I first heard about LOA during a very low point in my life. When I first started practicing it I felt very empowered and confident that life was going to be full of growth and opportunity. In the past and recently I've shared a lot of my knowledge about LOA with family and co-workers.

How ever these days they constantly try to push me to do things that seem out of alignment. I know I have to clear these beliefs, but I don't always have the time to mold them into something better. Especially since I have a very busy life and they constantly instill these beliefs in me. These are people I live with and see everyday so I don't want to ignore them or disrespect them by pushing them aside.

A lot of them have beliefs such as "That's how life is" and "Only action brings results" as well as "healing methods and feeling good can only get you so far" or "Growth isn't easy" and "Life will only get harder because of politics, global warming, economics" ect...

I don't mind having goals but I feel bad about where I'm at and where I would like to be in life. I would like to be more detached from the outcome of my goals.

I know they want what's best for me but I feel like this clashing of differing beliefs have caused a lot of confusion.

I also understand that not everyone has practiced LOA long enough or is ready for it.

When I first started practicing LOA I manifested many things such as another retail job and eventually got promoted to something else.

I have a lot of work experience. I'm young but I don't feel secure about my future.

I would like to get paid more in the future, but I still feel like it will be an uphill battle and a hard one.

Especially with all this talk of "The poor are getting poorer" and "No more middle class". I try not to even watch the news any more.

I'm not very materialistic and I don't come from a family with a lot of money, but I feel like I will need the money in the future so that I won't end up without a home.

I need money more than ever but this is coming out of fear.

I go through different phases in life where I surrender then I go through another phase of discipline and action.

I want to get somewhere but I don't know where to start.

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Congratulations for getting closer to what is aligned to you!

I believe you can fix the problem by acknowledging that when the people around you come to you and try to influence you, it is really you doing the influencing. People respond most strongly to whatever beliefs you hold, because whatever you think habitually, that is what you vibrate. So most likely you are feeling anxious about money, your family who loves you is picking up on that, and they are trying to help you with whatever traditional methods they have learned to remedy your anxiety.

In other words, become more confident in your being supported by the universe, and your family will respond more calmly and optimistically to your presence- and so will people with money who want what you have.

I have found Bashar's method to be incredibly useful towards relieving that generic kind of life and career anxiety you can catch from growing up in the 21st century in the West. Which is most likely why he phrased it the way he did. To recap: You follow your highest excitement, to the best of your ability, with no expectation for a particular outcome (that last part means that no matter what happens, you decide you will experience it in a positive way).

So you basically just keep drifting around in your life, but when you see things you like, you make a note of them and keep pictures and notes about them in a kind of scrapbook.

You can also sit down a lot and start imagining reality you like. How much cash in the bank? City or rural- or both? Car? Companions? The kind of stuff you do on a regular basis? Just keep drifting around in those ideas and keep collecting the ones you like, and focus on those you like most and keep repeating. Over time you will get more clarity this way- it will be quite obvious what excites you and what doesn't. Then make use of whatever opportunities come along that go in the same general direction as the stuff that excites you.

As far as your family's career advice goes, well those seem to be the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you right now- most likely because your outlook is to hold similar habitual thoughts as them. It's fine to start right where you are, so you keep talking for your family, but instead of having a defensive attitude towards them, you listen intently to them with an attitude of milking them for all they're worth in terms of practical steps that can bring you further towards what is in alignment to you. And if better opportunities come along, so much the better. The point is that even when you are not going to act on an opportunity, don't outright reject it- observe it and accept that it's there, first. Then you don't fixate on it by accident (focusing on the lack of what you are wanting) and make room for more if you don't want to take it any further. It's also good to look at opportunites in detail, even if you might reject them- you might notice certain aspects that are good that you didn't see before, and you can piece together new opportunities from aspects of existing ones. If you can't find the good, put it in and keep going.

Finally, one of my favorite general wellbeing tools is imagining fogs of colors. It seems simple and kind of inane even, if you're not used to it- at least it did to me, at first. Then I tried them and it works so well I do it a lot these days. Those imaginary color fogs have very real energetic effects and they are great for making everyday life easier.

Using them is very simple- just decide that imaginary light of a specific color has a very specific effect. I use a system from Huna, because it doesn't really matter which ones you use but these seemed to work well for lots of other people:

White - Safety Red - Passion Pink - Friendship Orange - Focus Yellow - Presence Green - Love Blue - Confidence Violet - Harmony

In your case I would recommend lots of blue, while you're talking to people- confidence. Just imagine fogs of blue light that represents confidence surrounding yourself and other people while you're casually hanging out. Keep it up for a while and see what happens. When you feel confident enough to get kind of a good inner feel of power, switch to pink and do that for a while. Most importantly: If it works, don't stop doing it.

Finally, I would recommend doing a Huna "Haipule" for wealth, that ought to really relax you as well. Every day, take about ten minutes to think about having a specific sum (I suggest ten million dollars) in your bank account, just sitting there- you don't have to do anything with it, don't have to invest it, don't have to answer to anyone about it- it's just there, and its yours. Nice. Imagine your bank statement, and also the calmness and confidence you would walk around with if you had that much cash on hand. Keep it going, all the while breathing slowly and deeply. When you feel you're ready, say to yourself: This is happening! This is happening! This is happening. Okay I'm done now.

The Haipule is a slightly more structured version of Abe's creative workshop- most notably it includes both visualization and words, and also uses deep breathing, a statement of confidence, and a completion of the process. In my experience these enhanced the feelings I got from visualizing quite a bit.

I hope some or all of these are helpful to you. Have a lot of success!


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