It is said that one of the laws of creation is that "You exist" and that cannot be changed, basically saying we are eternal beings in some form or another.

It's also often said that we create physical reality (Limitation) in order too experience and grow. Slowly becoming a higher conciousness, incarnation after incarnation. This got me thinking... what is the endgame? If we exist forever what's the point in the hurry, and the pressure spiritual people can sometimes put on themselves to ascend and grow? Forgive how melancholic that may have sounded!

I came to this idea that.. Maybe the main reason we come to physical reality is to forget we exist forever for a while, because its the only way to numb the pain almost of knowing you'll exist forever?

What do you guys think of that, I apologise for how miserable it sounds but it is a genuine thought of mine and I would love to hear some other people talking about it. Thankyou :)

Happy Existing!

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Nice one RFextra, I know your thoughts on this exactly because I've been there and have come out on the other side of it...

The dilemma in your thought process stems from, as you say, a limited perspective. The limitation experienced from the perspective of a 4 dimensional space-time mind. The beauty and the point is that in reaching your current thoughts on the idea of existing forever and - the meaning and point or no meaning and no point - signals that you are moving beyond the limitations of 4 dimensional reality and into the idea of 5 dimensional reality and understanding.

I realize that what I just said may not offer you any relief; I just wanted to offer an insight into the background of where you may presently be at.

From my experience, the things that helped me the most was a) realizing that while it's true that we're eternal beings, it's not helpful to use 4 dimensional linear thinking concerning this aspect of reality. And b) realizing that outside (or inside) of 4 dimensional reality it is always now. Upon truly reaching and thus truly grasping this 5 dimensional fact, you will no longer use 4 dimensional thinking for the big stuff :)

Here's an instance of using this new style of thinking: Let's say that you have an insight which reveals an idea (call it a download) to make a project that you feel and believe will not only be helpful to other people, but will also generate an income for you. You love the idea because it's something you're excited to work on, so you begin.

At some point in the process of creating your project, it suddenly dawns on you how much actual work you'll have to do and how long it will all take to complete before your project is real ized; your 4d mind has kicked in with its worry and doubt. At this juncture you have the option to remember and understand that as long as you're enjoying creating your project in the now moment - no other time exists (because you haven’t created time). So you simply continue working on your project knowing that it’ll be done when it's done :)

Now, can you view your life within the idea of eternity in the same way? Can you see that as long as you're happy and feeling good and you're excited about doing whatever it is you're doing in the now moment, nothing else matters?

So what if we're here for eternity? Realize that we always have been and we always will be anyway; that's reality. Fear and doubt can only exist within the confines of the 4d mind's limited perspective, whereas the perspective of the 5d mind lies outside (or inside) of and beyond the limited comprehension of 4d reality.


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well the growth is very long process it seams so be glade that you have eternity.

(15 Jan '12, 02:56) white tiger

strong textYes, the first law of creation - I exist which I believed to mean I am. "I exist, therefore I am." is a philosophical Latin statement proposed by René Descartes.

Think about the following:

A common mistake is that people take the statement as proof that they, as a human person, exist. However, it is a severely limited conclusion that does nothing to prove that one's own body exists, let alone anything else that is perceived in the physical universe. It only proves that one's mind exists (that part of an individual that observes oneself doing the doubting). It does not rule out other possibilities, such as waking up to find oneself to be a butterfly who had dreamed of having lived a human life.

"its the only way to numb the pain almost of knowing you'll exist forever?" WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE?? Um - Who doesn't want Eternal Life besides you? After all, "God" is within ALL of us - we come from the "source" and we will return to the "source". You would rather NOT exist? What is wrong with so many people on this site? Why are people so afraid of growing old and why is there so much talk about suicide on the LOA site? Fear is such negative energy and will have karmic effects and it creates even more of what we don't want.

"we create physical reality (Limitation) in order too experience and grow. Slowly becoming a higher conciousness, incarnation after incarnation" - YES, this is the journey of our souls. It's whatever our souls need to evolve - to learn life lessons and fulfill our purpose for being here.

"what's the point in the hurry, and the pressure spiritual people can sometimes put on themselves to ascend and grow?" "what is the endgame?" Nirvana - Enlightenment - All Knowing - Consciousness - Love - God - Heaven. The destiny of each soul is to evolve and return to the source.

Edited to answer the title question - "Is the real reason we create physical reality to escape the tedium of existing for eternity?" No, I don't think so. It's been my exprience ONLY boring humans get bored - souls should be anything but bored - too much to experience and sooo much to learn.

Edited to clarify the last sentence. What I meant was - I never get bored - there are NOT enough hours in the day for me - there is sooo much to do and sooo little time and life is soooooooo short. Even when I have to do repetitive, dull and tedious tasks - I turn it into meditative practice - repeating an action can be as powerful as repeating a word over and over. I did NOT mean to imply RFextra was boring - quite the opposite - it took a creative mind to think of this. It has been my experience, people who say they are bored - are usually boring, unimaginative and unhappy. What's the opposite of boring? Exciting? We create our own experiences - if you are bored; you've created it. Change your thoughts, use your imagination and create excitement


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What does strong text mean?

(14 Jan '12, 19:32) ele

it is to experience and grow. you have been a child you have parents does that mean that you always have to be right next to your parents? and always agree and always do what they want? how could you grow if it was so. and how could your parents appreciate the fact that you learned something they did not learn or could not teach you because you needed to experience it for your self? that is why you are here is it not? so experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

But why experience and grow? What's the point in the context in terms of eternity besides 'well I might as well with all this time on my hands'.?

(13 Jan '12, 21:29) RFextra

what you are doing right now you could not do lets say 10 years ago? do you see your growth? even if you are eternal does not mean you know all. there is only one eternal that know all from the beguinning to the end the absolute truth. that parent gave all the eternal the opportunite to come on earth and learn and grow. and you reap what you sow. so experience and enjoy.

(13 Jan '12, 22:07) white tiger
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