I think I have a good idea "what" they are but it'd be nice to hear what your definitions/answers are on the subject.. :)

Here is a old thread about it for reference.. I don't think it has the answer.. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/12729/what-is-a-belief-is-a-belief-as-good-as-any however, if motivated I will provide my answer in that one later.. cause I can't answer my own thread right? :D :P lol

Alright let me speak specifically (more characters!:rolleyes:) many in the world have a definition that the word "beliefs" is kind of religious in nature.. "I believe in god." That's usually the common definition for people.. I guess basically when someone uses the word "belief" they are basically saying.. well everyone else doesn't.. but I believe/know for myself..

This is not the definition I'm seeking in my question though.. I am seeking the "new age" definition of beliefs.. something that bashar and MANY other teachers have talked about.. and I want to know what there made of? How are they created? Where are they stored? How do you get rid of them? How did you get them in the first place? Tell me what are beliefs?.. new age/metaphysical definition please..? :)

Here is some additional reference material.. about minute 3:40 Abraham says

"the beliefs that surround you.. when you are born, are very powerful and it takes a very strong being to live surrounded by beliefs and still allow the knowing that come forth from within to guide"


So what's this beliefs definition?

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@themaster, I've changed the title of your question otherwise it will be closed for being a duplicate. Please do not ask existing questions again on Inward Quest. There is no such thing as an "old thread" on this site. All valid questions can recirculate as often as necessary.

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What else they could be made of but the information that is available to you / you have been exposed to so far. You cannot operate with something you have no idea of.

based on your perception (sum of all that you already know), you form your beliefs...if I told you about something you have never heard/thought about up until now, your perception of the world would change, and quite possibly your beliefs with it.

(31 Dec '13, 03:56) CalonLan
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Abraham's 'A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking' sums it up for me. It took me such a long time to get that! (But, I had fun along the way whilst it dawned on me so all was good!!!) : :) It's not the focus blocks, or affirmations or visualizations that will create your life, it's the thoughts you keep thinking. That's why Stingray is correct when he says ONLY do those things if they feel good to you, and they get you into the vortex. What creates your life are the 'thoughts you keep thinking'. You can spend hours on a focus block saying 'I am rich' but if the rest of the day you're thinking 'I can't afford that. How will I pay the gas bill? I have no money coming in now until payday', It's those 'thoughts that you keep thinking' that will create your life, day in and day out not the affirmations. So, what thoughts do you keep thinking? And, most importantly, what beliefs (thoughts you keep thinking) would you need to have to create what you want? Work out what those thoughts/beliefs are and then think them ALL DAY EVERY DAY - but only if it feels good to do so! Great question :)


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@Yes - Yes! That Abraham quote has always rung very true with me.

(31 Dec '13, 13:15) Grace

yes @Yes "a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking" ... when i was a child my dear dad often used to say to me "you are what you think about all day"a quote from Robert Schuller, at the time i didn't really understand, now i do :)

(03 Feb '14, 10:25) jaz

'A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking - and it is only the beliefs that you hold that keep you from the things that you want.
A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking.
And the only thing that keeps you from who-you-really-are and what you really want is a belief, which is only a thought that you keep thinking.' Abraham-Hicks

(04 Feb '14, 02:43) ursixx

@ursixx in other words stop thinking just follow your greatest excitement now, now, now ... lol

(04 Feb '14, 03:41) jaz
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it takes a mind to think that
what it thinks is true or right,
it takes a body in which
that mind is housed and nourished,
it may consider instincts
intuitions and aspirations.


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it is simple a belief is something that you thing is true with out having a proof or knowing if it is actually true. that is why some belief are true and some belief are not true. test them out and you will see if they are true or not. will also say that something that can be believe to be true can sometime change when something new that is true is discover, example: some one might have listen to myth buster and saw them say that splitting a boat in two right in the middle is impossible. and can believe that it is true. since they saw that show. yet they made another show with another test and it is proven as being true that a boat can be split in two right at the middle. what is the difference between the two test? first test they tried to run the boat on wheel to a poll and the boat would go side way when hitting the poll. in test number two they send the poll on rail with jet right through the boat that was on a stand and could not move side way, that way it is more like a real boat that is sink in the water on each side and when moving forward there is a water pressure that is apply to the boat on each side. in test one it was on wheel on the ground so it was more easy to make it go side way. think about it this way a boat is never rolling on the flat. a boat is always sink in water and when moving forward a water pressure is built up on each side of the boat and the boat climb a little higher on the water. turn your head on the back of the boat and you will see the water displacement where you just have passed. the motor is also sink about two feet more under the water then the rest of the boat. so the rail and fix boat is more similar to the real thing then rolling the boat on a cart with 4 wheel.



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" The thing always happens that you really believe in and the belief in a thing makes it happen" ... to put it otherwise, you create your own world of belief through your thoughts; your thoughts become words, your words transform themselves into actions, repeated actions become customary ways of doing things, customs become things of worth, things of value and values become deeply embedded beliefs

alt text


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Beliefs are offspring of the time and circumstances of people in a given time. For example, 1) Jews were an oppressed people and were mostly forced to live in foreign lands. This shaped their beliefs in a savior and eschatology. This belief was carried on to the Bible--Jesus and his disciples were all Jews! 2) Hindus were living in a very prosperous India of their own land in ancient time. They had enough time to develop extensive forms of music, dance and religion. They naturally have a relaxed approach to life, hence believe in the Law of Karma which they consider it as the real Guru in life--which means people should learn from experiences--their own or of others. There is no hurry, you can change whenever you want to . You want to drink alcohol throughout your life, do it or do it even for countless lives--one day you will have to realize that it is not working out good for you--that time you can change. There is no compulsion whatsoever. If not now, later! Thus they have the principle of reincarnation. Hence they have a guest-attitude towards life.


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T D Joseph

What are beliefs made of? Vibrational electric currents of resonate frequency. Put simply - thought. Belief is a vibrational coordinate frequency. Belief is the freedom to connect or disconnect to the vibrational frequency of one's inner resonance trajectory. Belief is bi-polar; it attracts and rejects.

When a belief becomes static it becomes polar.

Is it not more harmonious and of greater expansion and learning to accept and INCLUDE, rather than EXCLUDE?

To acquire and master balance, one must include everything, unconditionally.


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