolute core of the issue. As a matter of fact almost an year ago when I had started practicing EFT, I used to use this process of endless "Why"s.Also if we are able to knock down the last "Why" in the loop,would we be able to knock down all the ones before that, since that appears to be the root?

(17 Jan '12, 00:03) Sourabh

@Sourabh - I think with the "Why After Why" you only need to go as far down as you need to in order get a statement about yourself that appears to be an obvious limiting belief. Then you can plug that statement into, for example, a Focus Block and change it. It's quite possible it might knock down every statement that led to it. The way to check is to go back to your starting issue and then ask "Why After Why" again and see if something else (or nothing) then comes up.

(18 Jan '12, 06:10) Stingray
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ok i will give you a fee pointer. what do you read that has no foundation because they are ego based desire? why do you judge other that they don't trust you? even if you get what you want they will not trust you more because of are the one judging. what you do is your free will and you are responsible for it. has for people that really do not trust you it is their free will and they are also responsible for that. and if they really do not trust you why is it so important for you to get them to trust you? for the world things money and created needs of this world i agree and understand. why not focus on what you have and enjoy and make it a success. 41. Jesus said, "Whoever has something in hand will be given more, and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little they have." experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Thanks for your inputs White Tiger :)

(16 Jan '12, 23:56) Sourabh

you are welcome my friend.

(17 Jan '12, 00:06) white tiger
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